Overview vacuum penis pump

Many men want the home to increase the size of the institution. For this purpose use various drugs, devices, facilities, exercises and massage. One of the most popular devices for these purposes, it is a vacuum penis pump. Manufacturer claims that it can make the penis bigger and thicker, as well as to cure impotence at an early stage. Let's get this straight, how effective is this method, what is the price of the device and if they can do it with their hands.

The principle of operation of the device

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The doctors explain that inside the penis consists of a spongy tissue, becomes entangled in the mesh of blood vessels. With the regular filling with blood to the maximum the power cells of this tissue are starting to be shared, and the skin – to stretch. In the end, there is an increase of your penis in both length and width. Scientists used this phenomenon in the creation of κου'φώματα with the title "pump". It is sold in specialized pharmacies, as well as on the internet on the official website of the manufacturer. The price of the product – 100-150 euros. depending on the mode of removal of air and the additional functions. What is a vacuum device for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and the growth of the penis and the way in which it draws the blood to the penis? But the photo it appears that the device consists of a transparent bottle lodged in the wall of the table, the nozzle of the sealer and details, which cleans the air (pear). In the market you need to identify, flask was wider than the original size of the penis in erection, and sealer – absolutely well sealed and is resistant to external impact. To draw the air in the machine in two ways.

  1. Manually. The cylinders are operated with the help of the piston and pears. The man creates a vacuum hands with multiple compression rubber pears.
  2. Electric pump. Automatic pump works with the help of battery. The most qualitative models have a setting of suction power.

In addition, maybe a vacuum penis enlargement device, in which instead of air is used the water. In this case, the effectiveness of the methodology increases and the risk of accidental injury, on the contrary, decreases.

How to increase the member with the use of such a device? Experts explain that the penis pump can be increased by using the process of the redness. Is the creation of low pressure in the area around the penis, which causes a rush of blood to the organ.

As a result, the male penis maximum extend and harden. You are in an area spaced layers of air, the blood can't leave the genitals up to a man, will not restore the pressure in the bottle.

Artificial maintain a state of erection in men for a long time and it is the main principle of the stretching of the tissues of the penis. Instructions for use contains recommendations that you should follow for safe penis vacuum fanfare.

The advantages and disadvantages of this methodology

According to doctors, to enjoy a water pump vacuum useful not only men with a small penis, but also for people with problems in the functioning of the urinary system. And the more severe is the disease of the patient, so you don't want to use the device, which is made with hands. In the comments people show you what improvements have been noticed after regular use of the device.

  • Increase in the size of the penis.
  • Strong persistent erection.
  • Extension of the sexual act.
  • Treatment curvature of the penis.
  • Increased sensitivity of the genital organs.
  • To get rid of stagnant processes in the pelvic area.
  • Improvement of the general condition of the health of men.

For men, decided to buy a vacuum pump for penis enlargement, the experts can give advice, consult your doctor. The urologist will give recommendations for the use of the device, it will tell you which medicines for internal decision or external application will help to speed up the result. In addition, the growth of the penis fanfare has some contraindications. These include:

  • Diabetes mellitus.
  • Dysfunction of the kidneys or of the liver.
  • Disease foreskin.
  • The tendency for clot formation.
  • Acute inflammations in the urinary system.

For men with such pathologies it is recommended to first restore the health of, and after that – again to pass a diagnostic test.

The simplicity and ease of application

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How to properly use a water pump vacuum for penis? The directive stipulates that before first use you have to process the machine of soapy water. Remember that vacuum roller not rinse of boiling water, because the slightest deformation device will lose its integrity. If a fanfare with many users, before each use you should wipe the inner surface antiseptic liquid.

To pump up the penis, a man has to have a cream to soften the skin, and to the hole of the device – vaseline or other lubricant. However, it should be borne in mind that the surplus of ointments on the basis of the fat can damage the material of the product. Further instructions shows to introduce his penis into the bottle and pressed the device to the body. Now your left hand hold the vacuum cylinder, and right – press the pear button or remove the air.

The men note that after a few seconds, the members of them to blush and to receive excited state. About 30 seconds after the start of the session, you will need to run the air, for the penis took on a physical appearance. Manipulations should be 10-15 times with a break for a few minutes. Testimonials say that it is the best time to raise your sexual organ – late in the evening 1 hour before bedtime.

Exposure duration water pump vacuum should be increased to a minute per session. After that, the thick erect penis can with his hands to fasten the base ring, to increase the efficiency of the process. So, after 4-5 weeks from the daily routine, the penis can pump up in such a state, that the fabric will always remain taut a few inches in length and in width.

The representatives of the strong sex are interested in how to pump up the penis with the help of the device, which is made with hands. The doctors explain that homemade pump has not gone through clinical trials, so to use it you need to be very carefully. Immediately stop any manipulation when detected the following problems:

  • The dark color of the skin tissue. The cause of pathology are often the bleeding is due to a very sparse layers of air in a vacuum.
  • The edema. Is manifested due to an abnormal flow of lymph, which is caused by long stay a member of the pump with low pressure.
  • Stationary processes hotels near foreskin. Occurs, when water pump vacuum for the head of the penis was inappropriate in size.
  • Disorder of erection. This phenomenon occurs when a man pumps state very aggressively, without regard to the timing duration of sessions.

To sum up, we have to say that the growth of the penis, using a vacuum pump maybe, but to do this you just need to follow the rules of the instructions.

So, for the men who want to pump up your penis in the home, scientists have developed a machine, which for his work uses the principle of the redness or the blood flow to an area of low pressure. The question, increases if the device is a penis, a lot of people in the comments answer in the affirmative, and even upload their photos for confirmation of the result. Remember that doctors do not recommend to pump for the state alone. Why used devices, the safety of which has not been confirmed the certificate of quality, dangerous and absurd.