The growth of the penis before and after

Today, it is globally used technique for the growth of the penis. Offered various medicines, supplements, and material ways. However, if we look at this issue calmly, you can make an accurate conclusion, that the growth of the penis without surgery is not possible. We should be afraid of different touches on the methods which promise huge growth of the penis in just a few days, it is clean water quackery.

how to enlarge penis

The surgery of increase of a member of the XIX — beginning of XX century, remains the only effective way. Another thing is that options to participate in such surgery a lot. Each of these includes the use of different implants, which represent the material, which is made from a special fabric. It is mounted at the base of the penile organ of the body (hand, foot, finger, ear and etc.), now often used with the meaning "penis" with a few tissues erection terminals, which during the erection fill with blood and increase the size of the penis.

Another method for the enlargement of the diameter of the XIX — beginning of XX century — state's "winding" the tissues of the skin of the patient taken from another place in the penis. The operation is quite simple, and the likelihood of unsuccessful outcome is extremely small. In addition, the housing that covers the man's penis is unique in its kind. Unlike the rest of the skin fabric that covers the body, this piece of skin is not associated neural connections with the body of the penis. Thanks to this, surgeons are able without difficulty to remove the cloth, to impose a new layer of skin and sew it in place of the old one. This operation is performed very quickly and the probability of complications is extremely small. The greatest danger lies in the rejection of a layer of fabric another. To avoid this, the enclosure is taken by the patient and in places as close to the penis, for example, with the buttocks. Sometimes the doctors transplant a fabric with tufts of blood vessels. Just grow up together with the family, the blood begins to fill them, that leads to further growth of the penis.

The selection this function allows you to increase the diameter of the penis up to 1 see If you still want more, the doctors resort to microsurgery. The operation of this type like surgery on the penis, as described above. However, in this case, the transplantation is not only the enclosure, but also muscle tissue. This technique allows to achieve a comparatively large diameter, but with the same probability of occurrence of adverse reactions increases.

Surgery to increase the length

Is another issue is with activities for the increase of the length of the — from the beginning of the XX century — state. The functions require significant interference in functioning in the entire organ, and may lead to undesirable consequences. To increase the penis, the doctors resort to some tricks that make use of the features of the structure of the male body.

In particular, half the penis is hidden in the pubic area. The surgery for the lengthening of the penis is to secure the base to the point which is located closer to the surface. Along with this made plastic of the skin of the pubic area. The method is considered to be more effective in comparison with the hardware mode to increase the male dignity. Other options for the elongation of the penis is quite difficult to describe, and beyond this article.

Overall, in modern medicine, there are a number of functions. However, due to the difficulty that is rarely made. In addition, from complications following even more. In particular, after such operations often deform, and the surface may occur into the hills.

As if we didn't it seemed easy and simple, you should know that in reality it is not so. Surgery to increase the length and the diameter of the manhood are accompanied by a multitude of risks. Everything, starting from the process of the operation and ends with a recovery period, may adversely affect the male dignity. Simple solutions in such a delicate matter, in which there is simply no, and if you decide to perform the operation, to be prepared for any problems.

A list of possible side effects is quite big and can scare an individual patient.

Immediately after the surgery the man can cope with the following confidentiality issues:

  • Bleeding during urination
  • the appearance of pain during erection
  • mild sensitivity in head of penis

However, this is only the first signs of an unsuccessful outcome of the operation. Most of the symptoms show themselves in a month, a year, maybe a decade after the day of operation.

Among them we can highlight the following:

  • typical deformation or bending of the penis
  • necrosis of the tissue, imposed for the increase of the diameter
  • a decrease in the sensitivity of the penis
  • reduction of the efficacy

So the list of unpleasant consequences can not boast of even complex surgical procedures in vital organs. All of this gives you to understand that with the increase of the penis is not enough to set up and requires a lot of improvements.

How to choose the medical institution

the growth of the penis

If a man wanted to increase his manhood, and is likely to collide with some unpleasant facts. First of all, 100% — but effective and reliable ways to increase penis until today there is no. Secondly, the solid bodies, which provide their services in conducting such a familiar function, try to avoid their public ads. This means that if the road is visible advertising, looking at the shaman or a satisfied the doctor, to provide a huge increase of the penis, then it is probably a scam, and it is better to avoid such institutions.

Before you go under the knife, you need to get as much information as possible about the institution, which offers both intimate service. Before the surgery, certainly to be consulted, in which are described the main stages of action or the collection to achieve any objective, as well as the recovery period. Run this function more compact institutions will engage in discussion with the patient, make sure that you are mentally well-balanced and frankly, it would wrap all the possible negative results.

The surgery for increasing the penis during the last two decades has become particularly popular along with other options of plastic surgery. Has impressive body shape ‒ every man's dream, though medically there are no rules to size of the penis doesn't exist. In addition, a feature of the growth and development of any part of the body, including the male "dignity", "manage" the inheritance. Although the growth of the penis surgery long exercised, man learned to customize what keep nature.

Technical correction

Currently, there are many techniques, which offer to enlarge your penis. These include the complex of special exercises, "miracle drugs", vacuum massage, solvents, and so on, but in reality, in the best case it will be useless, in the worst case, will cause irreparable harm to the health.

Medical technical correction:

  • The non surgical. The method is based on the use of extender for a long period of time.
  • Surgery. Surgery for thickening of a member takes place at the expense of customization hidden section (that is across parts of the ligaments of the penis). When you do this, the actual dimensions of the male growing "dignity" remain in position, and the length of optical distributed in the area a hanging part of.
  • Combo. Apply a combination of the two previous methods: initially, the operation for increasing male "dignity", and then, worn dilution.

The only correct method, with which you can actually add some of my favorite cm, is the plastic penis . Of course, the cost of operation to increase the "dignity" of men high and is not available to everyone. Assigns operating surgery the doctor after a detailed examination of the patient, which allows you to block intractable consequences. I don't think that the penis increase surgical to anyone who ask for it, for this there are a number of indications. Usually, plastic surgery is attributed when the small size of the penis, which in fact destroys the life of a male, both in physiological and in psychological terms.

Reviews on every one of these penis enlargement methods unclear, there are both positive and negative comments. The only, what is similar reviews of experts, is the result of the partial effectiveness of the large number of "miracle media", which you can read on the Internet. Usually, to men's "dignity" has become more and could stand, you have to put a lot of effort, to go through the pain and it's not a pleasant recovery period. For obvious reasons, the men scary for the surgery, and try to avoid it.

Indication for surgery

Doctors-andrologists believe that a small reproductive organ ‒ this is a problem for men is more psychological than functional. With 11-14 inches of "life", and with great success, handling with the thickening of the penis is not required. And here is a person with a small penis (body of the size of 2-3 cm.) it is not possible to have a sexual life, therefore, we need to find ways to increase the penis. But if the rise of the male "dignity" is a decisive issue, it remains only to learn, what an honor!

Indications for growth of the penis surgery way:

  • Congenital anomalies (epispadia, hypospadias) and mechanical damages.
  • The syndrome of small penis. When this body of this size, which does not allow the sexual act. In the photo it appears as "folds" and is the result of endocrine disruption in the body of boys during the period of growth and development. In the adult period of authority of this size is often the cause of operating problems, therefore, surgery growth of the penis is inevitable.
  • The age of the renaissance. This is due to gradual structural changes in the tissues of the body (reduction of elasticity, obesity, etc.).
the surgery for increasing the penis

Thus, the principle of size "less than average" may not concern, and does not take into account a number of aesthetic imperfections. How much is required plastic, the doctor decides that come from a variety of settings, and if the penis is functioning normally and is in a position to playbacks, then direct indications for surgery does not exist.


How the same can increase the sexual organ with the help of surgery? If you are to study carefully the testimonies of the doctors, then you can set the average price, which can actually increase the penis: 3-5 cm

In addition to this, every modern clinic gives a man who did the surgery for lengthening the penis, the possibility prior to the procedure, watch the video, which reflects the course of the intervention. Plastic process seems not to be aesthetically pleasing, and the recovery period is quite painful, therefore, it is often similar video, it helps the representatives of the strong sex, to really appreciate his decision.

Plastic is made in two directions:

  • Growth of the penis.
  • The elongation of the penis.

How much is required plastic, the doctor decides on the basis of several parameters. In particular it should be noted that the procedures of plastic relevant function densification state are only performed by our highly skilled professionals at well-equipped clinics.

The operating cost of a male "dignity" affect a number of factors, in particular the area of residence (the capital, the cost is much higher than in the region), clinic equipment, and so on.

Before you assign the "x-day", the doctor talk to your husband, it will show the picture of results are already made of plastic, familiar patient of possible risks and consequences.