How to increase penis size — real techniques

Before we proceed to the search of the most effective ways to increase a member, you will need to figure out if it really is, in principle.

The penis is an organ made up of specific components – tel Men's genitals are very sensitive to negative events in the environment. Studies have shown that, if a man will satisfy the sexual desire devices with a narrow diameter, the penis will be reduced in the amount of just two months. Can this process occur in the opposite direction?

how to enlarge penis

In fact, many representatives of the strong sex, you don't even need to search the best way to enlarge penis, because it fits perfectly normal, and some even more. Between the european race, the average size is 12-16 cm, while in the region about 3-4 inches.

If the size that is included in this range, then the problem has psychological character. For those who have a really small organ, which is the result of a genetic pathology or a disease, experts offer a plastic surgery. But, and this is not the only way to solve the problem.

The best result can be achieved only through the integrated application of these instruments. However, we expect a direct effect don't have to. To achieve a positive result, you will need a lot of time and perseverance by the exact observance of all directives and regulations.

Bands of "very little" of the penis become a common phenomenon in the modern world. And this, of course, there are wine media, which inspire the idea that manhood must be great.

You can even find information on what the size of the penis depends on the ability of men to conceive. In the claims I in any case can not. These are just guesses, I have no evidence at all.

Capacity for the successful lubrication depends on the activity of sperm in men and hormonal processes in the body, but not from the size of the penis. This instrument only performs the function of the ductus arteriosus.

Also, there is the perception that the holder of a small "dignity" can not properly satisfy the sexual partner. It is considered, that the joy of the woman mainly depends on the size of the male penis.

Because of this, many men expressed by the psychological problems. Developed complexes, particularly affecting the quality of life. Some representatives of the strong sex for a larger penis is not yet ready for a decision for surgery, which can be full of complications.

A lot of men interested in the question: how must be the size of the penis at rest; On average, this percentage is within the 6-10 cm, But it is not the lord and does not give possibilities to draw conclusions about what size will the penis during erection.

It so happens that the small in the excited position of penis during erection shows a great increase. And it happens the opposite – the penis with great content at rest, during stimulation is less.

Therefore, in clinical practice, take account of the length of body in an erection. Out thrust size of the penis can be any and is not worth the attention. The small sizes of a member outside the erection can only embarrass the owner on the beach, in this case, we can recommend to wear wide a bathing suit.

How much length in inches should be the erection of the penis — a question of interest to every man. On average, the length of the penis of men is equal to 12 – 18 see Indicators, that are within these values, it is the most common and considered the norm.

But even bodies of smaller size (from 10 to 12 cm) are considered to be the choice of the rule. We're talking about pathology can, just in case the length of the instrument is less than 10 cm Is the penis took the name ""micro-penis". When this is taken into account and the coverage of the body.

Age The length of the penis, see The length of the axis of the testes, see
from 0-2 years old 2,7 ± 0,5 1,6 ± 0,4
2-4 years 3,3 ± 0,4 1,2 ± 0,4
4-6 children 3,9 ± 0,9 1,5 ± 0,6
6-8 years 4,2 ± 0,8 1,8 ± 0,3
8-10 years 4,9 ± 1,0 2,0 ± 0,5
10-12 years 5,2 ± 1,3 2,7 ± 0,7
12-14 years of age 6,2 ± 2,0 3,4 ± 0,8
14-16 years old 8,6 ± 2,4 4,1 ± 1,0
16-18 years of age Of 9.9 ± 1,7 5,0 ± 0,5
18-20 years of age 11,0 ± 1,1 5,5 ± 0,8
Adult men 12,4 ± 1,6 5,2 ± 0,6

Passing in a state of arousal, the male organ becomes longer and thicker. On average, the length reaches 15 cm and a width of approximately 5. It should be noted, that the 9 out of 10 men during the erection there is an extra few inches (3 to 5).

Therefore, the length of the penis can reach 18 cm, But this is not the limit. Some men can be "boasts" specific dimensions – in 24-26 cm enrolled in the medical literature record reaches 30 cm

Under certain conditions, the male organ can, on the contrary, become shorter than usual.

— Cold water treatments.

— Hypothermia.

— Intense fatigue.

— Psychological problems.

— Chronic diseases.

— The period after ejaculation.

Medical experts point out that it is much more likely to have no physical abnormalities and problems of psychological nature. In many cases, quite good consultation, to help the man to get rid of bands, thoughts on how to enlarge your penis, and start a satisfying life. But there are, unfortunately, and the situation when the growth of the penis is really necessary.

— The syndrome of the small male penis (at least 10 cm at baseline).

— Complications after injury of the penis.

— Epispadia (congenital disease of the wall of the urethra).

— Hypospadias (abnormal development of the penis by the wrong position of the urinary holes).

— The cavernous fibrosis (seal or tightening of the corpus cavernosum penis, and the replacement of them by connective tissue, which leads to deformation of the penis and a violation of the sexual characteristics).

— Reduction of the elasticity, fat glass interlayer, I. e. the so-called "syndrome of aging men".

— Webbed or hidden state.

the growth of the penis

For aesthetic reasons, surgery is performed with special body dysmorphic disorder when men are faced with serious psychological problems regarding the size of the penis and resentment sizes of the penis was not able to adapt the methods without action.

Widely used the concept of micro-penis is collective. Such a problem commonly faced by men, have genetic disorders of the endocrine system (which leads to problems with the production of testosterone).

All of the patients with small penis requires a personalized approach. It requires a comprehensive diagnosis, to understand what are the reasons that have lead to poor growth of the penis.

Most men who come in consultation with the person suffering just a small part of it, as well as the percentage of men who apply for help are quite low.

To enlarge the penis can conservative and surgical methods. The conservative methods assume that the systematic performance of certain procedures or exercise, the purpose of which is the stimulation of the development of the tissues of the penis.


Jelcing (which means "milking") — available to every man way to enlarge penis at home. This technique, essentially, is self-massage of the penis. Learn these procedures is not difficult, the main thing — to find the time and the right conditions.

Normal penis size in erection — 10-18 cm, like most people. The average length — 13,12 see Dispersion ability, and this is not taking into account the thickness and the shape. Pathologically small institutions (less than 7.5 cm in erection) is extremely rare. Thus, it is possible for a man, daydream add inches, worries for nothing.

Of the 92 people who complained about the small bird and turned to the university of Cairo, the owner of a really short period of authority, there was no one. That is, 92 perfectly normal guy, decided that they have small genitals, when it was not so.

In this category belongs to water pump vacuum, solvents, etc.

Extenders for the penis directly mounted on the floor member. How to increase the diameter of the penis, using these κου'φώματα; Are the ones that have been designed to penis became longer in length and width, and will also help to straighten a sexual organ.

If man interested, how to increase the size of the penis just before intimacy in a short period of time, you can use a water pump vacuum. The principle of operation is simple: the sexual organ is placed in a transparent cylinder, which with the help of pumps is pumped the air.

Was the gap leads to an increased filling of corpus cavernosum, to increase his options. Time to pump is used it can not, up to a maximum of 20-30 minutes. The result from the use of, albeit temporary, but long-lasting. Before, how to pass the handling, on the basis of the authority of wearing rings to keep the erection.