Massage to increase penis way to the men's health

Today, a lot of men with a small member can develop a inferiority complex. Especially if they start to produce a comparison with the genitalia of other representatives of the strong sex.

The so-called "locker room" is a fairly common phenomenon. And here there are two options – or to accept it or to take matters into his own hands (literally and figuratively).

So, finally close the theme with small size will help a normal massage for enlarge penis. When you do this, there are a number of effective exercises, in a minimum of time will allow you to not only enlarge penis size but also to improve the circulation of blood in the body, to increase the potency and solve many more related to this issue the problems.

Note that this instrument is too vulnerable. It consists of spongy body, which when erect it fills with blood – shown excitation, it changes form. Immediately it is worth noting that massage of the penis will not bring immediate results. You must work for at least six to eight months, to achieve real penis enlargement. In addition, we clearly need to comply with instructions given in this article.

Massage the penis. Preparation

the growth of the penis

Before, how to perform any manipulation, genitals, you need to prepare for the future load, because penis enlargement at home - it is very responsible job. The first thing you should do is to find a clean and soft cloth, dampen it with warm clean water, slightly squeeze and attach to the member, regardless of what state it is in. Massage for the enhancement of the penis can be started only after two minutes of this warm-up. Prior to the start operations monitor, you will need to wipe it dry.

With such a preparation massage of the penis is completely painless for the male and more effective. This is your primary goal in this scenario, – the improvement of blood circulation and relaxation of the tissues before the start of the processes of compression and stretching.

Massage of the penis. Exercise no. 1

This technique is very simple. To perform the exercise can sitting and standing. Need right hand tightly embrace the body and to stretch. The exercises performed during 10-15 seconds, the number of repetitions is not less than ten. Similar steps must be performed to the left and to the right (the number of retries and the time remain the same).

That massage penis will necessarily lead to an erection. After that, it will be possible to capture two fingers on the basis of the authority and not unclenching fingers, and have it forward to 3-5 see Here the number of repetitions similar – ten times.

Massage the penis. Exercise no. 2

This exercise has a number of advantages. Firstly, all manipulations leave for more than five minutes. Secondly, it can several times a day. Thirdly, it is one of the most effective. And all would be well, but not all men can perform this massage of the penis correctly.

Well, for starters you must be comfortable to sit down, lubricated it well on the body, to take it between two fingers and make a move downward and upward. When this commitment should do so as not too pinch the blood vessels. During an exercise is unacceptable, especially to stretch the skin – it's better to give more attention hardness arrest. The return on the basis of commitment should be slightly increased.

This exercise will allow you to keep a body for more blood. Once the erection is achieved, you will need to cover the penis at the base and give blood to go. Keep positive as much as possible. At this time the fingers of the other hand to embrace the head of the penis and stretch authority (until mild pain). In each stage you have to be a delay of approximately 10 seconds.

With the completion of exercises cover can be loosened (that blood will go from the beginning). If you happen to ejaculate, it doesn't matter.

Massage of the penis. Exercise no. 3

Thirdly, the exercise can be done while sitting or standing. We need to get the head of the penis and how much you can pull from yourself until the first discomfort or pain. In this situation you need to hold down the state for three to five minutes. After that, the cover can loosen and to be light massage to the penis for 20-30 seconds. Is the interruption of the allows you to restore blood circulation. After a break, you can start stretching in different directions.

If these methods did not bring the proper result, then you can try other methods or to give a priority from the beginning. For example, the effectiveness showed the education penisbuilding, which rightly belongs to one of the most reliable, safe and effective methods of penis enlargement.