Water pump for penis enlargement

Not every person is happy with the size of the penis, and the desire to change the situation is presented in most. Among the many options there is a safe and effective way to enjoy a water pump for the penis enlargement. This device is applicable not only to take terrible dimensions, but also for the treatment of impotence.

How to apply

how to enlarge penis

Pump is a roller with special equipment for pumping the air. The penis is located in the kolba, is exposed to permit the atmosphere, which stimulated the circulation of the blood, and the cavernous body, of which consists the penis, begin to stretch the length and width.

Pumping of air allows you to create a result of artificial erection, during which there is a noticeable increase in the penis. The penis hardens and takes on flesh and elasticity.

The use of this device is the most affordable and effective way to change the size of the penis. There are many video tutorials proper application of a vacuum pump, which help in the prevention of injury principle, but for complete security, you should carefully study the instructions for the selected device, as it can be, and individual characteristics.

Use water pump aims not only to increase the size of the penis. Stimulate the perfusion of the organ allows you to perform an active regeneration process of the tissues, and restores erectile function.

The indications for the use of the vacuum pump:

  • disorder of erectile function;
  • weak sensation of orgasm;
  • congestion in the pelvic organs;
  • the desire to increase the size of the penis.

Before use, a vacuum pump, it is advisable to consult your doctor, as there are a number of restrictions for the use of this device.


Any intervention in the natural process of the functioning of the human body carries the risk, in order to use the device for penis enlargement with care and in accordance with the instructions included. The excessive use of water pump can lead to disturbance of erection, reduction of activity, or feels pain in the body.

  • before you start the procedure, the penis needs to process a special lubricant?
  • crafted from the penis is placed in the flask and from this is subtracted the air?
  • the increased pressure produced within the time specified in the manual on the product?
  • with the end of the time required for the implementation of the process, through a special valve inside water pump starts air, at the expense of what is going on decrease of pressure?
  • for the penis that is in an excited state, worn ring, which is required for the stabilization of the result within a certain amount of instruction time.

If penis enlargement applies water pump need preliminary preparation. The penis should be on steam in a hot bath for 8-10 minutes, after which it is placed in the flask of the apparatus. On the basis of a tight fit in the body, it is recommended to remove a cover on the gender.

To help to achieve the desired result can be step approach for the increase of the load. For the first procedure it is recommended to pump the penis is not more than five minutes. Further, during the first week of exercises performed for ten minutes up to once a day.

Starting from the second week of the exposure time reduced by up to 15 minutes, with the third – for 10 minutes twice a day, next – for 15 minutes two times a day.

For the successful execution of the process required to make a specific casing treatment. Taking care of your device helps to extend battery life and to avoid pain at work.

After you complete the procedure, you will again have to do antiseptic treatment of heat and dry, rub it with a towel or napkin. When you use your pump, you can't use lubricity substances with a basis of vaseline, vegetable oils, or cosmetics gels and creams.

The correct use of the device gives you the ability to get impressive results, but the excessive effort can disrupt the positive result and bring misery to man. To avoid injuries and lesions of the skin, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • Any feeling of pain cause for the interruption of execution of pumping of the penis. Prior to the resumption of courses we need to find the cause of the problem and try to eliminate it. When the problem lies in the breach area of the skin, or in the wrong position of the bulb should fix the installation of a water pump. If the cause is not clear, it is better to consult your doctor.
  • Steep load. Change of pressure in kolba should be done gradually, with the increase of prices, in accordance with the instructions. Trying quickly to get impressive results will lead to injury.
  • The duration of the session should be handled in accordance with the instructions. Excess time is filled with the end of the normal circulation of blood to the penis, which leads to a reduction in the supply of cells and their death. Maximum allowable price – 40 minutes.
  • Training program is also important to follow. On the day of application of pump vacuum should not exceed two sessions, or achieve the desired result will be much more difficult.

In fact, the penis has excellent fortress, and to impair the functionality is not easy, but the competent approach to increase the size of, using a vacuum pump, will enable you to get guaranteed results without the annoying hassle.


water pump for the state

Before you use the vacuum pump will need to carefully examine the instructions to use, to instead of help it to not get the problem.

Cannot be used this device men with the following conditions:

  • thrombosis?
  • fibrosis?
  • pathology of the liver;
  • disturbances of function of kidneys;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • lesions of the cardiovascular system?
  • malfunctions of the urinary tract.

If a man, for health reasons, not sure about the possibilities of using a vacuum pump to increase the size of the penis, you should consult your doctor or to resign from this idea. Even in the absence of contraindications, the incorrect use of the device may lead to undesirable consequences:

  • reduction of sensation in the glans of the penis?
  • drying the skin and the micro-fractures after time-consuming procedures?
  • pain in the penis?
  • rupture of capillary vessels;
  • the appearance of the hematoma?
  • disorder of erectile function with frequent use of a water pump, until the complete incompetence?
  • reduced mobility of the sperm up to the inability to fertilization of the female egg?
  • reduction of the volume of seminal fluid.

In order to avoid negative effects, you need to carefully read the user manual of the device and the excess is not involved in this process. The risk of injury or other adverse consequences following, if pump for penis enlargement is equipped with a pressure gauge. In this case, the man has the ability to regulate the pressure, without leave beyond the allowable input.

From improvised devices should be abandoned, that is not safe and may act in unpredictable, for sexual organ, situation.