The surgery for increasing the penis

Surgery to increase penis make your sex organ thicker longer. Modern medicine offers multiple operating, bezoperatsionnaya methods. Each of them has its indications, contraindications. Rigid rule, what you need to be a member, no. It is considered a normal state to an excited state for a minimum of 8 inches of Deviation on lower side is considered a pathology.

The size of the penis matter. In this sure that men, does not belie its opinion of women. If a man is happy with the size of the penis, he feels confident in bed, not suffering from low self-esteem. To achieve the romance resort to various methods for thickening, lengthening of the penis. Currently, a lot of.

  • The non surgical. It is based on a special vacuum-heat – solvent color, for a long time.
  • Surgery. Method for the elongation of the penis through the cut-off traction strings.
  • Combo. Non-aligned the previous two to increase efficiency.

In addition to this, applied surgical method of integration of the implant, minimally invasive methodology with the thickening of the penis by injection under the skin of the fat cells, of muscle fibers.

The function

the surgery for increasing the penis

Surgery growth of the penis, which is carried out through the transit maintenance strings. After cutting a special machine pulls the inner part of the penis 3-5 cm in the Beginning incision when performing techniques was given to the area of the mons pubis. Left the sign, it took a very long recovery period. Experts have found a new way – through the scrotum, which proved to be less traumatic, invisible for others.


The method is considered safe, does not disturb the natural functions of the reproductive system. Elongation authority is due to transfer point integration, which leads to an increase of the authority. Indication for performing surgery is the length of the penis in an excited state for at least 12 cm, pathologically immature penis, the Klinefelter syndrome. Can be surgery for lengthening penis by the standard sizes, however the result will not be so obvious.

Additional terms

Because after surgery, it is essential that the use of extender. In the opposite case, the function will not give the desired result. Penis enlargement device use in the home for 3 months. Daily 4 hours.


Don't resort to the use of the method when there are mental problems, diabetes, uncontrolled hypertension, violation of blood coagulation. How to prepare for the surgery lies in the inspection of a qualified urologist, deposit tests, advice anesthesiologist. For 8 hours before the procedure you must stop the consumption of food, to remove hair from the groin.

The surgery lasts about 1.5 hours. The patient under the supervision of physicians is during the day. Suture the scrotum is delayed for 5 days. At the exit from the hospital the patient receives advice on the use of extender for 4 months. Complications occur extremely rarely, manifested with bleeding, suppuration seams. The growth of the penis during the subject to all the recipes that the special is 5 cm


Active method to get rid of impotence. It is during the introduction cylinder block of the implant into a hard body. The action is given a water pump, which is connected with the scrotum. The method is effective in every case, it helps in the most hopeless patients. With an addition opportunity to make lasting sexual acts, to diversify the sexual life. Natural processes are not violated. After the surgery is required to abstain from sex for 2 months.

Types of intent

Modern intentions, reliable, functional, durable and comfortable. Dentures come in various types.

  • Hard. The most simple. Represent elastic silicone beard, working in combination. Give you the sexual body shape. The advantage of the hard designs is possible price. Major drawback – a member is permanently erect, which causes some inconvenience in society.
  • Plastic surgery. Differ from the previous selection of versatile, flexible material. Can be given any form of a sexual organ. Plastic memory of intent provides a rigid metallic rod that is located in the centre of the penis. With plastic prosthetic penis that looks natural.
  • Inflatable. The most perfect designs with variable stiffness. Mimic the position of the penis with a situation, agitated. In contrast with the previous models reduce the likelihood of bedsores, because they don't have pressure in the tissue.

The choice of the prosthesis, in most cases depends on the financial possibilities of the patient. Because the most modern – inflatable denture is the most expensive.


The duration of the operation is displayed in cases:

  • particular fibrosis?
  • difficult erectile dysfunction?
  • undeveloped of the penis?
  • ineffectiveness of other methods?
  • endocrine impotence as a result of diabetes mellitus;
  • of Peyronie's disease;
  • surgeries on the prostate, the intestine, the urinary bladder.

The intervention takes place in the presence psychogenic erectile dysfunction, if you don't give the result of other techniques, the pathology is not uncontrollable. The method has a high rate of efficiency, but it is the latter.

The surgery takes from 45 minutes to 2 hours. For 2 days the patient appears to rest on the bed. It is necessary antibiotics to avoid the development of inflammation. The first few days, the patient feels pain in the lower part of the abdomen, there is a swelling of the penis. 10 days to return to work, to have sex is permitted after 2 months.


The cost function depends on the selected from the implant, the complexity of the installation. Prices from 2500 euro. up to 4000 euro.

Fat grafting state

the growth of the penis

The method of thickening of the penis, namely the implementation of the fat cells of the body. Applies to minimally invasive techniques of surgery. The liposuction is carried out in various areas, is no exception and the penis. As a result of the fat cells from the buttocks, under the skin of the penis, how will surrounds him. Fat cells pre-treated with different substances, placed in the enclosure of the penis using a syringe.

The methodology of the

With the abdomen, hips, buttocks, pre-collected the fat cells with the use of a special catheter. For the convenience of the process is given by injection under the skin of cocktails for the dilution of the material. Harvested fat cells are purified, administered with an injection under the skin of the penis on its entire length. The procedure takes about an hour. Recovery period lasts about a month. All this time, you will need to abstain from sex. The result can last a lifetime, but it depends on the individual characteristics of the body. The scars does not remain.


Application of the process appears with a small thickness of the penis, erectile dysfunction, which is associated with dissatisfaction with sizes of a penis, asymmetry, injuries. Contra-indications almost at all. Do not function with the presence of psychological deviations.


The process is simple, the recovery period needs more for the uniform distribution of fat cells around the body. However, it is dangerous complications.

  • Pieces, seals under the skin of the penis?
  • Edema of the institution?
  • Uneven distribution of the material?
  • Fibrosis in the area?
  • The infection.

In order to avoid the negative consequences we have to trust the duration of the operation by a qualified technician, to comply with all the recommendations of doctors.

Microsurgical muscle transplantation

One of the most sought after methods thickening of the penis. The essence of the method is the transplantation of artificially grown muscle fiber under the skin of the penis. The process itself reminds me of fat grafting, but instead of of fat cells is administered muscle fibers. In contrast with the previous methodology results of the intended, holding the rest of his life.

The advantage is the muscle implant is no additional injections in the human body. The final material that already exists. For the integration under the skin to make small incisions that quickly heal. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia, takes about 3 hours. Maximum growth of the penis in diameter of 4 centimeters


The methodology is applied to abnormally small sizes of a penis, eat the man wishes to increase the sexual organ for the enhancement of sexual attraction own self-esteem. And, also, disease, injury, and as a result the size of the penis deviates from the norm.

Recovery period

The surgery takes approximately one hour. Contraindications hardly any, recovery period lasts approximately one month, during which it is forbidden to have sex. About one week after return to normal surface rate. During the first few days after surgery there is swelling of the penis, minor pain. For the prevention of infection, inflammation prescribe antibiotics. After the operation state is added to a diameter of 1-3 cf.

Indications and contraindications

big dick

Each method provides the prohibitions. It all depends on the complexity of the process, the duration of the procedure, the duration of the recovery process. Absolute contraindication is the presence of allergic reactions to material used, mental illness, deviations. With attention to carry out a function in diabetes mellitus, violation of blood coagulation. In such cases, it is much more difficult to pass the recovery period.

Indication for the application of the methodology is pathologically small size of the institution or resentment of the men at average prices. As well as erectile dysfunction different etymology, age-related changes, serious damage.

Non-surgical methods of penis enlargement

Penis lengthening in the absence of disease, pathological processes can be achieved safe methods. Modern medicine offers many methods.

  • Water pump. Special device for the treatment of weak erection. Genitals, placed in a special water pump, from there to deflate air. As a result of these actions increases the flow of blood to the organs of the pelvis, improve erection, the member increases in size. It is stable in this condition rubber at the base. The advantage of this method in an quick effect, ease of use. Disadvantage – the effect lasts for a long time, perhaps dark skin color, injury.
  • Dilution. Special device for stretching of the reproductive principle. Through the stretching activates the growth of cells. The result, really, comes, but for him to notice, you need to apply systematically the device for a long period of time. It all depends on how much of a man wants to increase a member. Sometimes the result have to wait years. However, the very frequent use of the device delicate fabrics, impaired blood circulation, which can cause the potency to be the cause of the lack of an erection.
  • Medicinal preparations. This includes creams, ointments, pills, sprays. The producers promise an increase in the reproductive authority of a few inches per month use of funds. In fact, all of what they are capable of these drugs – the flow of blood to the pelvic organs. The result of the growth of the penis drugs impossible to achieve.

Thus, to achieve an increase in the size of the penis with the use of minimally invasive methods or surgery. Non-surgical methods give intermittent result of either significant changes need to wait too long.

The consequences

Depending on the methods used, you can achieve different results. The operation of the extended genitalia, up to 5 cm, then fat graftingand, microsurgical muscle transplantation thickness of the penis is increased by 1-5 see the Result should last a lifetime, but a lot depends on the individual characteristics of the body, the way of life.

>When a failed surgery can occur infection of the tissues, suppuration, with the result that they begin pathological processes, disrupting the function of the reproductive system infertility, impotence. In order to avoid negative consequences, you have to choose the clinic for experienced, skilled professionals. Even after a simple minimally invasive surgery may be serious consequences in violation of the rules of procedure, the infertility.