You can enlarge your penis

The size of the penis of a man is an important measure. Concern about this issue often creates psychological problems in his personal life and serves as the basis for the development of complexes.

how to enlarge penis

In clinical practice, physicians it is accepted to divide the size of the penis in four categories:

  • micro-penis. In this case, the length of the penis does not exceed 2 cm?
  • small penis. In an excited state, the length does not exceed 9,5 cm?
  • normal state. Standard size of manhood in an excited state exceed 9,5 cm?
  • the giant. In these think mats states, reaching a length of 24 cm or more to an erection.

The relationship between the size of the penis in a state of calm and erection researchers have not been identified. Often a small organ, when the stimulation is quite impressive, and the reverse, big cock almost does not change in volume and length.

Penis measurement is made at rest, during erection and during maximum strength. Reference point is the angle between the abdominal wall and the base of the penis, metering is done up to the edge of the head.

For the measurements it is best to use government of nigeria, as well as for the relief of the correct sizes need to withstand a 90-degree angle between the abdominal wall and the base of the penis.

You can enlarge your penis

For men, unhappy with the size of the penis, there are several ways for you to fix the situation. But before taking a decision for drastic moves, it is good to talk with a psychologist, and expertise, which will specify and say for all the pros and cons of the changes.

Often, after achieving the desired result, man remains dissatisfied. New dimensions don't add up to success on the sexual front, and do not cause any special emotions. When you do this, you need to quit all the bad habits during the period of treatment, to maintain healthy life and to eliminate many products from your diet. Therefore, a fantastic dignity to the imposition of authority is a myth, and likely the patient will have to seriously weigh the potential risks and the consequences.

Real growth of the penis happens as a result of the use of special aids and rapid intervention. The other methods can only help in the growth of the penis, but tangible change will bring.

With the units that allows you to increase the size of penis, concerning the following devices:

  • water pump void?
  • solvents (provides external strength).

For more effect with the use of special devices is usually required from 4 to 6 months.

A radical method of penis enlargement is the surgery. During surgery can change the length and the thickness of the body, if necessary, to correct the shape of the phallus, and to eliminate the erectile dysfunction.

Apart from applications utilities and businesses, to increase the length and thickness of your penis, you can with special ointments, gels or creams. These methods are good, when the man has no desire to undergo surgery, but the effectiveness of these instruments is small, and often the result is completely impossible to achieve.

Ways to enlarge penis

Basic ways to change the size of the penis consider that the use of special devices, surgery, diet and the popular recipes.

Use of devices

Effective action in the cavernous of the penis have special tools that are designed for stretching the penis and pumping with the use of vacuum.

In support, specifically with those who provide a tensile impact, involving dilution. This device consists of studs, special insurance, durable ring and stud, adjust the supplied power.

State, lock the device, and with the help of a stud setting pulls in length. In this position, the penis needs to be no more than 30 minutes. As a result of the impact of the device, the cavernous body stretched, and when filling them with blood during erection, it becomes increasing the size of the institution.

To get a stable and significant effect when using an extender you need at least three months of daily exercise. Accomplish to increase the length of 3 cm and the thickness of the penis at 1.5 cm

The following effective device to change the size of the penis — pump. The action of this device is based on the creation of negative pressure inside the sealed bulb, which is mounted to a sexual organ. Weak the atmosphere provides a strong blood flow and expanding tissue erection tel. This position they can be locked with a special ring for a few moments, during which there is a gradual increase of the authority.

As in the case with the extender, for more effect to need from a few months up to six months.

The device can be used continuously, and invisibly for others. The action is based on the same principles, that work extender, but the effectiveness of this device below, if you add with the help of 1-2 cm, it's possible.

Application of specific rings allows you to lock in an excited state of the penis up to 30 minutes. This energy gives you the ability little stretching of the corpus cavernosum of the penis, but the increase in the length, almost does not give. The main objective of this device – the normalization of erectile function in older men.

the growth of the penis

To use each device should be carefully, having studied the instructions carefully. Pain — the signal to stop the natural effect in the body, as this may cause injury to the skin and capillaries.

General rules on use of devices for penis enlargement:

  • before training and immediately after that you have to hygiene?
  • surface devices will need to wipe the antiseptic compositions after each use?
  • excessively dry skin in sexual organ should hydrate before exercise with the help of the children of the cream.


  • the defeat of the internal organs of the urogenital system?
  • cardiovascular disease?
  • pathology of the liver and of the kidneys;
  • the deformation of the penis?
  • diabetes mellitus.

The excessive application of aids is able to mitigate the sensitivity of the penis, to disturb the normal process of ejaculation and even cause infertility.


Growth of the penis on the operating table is not appreciated by the specialists urologists, especially when the man has a normal constitution, trying to change the natural size. In this scenario, it is recommended to contact with the sex therapist or psychologist who will be able to convince the man not to make rash steps.

The issue is that any surgery is not affect for the body, and in the case of such tender and responsible authority, errors in the operating result in serious consequences. It is particularly difficult to keep the normal functioning of the penis after implantation, and the use of the method of "Feather".

Before making the decision for surgery the man will have to carefully weigh all the positive and negative points of this process. Doctors recommend to carry out a similar manipulation with the penis only in cases of abnormal pathologies and the recovery of injured authority. Patients with normal dimensions, wanting for some reason to get more impressive mat instrument, you will need to abandon thoughts about surgery, to not interrupt the functioning of erectile function.

The function

This method allows you to help patients with micro-penis, the quality of the production operation is located at a high level, resulting in complications and side effects are practically stable.

The essence of the method is a liberating part of the penis that is inside the pubic area. In minimum sizes principle (up to 2 cm), choice, and the passing of a suspensory strings, no. As a result of this operation, the length of the penis can be increased by 1-2 cm.

For more significant results, a surgery is needed to complement the use of extender. This device must daily blocking during 3-4 months, that will add another 2-3 cm at the expense of education adhesive process in the tissues of the penis.

The transplantation of muscle tissue

This kind of surgery to increase the thickness of the penis is a complicated and dangerous process.

To achieve the required size, you will need to transplant the tissue, excised from axillary fascia of the muscle or the abdominal wall. The resulting biological material is imported from the perimeter of the penis, increasing the thickness 3-4 cm long Complexity of the business is neat riveting of the blood vessels.

Under certain indications, which took place prosthetic penis. Mode of performing the method of the "Classic", when to increase used special elastic materials, or the method of "Wing" with cartilaginous tissue.


To increase the size of the penis you don't need to resort to drastic measures. Enough normalizing diet and to include in your diet products that stimulate the growth of muscle tissue, thanks to the high content of precious minerals, and proteins.

Apart from the effect on the growth of the penis, all the featured products contribute to the increased activity of:

  1. The meat. For more positive result you need to use the low fat varieties. Match: veal, rabbit, turkey. Without protein, contained in meat, you can't build muscle mass, but excess fat during cooking you need to get rid.
  2. Seafood. To use the fish and other seafood it is necessary for the preservation of erectile function and the muscle building. Sea and river fish, crustaceans, shellfish (especially oysters), you will get the male body desired protein as well as zinc and selenium, that affect the increased reactivity and the formation of testosterone.
  3. Nuts. For the male body that best fit the following nuts: almonds, hazelnuts, wood and licorice. Thanks to the substance found in the composition of these products, is the normalization of blood supply to the pelvic organs, which allows for the saturation of the cavernous of the penis creature.
  4. Dairy products. The high content of protein and calcium in cheese, butter, milk and yogurt not only allows you to build muscle mass, but also gives you the opportunity to strengthen the bone tissue. Dairy products normalize the work of the intestine and contribute to the exit from the body of toxins, but when drawing up the diet should limit the consumption of fat oil.
  5. The fruit. The abundance of vitamins, fiber and valuable minerals contained in fresh fruit, it is necessary for the functioning of the cardiovascular system and the growth of the penis. Priority should be given to: bananas, pear, apple and all citrus fruits.
  6. Cereal. Men, it is recommended to first pay attention to dishes from buckwheat.
  7. Oil. For the salads it is recommended to refrain from mayonnaise and sour cream for the benefit of the vegetable oils. Linseed oil contributes to the normalization of the function of the prostate gland and stimulates the production of testosterone, one enhances the potency. Also, it is appropriate to use the sesame and mustard.

Folk remedies

apparatus for the growth of the penis

To increase manhood in the home, you can, with the application of the tool on the basis of herbal medicines in traditional recipes. The most effective are the following:

  1. Thyme. For the preparation of broth you will need 100 grams of dry plant and 1000 ml of boiling water. Prepared drink for 4 hours, after which the use of course of up to 4 months.
  2. Garlic. Three large cloves should be crushed and pour 500 ml of vodka, after capability with a therapeutic drink is placed in a dark cool place for 10 days. Use the tincture for three months.
  3. The collection for the sanding. Get ginseng root, hawthorn fruit and leaves of ginkgo 50 grams. Pour boiling water to a volume of 500 ml and they are sending languish on low heat for 10 minutes. The resulting broth is recommended to rub in a sexual organ.
  4. Artemisia. The seeds of the plant in a volume of 100 g pour 0.5 liters of water and boil for 10 minutes. The resulting broth is taken before meals three times a day.

Use of folk remedies is not giving fast results. Your penis will grow, but the result will be visible after 5-6 months.

Plus, of course, drugs, include the following factors:

  • availability of plant material?
  • safety (excessive dose of herbal medicines is possible, but rarely manifests itself);
  • the long-term effect.

The disadvantages of herbal medications may include:

  • to get the result that he spends a lot of time?
  • there is always the possibility to buy ready-made ingredients, and for the collection and preparation of plants for themselves, it takes time.

One problem for the increase of male authority and increased sexual activity in various ways, but when you use any method you should first consult your doctor, to avoid possible injury, side effects and adverse events.