Effective methods for increase of male organ

On forums and social networks men are really to increase a member in the house. There are several effective methods of stretching the penis: folk ways, water pumps, medicines, exercises. In some cases, the problem solves surgery.

Deviation from the norm

how to enlarge penis

The growth of the penis — hot topic for men who consider that their reproductive organ is far from ideal. To give pleasure to a partner and to enhance their self-confidence, they want to change the size and thickness of your penis up to the maximum of the potential indicators.

To get a effective method, it is worth to learn the structure of the penis. The length of the depends on the corpus cavernosum, is a structural part of the body. Next to them is a sponge-like body, which covers the urethra.

The basis of a cavernous — cavernous fabric, composed of small cells. During the excitation volume of the cave is growing. The blood derived in a reproductive organ, it fills the cell and occurs erection, increases the penis length.

At home accumulation principle provide:

  1. popular methods based on the use of simple materials?
  2. exercises for stretching the penis?
  3. water pump;
  4. special creams which are driving growth.

If home remedies do not bring the expected result, can be done surgery. Surgical technique not only increases the length of the state, and increases its diameter.

As you can enlarge your penis?

Doctors believe that experiences on the small size is most often drawn men and advise to resort to surgery as a last resort.

To get rid of complexes and to genitals, more powerful and thicker, it's better to get the guns and traditional ways. I don't have a guaranteed return, but do not have any harmful effects on the body. To increase the length of your penis, you can immediately use multiple methods:

  • specific exercises?
  • the stretching of the tissues with the help of the cargo?
  • vacuum pumps?
  • drugs?
  • compression situation with soda?
  • intake of herbal tinctures.

The key to success — the regularity of the procedures. To make them at home, make a schedule for the execution of the exercises and other ways. By following this rule, it is easy to achieve impressive results for a few months.

Folk methods

A proven method to increase penis at home — baking soda. The chemical composition improves the elasticity of the skin and promote stretching. There are various ways for applications of powder for the stretching of the reproductive authority of men.

  1. Pour into a bowl half a liter of warm water. Mix in there a tablespoon of baking soda and mix. Place the liquid from the penis, and hold it a quarter of an hour. The process is appropriate to be carried out daily for an hour before sexual intercourse.
  2. Water penis water. Mix the same amount of natural honey and baking soda. Apply the tool with a thin layer of the member, and gently rub on your skin with your palm facing up for 5 minutes. Method increases blood flow to specific organisations and enriches the cells with oxygen.
  3. Soda crystals dilute with hot water in a state of homogeneous paste. Put in a natural fabric, and wrap the male sexual organ. Keep for 15 minutes and rinse. By applying compression, avoid dust on the head of the penis.

To increase the size of penis and enhance erection, it is useful herbs. Mix in equal proportions of ginseng, ginger, hawthorn. Take a teaspoon collection pour 250 ml of boiling water. This liquid make cleaner, and take 1-2 hours before intimacy. To get a taste of the drink is allowed to add the natural honey.

Tangible help is garlic broth. Two cloves of finely chop, pour a glass of water and cook on low heat for 10 minutes. The medium is cooled, add a tablespoon of chopped parsley and drink it in small sips. The optimal download time — before going to bed.

Water pump

Sparing and effective ways to increase penis — specific devices sold in stores of erotic products.

Good results provides a water pump vacuum. With regular use, it guarantees the growth of the penis 2-3 cm and improves erection.

A positive dynamics is manifested through the aid of blood flow in specific body and improve the elasticity of blood vessels.

  1. The sales manual and electrical appliances cylindrical shape.
  2. That's where they put genitals, pre-oiled lube.
  3. With the help of a pump of capacity of pumped air.
  4. Inside the device creates a high pressure, stimulating of blood circulation.
  5. The cavernous body to a maximum filled with blood, and your penis increases in size significantly.

Before you use the vacuum pump, read the instructions carefully and follow the recommendations. The average duration of the process 20 minutes.

It is no less effective for stretching the penis hanging goods. The technology of the method is simple. Massage the body with the palm 5 minutes to clean the blood. In the middle of the penis attach a durable string band.

the growth of the penis

Hang up the load and leave for 10-15 minutes. Start with the use of weights mass of 20 g, day-by-day increasing weight of 10 g and smoothly by increasing the duration of the procedure.

The stretching of the tissue increases the male organ length, but does not contribute to the thickening of the diameter of the penis. Using the method, listen to their feelings. If during the period of operation state of numb, I finish before time and next time reduce the load.


The technique jelcing include bringing an action for the growth of the penis. The technique allows you to make a body more at rest and during erection. The substance — stimulation of vascular walls and improve blood flow. If you do the exercises daily for 2-3 months, can at home to change the dimensions to 3-4 inches in length and substantially increase the thickness of the penis.

They have developed several ways to perform jelqing. One of these is the following:

  • floor horny sexual body oil lube?
  • thumb and index finger squeezing the penis at the top?
  • gently compression, advance the fingers folded in the ring, aiming at the head?
  • change hand and repeat the handling?
  • repeat the exercise, keeping the rhythm and the power of the press.

During the first two weeks it is recommended to do 250 approaches on a daily basis. Then increase the amount to 400 movements in one session. Each week increase the rate and intensity of contraction of the penis. During the regular exercise a man should not feel any pain.

The function

In some cases, may require surgery to increase the penis. Joint surgery, which increases the size from 4 to 6 inches

  1. Separation of the fastener, and attach the penis to the pubic bone.
  2. Thanks to this it is pulled to the outside part of the penis hidden in the body.
  3. After the surgery is required massage course, record a new member state, and wearing extender — κου'φώματα, increases the grip length of the penis, during 4-6 months.

The duration of operation 1 hour. After the surgery the man 2 days remains in stable conditions.

To increase sexual organ in diameter, is used other methods. For the increase of the thickness of the penis under the skin is inserted into muscle tissue of the patient. The process allows you to build the 1-2 cm in diameter.

Sometimes under the skin of the penis is placed synthetic implants or gels. Way to bring risks to men's health, therefore, rarely applied.

Any surgery is performed for medical reasons, has a high price and can cause side effects. Before that we have to pass the examination and to weigh the pros and cons.