Massage for enlarge your penis

The majority of men are satisfied with the size of your penis. Massage for penis enlargement, it has had a positive impact on all the organs of the reproductive system. This is demonstrated by the results obtained in the clinical studies. The methods of manual treatment can be used at home without any cost. The result can be seen only in full compliance with all the rules. A man should remember that the preparation for and the action to be taken. Depends on the state of his health.

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The training, subject to all of the human muscles, and the same is true for the penis. This is the body of the reproductive system is made up of the corpora cavernosa, the sciatic and bulbous-spongy muscles. Upon receipt of the pulse, the cavernous cavity, which is filled with blood, resulting in and an erection occurs. The Penis grows in size, acquires a hardness and an elasticity, which is necessary for the sexual contact. There are many chiropractic techniques that may have an impact on the length and volume of the penis.

The massage also has a positive effect in the cavity formed by the cavity of the female body, it helps to improve the condition of the skin and mucous membranes. Functional tissue to become more elastic. The man is trying to achieve a similar effect with the help of special creams, tablets, capsules, and ointments. Their adoption is often accompanied by the occurrence of adverse drug reactions.

Also, we should not forget about the contraindications, the most important of which is an individual intolerance to the components included in the grease. Drugs of natural and synthetic origin may be allowed only after the completion of the diagnostic review. Massage is considered to be the safest way to enhance the functionality of the reproductive system. If you observe the right technique, you can achieve penis enlargement in a short period of time.

I was able increase the member by means of massage

A positive change in the intimate sphere appear only after the completion of the full course. Each session lasts for 5 to 10 minutes to complete, so schedule in time for exercise-it is a very simple one. The massage is:

  • to improve the blood circulation in the pelvic area;
  • the greater the efficiency;
  • the increase in the size of the penis.

The men have completed a course of therapy, they say, the restoration and re-erection from premature ejaculation to improve control and stamina. The phallus becomes longer by 5-7 cm, and its volume increases to 2 to 3 inches of penis Massage is performed daily, the duration of the course – not less than 30 days. The first results appear after 3-4 weeks.

Before the massage, you are in the area of effect. For the first time, with the implementation of the water (preferably a warm bath), a comfortable position. The training of the penis is released, prior to a massage, it is smeared with grease. The Pre-heating of the hands, and the man gives it a light stroking. The increased flow of blood to occur with careful massage movements.

One would have to be in a good mood. The effect of the process, it may be reduced as a result of excessive excitability, and excessive tension. The heating of the penis is a necessary step, ignore it, that is, it is not recommended. Guide to the impact of the permitted, if the erection is not greater than 70%. In the opposite case of increasing the flow of blood into the perineum, causing pain and discomfort.

Through the kegel exercises, you can significantly enhance orgasms and increase in penis size. This technique is characterized by its simplicity of implementation and high performance. After the warm-up, a man needs to find a particular muscle. The aim is to stop the process of urination in the middle. To promote muscle man is simply a reinforcement of the control of the process of ejaculation. Clenching the penis size should not take more than a minute.

The process is accompanied by a continuous increase of the load, at which a release shall be replaced by the voltage. The compression will have to be made to stop where are the groin muscles develop a tremor. The procedure should not cause any negative emotions. When the pain or discomfort of the massage, immediately have to stop. The universal technique of Kegel, is one of the most effective. Thank you for doing this, you'll be able to achieve an erection and increase the penis size in a relatively short period of time.

The vibrations of the PC muscle, which is triggered by cascading movement, when combined with the proper breathing techniques, which will contribute to the improvement of the penis. The control over the ejaculation, in order to avoid issues with erectile function.

The Technique Of Tao

massage for enlarge your penis

This technique is used to increase the penis size of your head. In order to achieve results, you need to take into account the recommendations of the doctor. Tao technique, which is to be used, after ascertaining the absence of inflammation, and infectious diseases. If there are any contra-indications, a person has to start a course of drug therapy. In the first stage, the fingers are placed on the base of the penis. After that, the man gently to surpass blood to the head of the penis, alternating between squeezing and relaxing her. The exercise duration of 10 minutes.

The meetings of the Dao is to be performed in a slow tempo, and this is the main difference in this technique and similar techniques. With a careful and slow manipulation of it creates pressure in the penis. The exercises are not expected to cause a surge. The pain and discomfort is the main reason for the weakening of the grip. It is very important oils, it is necessary to apply the determined prior to the procedure. The positive impact will be achieved if a man will not choose the appropriate range of motion and to properly calculate the force of the compression algorithm.

The power of stretching

A set of exercises, which is typical for this technique, which leads to the stretching of the function of the tissues that form the sex body. The strength of the spring is as follows: the head of the penis have to be careful, lock your fingers and pull. In one session, don't spend more than 5-6 expression. On the day that you make a few jokes.

The workouts do you do when the urge to urinate. After the stretching of the corpora cavernosa in the penis do not cause discomfort. Penis enlargement will be noticeable after 4 to 5 weeks after the start of the course. The manipulation has to be done, but when you are in a comfortable position. The power of stretching – a method that has similarities with the technique of stretching. In order to achieve a positive result, must be a man, don't forget to warm-up and grease.

The circle of

The method involves drawing a circular effect on the sex organ. First, it covers your fingers at the bottom of the side of the head, and then pull it forward. Of the Penis hold this position for 5 seconds at a time. By doing this, the reproductive organs have to be very careful when turning counter-clockwise. In one sitting, one must, to the 25 rotational movement. This technique helps you to increase your penis size. Man, you will notice that there is a positive result after 1.5 months after the first meeting.

The massage will have a beneficial effect on the reproductive system of the subject to the following guidelines:

  1. Heating is required, ignoring this stage, it is fraught with serious complications.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to violate our technique to the session.
  3. The exercises should not be done to the reproductive organs in an erect state.
  4. In practicing this exercise you should have to avoid sudden movements. All of the operations must be carried out smoothly and without any nervousness.
  5. The load must be increased gradually, otherwise you may result in microtrauma.
  6. If you itch, rashes on skin, pain, and other allergic reactions, immediately stop the class. Excessive compression of the penis is fraught with violations of the erectile function. Their exclusion is going to happen in a certain period of time, medical intervention is required. It is important, in order to reduce the power and control of your training plan. On the occurrence of accidents show the following symptoms: darkening of the mucous membranes, varicose veins, pain and swelling.

The increase in the would be the case with the easy motion of the muscles during a massage is not acceptable. To improve the quality of sexual life, and that lesson is the need to exercise on a regular basis.

We should not forget about the hygiene, and a positive attitude. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions to reduce the effect of the physiotherapy. Prior to the course, you should consult with your health care provider. He will help you to find a more effective way to increase penis size. You can also use the services of the massage therapist. The need for this usually arises due to a lack of experience or fear of damaging your penis.

Massage the penis to be used for therapeutic and prophylactic purposes. Special attention has been paid to the use of the device. When choosing a lubricant, you would have to give the advantage to the funds, which are different from hypoallergenic ingredients. The procedure begins with a warm-up. Heating is required to stabilize the blood circulation, prevent retardation, normalization of hormonal background. In accordance with the security measures that are necessary in the whole process.


To improve functionality of reproductive organs has a positive effect on the General condition of the people. Thanks to the massage, he'd get rid of the physical and psychological problems. Penis enlargement-increases self-esteem of the partner and the normalization of its relations with the women. Additional benefits include the strengthening of the orgasm and the prevention of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissue.