Reviews Titanium

  • Daniel
    Gel not only helped to increase the size of, but also to give a new feel to the sex. For the month of use, it could increase by 4 cm, in principle, more do not need. During, the sexual act was long, almost two times and after the first erection and ejaculation, stimulation is coming very quickly. I think the main secret of the regularity of the procedures and is properly smear gel without a lot of pressure. The woman is just excited, full of harmony and understanding in the bed, which is very important for the 8th year of marriage. I recommend titanium!
  • Stefanie
    The man used titanium 1,5 month of time he managed 4.5 cm to increase the length and 1 cm diameter of the penis. I was shocked a little bit, so the result, nights became brighter and more interesting. I'm writing a review to recommend a girl this tool. Help my husband, and yourself to achieve new results. The man with the device's new size, was have more faith in yourself, soon we wait for promotions. In general, some advantages of the gel.
  • Markus
    Gel many uses, I use it in various ways. To increase the size of the force every day in the evening, it doesn't matter, I'll have sex or not, just as a pharmaceutical ointment. If the meeting is with a girl, then the fat before sexual intercourse. In this case, the gel works as an excellent aphrodisiac. It is worth to be absorbed, as the tide of blood to a groin, the skin becomes hot and displayed an erection. You can make thicker layer, and then Titanium nice, will be downloaded as a lubricant. It sharpens the senses, and the sex brings you even more fun.
  • Urs
    Titanium I increased the sizes, but again, I'm a solid 5. Immediately after application of the gel, in the groin appears pleasant warmth, one gets up and grow during the duration of the act. The erection stable, at the time of the sex is refreshed, feeling light. I note that the drug acts and the sensitivity of the woman. With most abundant gel is applied it behaves as a lubricant, that, during the dryness of the vagina which makes easier the penetration. I have improved the quality of the sperm, it was more dense and had not a pleasant smell. Now my friend is the same starts from the oral caress, and it dodged it. Titanium good for my health, love life, and the psychological situation. I became more calm and sure of yourself, I'm not afraid to lose in the bed or just lost the desire. Libido exactly the opposite, just that: I'm ready for a fight without a lot of foreplay and extra stimulation. My packing had not been, and will order more. Price for such an effective and useful tool not funny at all, cheaper only the gift. The website applications are processed quickly, to deliver without delay.
  • Urs
    Titanium it acts gradually and it has an integrated report. 1-week without any special changes were not. I just spent the accumulation of nutrients in the deep layers of the skin and the corpora cavernosa. Despite the fact, that the report is only the surface, the active ingredients penetrate quickly into the bloodstream. In the 2nd week happened to improve erection. It has become more durable and long-lasting. The sensitivity of the genital organs has increased. Started slow addition of sizes in length and in girth. In the 3rd week of the reproductive organ has gained a more attractive figure, his head is clearly shaped. Increased the duration of the sexual act, the thrill of the sex steel completely different. More fun I got and me and the lady. In the 4th week dimensions peaked. At length grew almost 5 inches in length 2 cm In a state without an erection settings are not changed. To apply titanium you can alone and together with a girl. This turns into an interesting sexual game. Rubbing gel after the shower (when the skin is well steamed and the pores more open) gives the best results. Body increased as a result of natural processes and not with the help of hormones.
Reviews Titanium