How to enlarge penis?

Tools that allow you to enlarge your penis – one of the most sought after groups of the goods in the sex shops. However, almost all of the men and their partner realise that, as you don't increase the penis, on the whole of sexual experience, this will not affect anyone. The fact, however, we are of the nature of the voltage for competitions and face off anything, and the stereotype that in reproductive organ of impressive dimensions ─ is the symbol of virility and fertility firmly fixed in the subconscious.

How to enlarge penis by using the exercise?

how to enlarge penis

In sex shops you can find compacts with copyright of technical exercises that they say how to increase the penis per week exercises. However, in practice, no innovation techniques on how to enlarge the penis, do not carry.

All of the exercises to increase the penis rely on technology to capture and stretching of the penis. To increase penis, penis offer, embrace it tightly at the base of the thumb and index finger (such as when you sign OK), as you pull back the head, and to move the hand from the base to the head of the penis. This unpretentious exercise to increase penis asked to repeat several dozens of times each day.

In accordance with the assurances of the authors ' methods, in such exercises, it stops the communication between vessels and the cavernous and spongy body of the penis, and during the movement of the hands, blood rushes to the head of the penis, which stretches the cavernous body, and the resulting increase of the penis. The assurances of the authors for six months, similar exercises that you can enlarge your penis at 5-7 cm This method of penis enlargement is safe enough, but, unfortunately, completely ineffective. Firstly, to fully leverage the cavernous body, you will have to exert pressure, significantly higher pain threshold, and the same the cavernous body, like any institutions, are not in a position to increase in size after the completion of the increase. (Exception: skin and muscles!) Therefore, the efforts for increase penis by using the physical exercise is similar pursuit adult to grow, hanging on the line with weights on the legs.

How to enlarge penis with the help of special rings?

Kind of penis enlargement methods by using the exercise are special rings ─ 's tyres nozzles tightness of the base of the penis.
Usually, they are used to increase the duration of erection, but there are the lovers of the application of rings for the penis enlargement. It is worth remembering that during normal erection, increases the pressure of the blood in the tissues erectile bodies, but does not stagnate in them. Application same rings can lead to stagnant processes in the penis and thrombosis of blood vessels, which are filled with health problems, is much more serious than a quantity of inches.

How to enlarge penis with the help of vacuum massage therapist?

It is quite widespread and the method of penis enlargement with the help of vacuum massager. The operating principle is the same: the flow of blood in a special body, which causes the cut. Andrologists in some cases, erectile dysfunction is really recommended the use of vacuum massage to improve the flow of blood to the customs authorities, but to increase penis that the machine would be completely useless.

Moreover, with excessively heavy use vacuum massager there may be cracks in the head of the penis, which hardly heal. Accidentally prescribed level of pressure for some and rupture of the capillaries – in this case, instead of changing the size ─ penis, only changes the color to blue (due to bleeding).

How to enlarge penis by using the extender;

Top-selling and effective among the devices for penis enlargement is considered a dilution. The device is coated on the penis, and causing him a permanent tensile force. Wearing the machine will need every day of 9 hours. In a few months, the producers promise lengthening the penis of 3-4cm and the increase in the volume of the 1cm.
As evidenced by the sellers of this "miracle of technology", wearing a dilution with the aim of increasing the penis are solid doctors-andrologists. However, forgetting to mention that they are to use after surgery to increase the penis, when removed the bundles, in which the penis "posted" in the mesh of the tendon in the area of pubic hair (by the way, such a surgery, in which the production of remove hidden in the body phase of the penis – rather, the only effective method of penis enlargement). Wearing the extender in the postoperative period is necessary to of links overgrown with the right way.
Of course, the tendons have the ability to stretch under load and prolonged wearing extender will result in a slight increase in the length of the penis. The only problem is if it's worth it to be torn from the nature centimetre hassle associated with the permanent wearing of the device, tensile penis?

How to enlarge penis with the help of the pill ointments?

the growth of the penis

Finally, one of the most radical options for the growth of the penis – it is local media or the tablets with a high content of steroid hormones. It is clear that such drugs, on the risks of the uncontrolled use of steroid hormones is prohibited, and the market for them is possible only through Online stores. However, men who are seeking, in whatever it was, to enlarge your penis do not afraid of such "nonsense" as the stomach ulcer, depression, and psychosis, infertility, adenoma of the prostate and malignant tumors associated with the abuse of steroid drugs.
The sellers of drugs for penis enlargement they claim that it is preparations with a basis of testosterone do doctors use for the treatment of micro-penis – to stop the growth of the penis in puberty age, due to the lack of male sex hormones.
However, it is prude forget that in addition to the level of the hormone, the increase in the size of the penis, affect the genes. Therefore, if children's penis size in an adult male caused by lack of hormones during puberty, then hormone injections is able to solve this problem.

If the penis has a normal, genetically deterministic length, then no hormones, they can't grow apart this nature the size. In a word – how not to do it, and the penis to the torso turn, I can't do! However, in extreme cases may increase the penis by using the tool.