How to increase the state of popular home remedies

Millions of men are on the lookout for a safe and effective method, that helps to increase a member in the house. Many of them have managed to try it out for yourself popular until today techniques. Someone was pleased. In others, the same should search for to resolve the nasty problem of more radical options.

Popular ways to increase penis

how to enlarge penis

The growth of the penis – it is a process that is very likely to pass in the house. You only need to know how exactly to do this. The effectiveness of the selected treatment will depend on the regularity of the use of and participation in the process known growth stimulants. Often men prefer the following popular methods of profit:

  • The post weights?
  • Herbal medicine;
  • Massage therapy?
  • Vacuum vacuum?
  • Application of cosmetic products in the form of creams and gels.

To achieve the desired effect helps and the observance of a particular diet. To increase the efficiency of the procedures, you should perform them in conjunction with each other.

Before you start to take measures, which will help to increase the size of penis, you will need details about the rules of execution. Only in this case the man will be sure that the selected method will not damage the instrument and will not have a negative impact on your sex life.


This option of penis enlargement is considered the most simple, affordable and enjoyable.

Also, there is free of charge and without attracting foreign people, which is very important for most men.

The massage is not only positively affects state, but also positively affect the sexual possibilities.

The massage will be more effective if it is combined with treatment of the instrument special creams and gels, which have been designed to enable the growth of the penis. But even without them the result will be noticeable.

Massage therapy has a number of advantages:

  • Does not require a financial investment?
  • Good, it stimulates blood circulation, which significantly enhanced the erection and prevents the occurrence of stagnant processes in the pelvic area;
  • Stimulates the growth of the penis and increases the thickness?
  • A beneficial effect on the potency;
  • Prevents the development of tumors malignant character?
  • Promotes discharge to sensitive areas of the body and skin.

Experts have developed various techniques of self-massage. Most of them use for prevention purposes, to prevent excessive sprains of the skin and of injury to the penis.

The Method Jelcing

Jelcing – the most popular choice for massage therapy, guaranteed to get a positive result. When you run this procedure, the person must comply with the following recommendations:

  1. During the implementation of massage movements should be continuous.
  2. If the man feels the approach of ejaculation, you will need for a while to stop. In the opposite case, he will not be able to quickly return authority excited state, which is required for the exercise.
  3. You must run the process every day. Only during the execution of this terms male will be able to achieve the desired result and put it in a long time.
  4. During the massage you will have to use OK-capture. This means that the thumb and the pointer finger should be connected with each other. In this position the bow member.
  5. Arrest must be strong enough to delay the blood in the sexual organ. But we must remember that a too strong compression will result in a bruise.
  6. The member should be directed up or down. In the first case, the main load is shown in the shell of the instrument, which then starts to grow quickly. The second selection direction allows you to stretch the upper garter.

During a massage, care must be taken not to turn into a usual masturbation. For this you don't have too much to weaken the conception of the phallus. Why then the result of the massage and will not be achieved.


Medical herbs with proper application will help you to resolve the issue is very, very small penis. There are over 100 different recipes effective tools. Specially established herbal extracts and broths. Positively affect the erectile function.

To get the expected result, you need to be taking phyto instruments, prepared from these vegetable ingredients:

  1. Tribulus has. Thanks to him, it is stimulation of production of specific hormones that cause secretion of testosterone in the blood.
  2. The root of ginseng. Prevents the synthesis of substances, such as cortisol, which negatively affects the production of male hormones.
  3. Ginger root. A natural product reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and prevents blockage dorsal artery plaques.
  4. Artemisia. Grass grass a positive impact on stimulating the blood vessels. Because of this, it increases the blood flow of the gastric penis when erect.
  5. The aloe juice. Leads to normal metabolism, which improves the formation of new cells in erectile tissue.

Folk remedies that stimulate the process of lengthening your penis, in addition, increase male fertility. Moreover, many of these funds act as biological stimulants affect the erection in front of intimacy.

Taking vegetable drinks, the male it enhances the durability and provides a maximum filling with blood tissues erection tel. Read the full article for the popular means of increasing virility.

Water pump vacuum and the dilution

The men who exercised using a vacuum pump, could to fulfill his dream and become owners of a large penis.

This treatment is now considered virtually the most reliable, safe and effective.

Traditionally, for the purposes of the increase of the phallus, especially used water pump.

Create low pressure around the body, because the tissues have to get in a lot of blood.

So simple method is the cut corpus cavernosum, which allows to increase the diameter of the penis about 1-2 cm.

Water pump vacuum you can buy in a specialized shop, for example, in a sex shop, or do it with your hands. As a pump often use conventional glass jars. In this case, the application preserved for the purposes of the increase of the penis in the home is carried out in accordance with the principle of medical and efficiency scarcely to be lower than traditional methods.

Has been achieved the result will long to please a man, if he starts to practice this method of increasing every day. The device should be worn on the penis of not less than 3 hours.

The is only removed when it needs to go to the bathroom during the bathing. It is possible, you need to wear dilution continuously.

Article on the subject – as you correctly wear dilution.

The use of the load

Another simple method to increase the length of the phallus. As a weighting you can use the available data, for example, a bottle of water. Before you pick up the load, be sure to warm up tissue state light massage. You also need to observe a number of rules:

  1. During the execution of exercise, preferably comfortable to sit on the bed and a little dilute legs?
  2. Trunk of the penis and the head area need to wrap elastic bandage?
  3. The first end of the rope should be tied on the neck of a full bottle, the second is connected with the metal clamp?
  4. Libra will have to fasten it firmly to the elastic the band-aid?
  5. Now you need to carefully get up. At this point the cut of the tissues of the penis.

This process it is recommended that no more than 15 minutes a day. The deadline will save a man of strong stretch.

Cosmetic preparations

The methods selected for the growth of the phallus, required to complete a cosmetic medicines which accelerate the growth of the penis. Modern companies offer a huge variety of media.

However, most of them are as phony, which doesn't bring any results.

Cosmetic preparations, which allow the member to add length and volume to the width, they release in the form of a cream, ointment or gel. Differ from each other the composition and the duration of the action. According to the last index, the chapters are divided into several groups:

  1. The long-term. The product should be used no less than 1 month every day. The action lasts for about six months after the completion of the course.
  2. A rapid action. Ideal for the increase of the authority before the intimacy. These tools allow you to achieve the desired effect for 5 minutes. The result will not keep for more than 3 hours.
  3. Auxiliary. The recommended to use in combination with devices that are designed for the increase of the phallus.

Before buying you liked the tool you need to carefully consider the composition, as well as the manual. Should immediately become familiar with the properties of the drug, so that after the use of to know exactly what to expect.

All cosmetics are divided still into many groups in its composition. In form of ointments and gels is:

  • The protein. Based in the dense amino acids.
  • Hormonal. In preparations containing respectively the testosterone, representations of artificial.
  • Of natural origin. Considered to be the most secure as it does not contain synthetic additives.

Almost all modern drugs contain solely natural ingredients. It is more secure and allow you to achieve a positive result. Hormonal means ceased to be popular, given that they differ from the mass side-effects.