How in 14 years to increase a member in the house

Many men dream about how to change the size of the penis. Surgery – very serious step, which can cause sad consequences. Therefore the representatives of the strong sex are interested in, how to increase a member in the house, which method is more effective.

Penis enlargement methods

how to enlarge penis

Often the problem of a small penis brings a psychological character. It has long been known, that the main thing – not the size and quality. Therefore, before to increase your member home on your own, you need to make sure that the problem, indeed, exist.

There are several techniques that allow on your own to change the length and thickness of the penis. All are ideal for use at home. These include:

  • Water pump, dilution.
  • Cosmetics and pills.
  • Massage.
  • Auto-suggestion.

Don't expect immediate results. In this important is the regularity. The best result can be achieved by the combined action of the penis. For example, if you combine the spray with the massage. It is recommended to carefully consider the selected method before the application.

Water pump vacuum and the dilution

Water pump menu allows you to enlarge the penis in length and thickness, as well as improve power. It is a cylinder with a pump mounted state. Pump diverts air from the cylinder, due to the pressure happens to increase blood flow, increase the reproductive principle. The effect lasts for a while.

Dilution less popular than, what water pump vacuum. Make a member of the more thick, long and gives the right shape, stretching the tissue of the penis. The result of the application extender will be big enough, if you use the device every day.

There are other methods of penis lengthening at home with the help of suspension of different weights. The load is able to stretch the skin, making the body long, but the thickness has no effect. This is a very dangerous procedure that can lead to physical damage.

Popular and various tips on the manhood, which extend the can make you stronger, improves potency. Nozzle delay ejaculation and prolong the sexual act.

Gels, ointments and pills

Gels, creams and ointments for the growth of the penis have conflicting testimony and ambiguous effect. The effect of these medications is definitely there, but it's very short. Cosmetic preparations it is recommended to use together with fanfare or extender.

Studies have demonstrated the action of tablets and capsules. Many of them are Badami and in large doses can damage the body. If this is such a load of stimulants, such as Viagra, that improve the power, causing sexual desire, while the increase in the manhood only happens due to an erection.


There are various types of massage, used to increase the male member in the house. During the execution it is recommended to use special gels and creams, and immediately before the procedure, you should warm up in a hot bath. This will improve the blood circulation in the pelvic organs, will ensure the effective functioning of the reproductive system. The most effective is considered a massage to my penis with his hands in an erection.

Massage performs a number of useful functions:

  • helps to lengthen the penis, to make him more fat?
  • increases sexual desire?
  • increases the power?
  • it makes an erection more prolonged.

Delicacy of this method is the proper technique and the elimination of injuries. Because masculinity is a delicate and very sensitive organ that require careful relationships.

A particularly popular technique Jelcing, which aims to increase the penis. Move with this massage look like this milking cow. Jelcing is the beginning of the work, which should be read before the execution. Regular exercise you will see the result after 2-3 months.


methods of penis enlargement in 14 years

Experts serious about psychological operations. Based on a picture, which is of great power. We need to take it a rule constantly to be a large body. This contributes to the increase in the level of hormones responsible for the growth of the penis. This technique does not require a lot of effort and time, and the result can be effective.


And here we can not do without the popular recipes. Development of a state can stimulate the use of special teas. Their compositions are different. The herb, which give the best result, is:

  • hawthorn;
  • ginseng;
  • dubrovnik;
  • st. john's wort.

The opinion of the special

The doctors are confident that prolong the sexual organ only surgeons. Difficult and expensive operation is the introduction of fatty tissue under the skin of the body. This is the dangerous method of penis enlargement gives you a temporary effect, because the phase of fatty tissue after some time will be forgotten. Then we talk about other techniques that are carried out without the surgery. Their action under a lot of controversy.

Doctors advise not to poison the body, different medications, and to love himself and to measure the dignity of this pride, regardless of size. If the problem is really screwing up your life, you need to contact a specialist that will help you to find a way out. Most likely, without surgery can not do.