To become a member with baking soda: advice

Many men suffer from the problem, such as very compact dimensions "friend". Of course, the most effective and efficient way is surgery. Thanks to the surgery, dimensions grow by a few centimeters. But it's not all to expensive this process, moreover, is extremely painful and after the conference will need time to recover. That's why men resort to the use of folk remedies, even the most unusual. One of these money – conventional cooking soda, which is worth a penny. But that's the way it is effective and how to use it?

How to increase the member with baking soda: useful information

the growth of the penis soda

Not all have such courage to try this method. Despite the popularity, reviews for very little. If you are desperate and willing to take the risk, try this simple way.

Effectively? Immediately we want to warn you that colossal results not worth waiting for. Some soda really helped to increase the options of the "other" (such as the length and the thickness. But the result is pleasing only for a few hours, besides, it's small – only 3-4 mm. So, think carefully before, how to experiment, and to run the process.

As we have already said, is that the result pleases me very much, and a member again of the previous sizes. Also, some note that after the application observed redness and even some pain. This depends on how sensitive you skin.

How to check the sensitivity of it?

Before starting the procedure, check to make sure that the degree of sensitivity. Apply a small area of the skin of the penis paste of baking soda. Cook the pasta is easy, you only need to add in baking soda a few drops of water, you will have a thick mixture. Lubricate the skin and leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse with lukewarm water. If there were no redness or burning sensation, you can practice the methodology.

Acquaintance with the process

Apart from the soda, you will need a soft sponge, you can buy it in any cosmetics section. This is a mild influence, and does not scratch. Also, you need to get any vegetable oil, will prevent dryness and discomfort. Take a warm shower or bath to steam the skin.

Lubricate state the whole length of vegetable oil, then sprinkle a small amount of soda. Start gently massage with a sponge in circular motions all along. Continue to do this 3-4 minutes, then let the baking soda still for 2 minutes, rinse with water.

Increase a few mm may be accompanied by mild redness. To resolve a sense of tightness, and dryness, lubricate state nourishing cream. To conduct a process, preferably 1-2 hours prior to your appointment, as well as the result will delight not too long.

The doctors are recommending to experiment and to use this method, as it may damage the membranes. Besides, it's not worth to sacrifice their health for a few millimeters in volume and length. To use this method or not – only solution. Good luck!