Instructions for use Titanium

Indications for use Titanium

You have to be careful for your health, because infectious defeat not only affects the skin and internal organs, but also contributes to the appearance of negative consequences. Actuator of the development of the new generation — an essential tool for the growth of the house.

A special component of the drug, "smart" cells, synthesized in laboratory conditions, to get to the blood and achieving the spongy body, make them divided.

The drug is prescribed for the following diagnosis:

  • the small dimensions of the penis in men;
  • high loads, both physical and psychological plan?
  • premature ejaculation, which already can't be controlled?
  • no erection or inability, from which I can start, continue and finish the sexual act.
Start to apply the tool Titaniumfor the time being increase the volume and length of the penis. Already many men are more of different ages and from different countries increased the self thickness with the help of this drug, and have improved the length of the penis. Now available to residents in Switzerland.

Features use Titanium

To achieve an increase in the size of the institution, you will need to use gel regularly for more than a month. It is prohibited to make big breaks in the applied to the skin: if not used for more than five days, the probability of a positive outcome is significantly reduced. And to fix the result, you will have to repeat the recommended course of treatment in a few months.

The cream is applied to the skin with gentle massage movements. Should be applied to one and the same time, preferably before going to bed. Testimonies from doctors show that prolonged application of this drug to the skin is not in a position to cause the change, does not lead to a change in the structure of the corpora cavernosa.

Clinical examination give reasons to assume that this tool is absolutely safe for health and has a hundred percent result. If you are interested in the effectiveness of the drug Titaniumthe actual comments buyers posted here. According to many experts, the application of this gel is an excellent alternative to surgery for increasing the size of the penis. And this despite the fact that no surgery does not give full effect equipment and the absence of complications.

Side effects and contraindications

In rare cases, patients notice excessive dryness of the skin, where it was used the gel. This is due to the presence of a snake fat. Firstly, to get rid of this effect, you can use lotion for the skin or the usual average for after shave (use 1 time in a few days).