Surgery to increase penis: how to get change the size, the type of procedures

More recently, the undertaking concerned for the increase of the male member has been carried out only for medical reasons.

surgery to increase penis

But lately more and more men are resorting to this method of increase of the genital organs.

The growth of the penis surgery is by far the most effective measure.

Indications for surgery

If you believe that a just desire for surgery to increase penile surgical method enough – it is not so. Not all dreams have to increase the dignity spend a similar increase of the penis functional.

If the doctor considers that the problem is that men rather psychological plan, I'll try to prevent the patient from such a move. So our customers only have to look at a movie for the actual surgery (video show in almost all clinics), to leave the business.

But there is a category of men, which the same doctors recommend surgery and penis enlargement surgery.

1. Medical indications.

  • congenital anomalies of the urethra;
  • abnormalities of the structure of the penis(hypospadias);
  • the penile bending due to fibrous changes (Peyronie's disease);
  • seal of the tissues of the penis (cavernous fibrosis);
  • anatomical structure.

2. Functional indications.

  • the excess subcutaneous fat?
  • buried, hidden penis?
  • webbed penis.

3. Aesthetic indications — dissatisfaction parameters, the appearance, the shape of the penis.

What doctor to be treated?

If such a decision, such as the increase of the penis with the function of thought, through suffering and not coming back, the patient addressed in clinic of plastic surgery.

In large clinics and a department of aesthetic surgery or the intimate plastic. First you have to meet with a doctor, advanced consultation costs from 900 rubles.

If the doctor considers that the arguments convincing, I will forward it to the examination and delivery of the examinations, for which the same as the chance you will have to pay.

The tests that need to be done (which are not few, so that to go to free time for the delivery of all):

  • general blood?
  • analysis of the coagulation of the blood?
  • general analysis of urine;
  • analysis for the group and rh factor of the blood?
  • examination for HIV infection, hepatitis b and c?
  • blood test for RW?
  • The ECG.

In addition your doctor surgeon will need to consult with the specialization, etc.

After the receipt of the results of the investigation, the plastic surgeon makes a conclusion on the absence or there are contraindications. And only then make plastic growth of the penis or not.


Sometimes to increase the state's surgically impossible for some reason:

to what doctor to address
  1. The patient has not attained the age of 18 years.
  2. The penis in erection and 12 centimeters.
  3. Psychiatric disorders.
  4. Malignant neoplasms.
  5. Diabetes mellitus.
  6. Inflammation of the genitourinary system.
  7. Sexually transmitted diseases.
  8. Open sores, ulcers in the sexual organ.
  9. Disease of the blood.

Types of operations

Think about it, how to increase the member function.

The plastic surgeon needs to study the anatomical structure of the penis men. If everything is normal is attributed to the growth of the penis surgery.

Before the surgery to increase the penis is required examination by a physician and discussion with the anesthesiologist. On the eve in the evening the patient becomes a cleansing enema on the day of the surgery you are not allowed to eat and drink water.

Surgical technique

Examine in detail, what is the procedure for the growth of the penis. Surgical penis lengthening was performed endoscopic method under spinal anaesthesia. The duration of the intervention shall not exceed 40 minutes.

Genitals, visually increases for 2-4 cm, almost on the eve of the previous sizes.

This is due to stopping the strings, that holds part of the penis inside the body.

Genitals, as if pushed forward.

In a surgery, the patient does not feel pain. Discharge of the patient on the second day. The first three days conducted relief from the pain. After surgery remains a little sign (1.5-2 cm) in the pubic hair or below the penis.

The recovery period lasts a few months. For the stabilization of new aggregates state full of scars tissue required a longer period of time, from 6 months to a year. In this period need wearing extender, in the opposite case, a positive result from the surgery.

If you follow all the instructions of your doctor, to 2 cm they experienced during the surgery, it can be by using the extender add 4 more.

Within 14 days it is recommended that abstinence from sexual relations.

Fat grafting

Surgery to increase the diameter of the penis. During operation across the surface of the penis under the skin is inserted into filling.

In order to avoid complications as a filling material is used the fat of the patient. Pumping fat is going on from the beginning of liposuction, with further processing, with special pigments.

The ready mix is injected between the skin and special bodies. If during the surgery, since it's not about rejection or other inflammatory processes, fat grows.

The difficulty lies in the fact that part of the fat to be resolved and the process must be repeated several times (3-4) every 6 months. By the use of synthetic fillers increases the risk of rejection, and inflammatory processes.

the growth of the penis

The final amount of the state will be about 1.5-2 cm longer than the original. He discharged the patient on the second day after surgery. 3-4 weeks after leaving the clinic men is not recommended a close relationship.

Now you know how increase state surgically with the help of lipofilling.

Microsurgical muscle transplantation

It is a new operation for growth of the penis, is expensive and quite rare.

During the operation three hours, is done under general anesthesia.

At the base of the penis make a skin incision around the circle and sinks to the bottom (in accordance with the principle of the livestock).

With a skin graft skin wrapped state, hem blood vessels in the groin area, pull the skin of the penis back and stitch in the incision area. Thus, the state is 3-4 inches thick, immediately after the surgery.

Skin well give pleasure, they take it from the patient in the area of the armpit or abdominal wall. The first 5 days of a man is in chamber of intensive therapy. Away from the clinic from 6-7 days.


Transactions of this kind are made only for medical indicators, and in the event of a change of gender. For the growth of the penis, the surgery does not apply.

During the recovery period, any rapid intervention is required in soft mode. Except for sexual relations is not recommended exercise, physical exercise. It is worth to eliminate the alcohol, other bad habits. Be careful that you don't accidentally injury to the reproductive organ.

Doctors urologist and the plastic surgeon throughout the recovery will need to accompany the man, making sure to restore all the functions of the institution.

Risks and complications after surgery

As simple and safe, was not the growth of the penis, plastic guarantee the absence of complications give can not.

  1. Complications of the. Wounds can be infected, even observing all the rules of hygiene.
  2. Rejection. Used in the operation skin and fat is evil to take root. It happens refusal of the individual parts of the skin, appear inflammatory processes that cause necrosis.
  3. No positive result. If supporting penis parcel in the anatomical structure is very small, growth of the penis (surgery) will not give a positive result. Penis lengthening is not going to happen.
  4. Uneven absorption of fat. During lipofilling fat, which is used as a filler material, partly resolved, and this happens not evenly. Appearance of the penis diversity. Smooth becomes rough.
  5. Strong mobility. After package, a supportive state, decompose the nothing keeps. The base of the penis is made to move, and he shifted down.
  6. A reduction in the angle of erection. Another disadvantage of die-cutting maintenance strings. An erect penis before the operation, went up to the front and upwards, now is facing downwards, at an angle of 30 degrees.
  7. Any effect on erection. Often after, how to enlarge penis surgically, the patient observes that the penis can grow only in a state of calm, and when it is stimulated by 2 favorite cm go somewhere. The surgeons explain the fact that even without strings penis is in relation to the usual environment, with all the forces trying to return to its usual place. To avoid this, it's wearing the extender.
  8. The deformity, penile curvature. This is what happens with a lack of or insufficient qualifications of the doctor made during surgery errors.

To avoid unwanted results, always remember that enlarge the penis (function), preferably only in specialized clinics. Beware of scams.

A good clinic of plastic surgery must not only know how to increase member surgery, but also to have permission to allow such transactions.

Look out for the qualifications of the staff, their relationship with their customers.

In a good clinic may not be in offices of old, antediluvian equipment, booths old furniture.

the function

Gather all the information about the foundation's work, learn testimonials of former patients. If something bothered you, or you know, don't waste time, search for other therapeutic institution. In the opposite case, in addition to the money, you risk losing your health.