How to increase the state folk remedies

How to increase the state of folk remedies – this is the question that preoccupies many of the representatives of the strong sex. Even if reproductive organ to more formal standards, some men dream of the increase.

By intimacy bring fun for both partners, it is equally important to the size of the penis and an erection. Excited state increases the length and width of the penis at times.

the growth of the penis folk remedies

To enhance the potency can without chemistry folk methods. How it affects the growth of the male organ folk medicine it has been known for a very long time. Even several centuries back the money that is used to enhance male potency of different drugs and infusions with herbs and roots, special herbs etc.

Folk remedies for the growth of the penis have multiplied in our days. Popular traditional recipes used to make a close relationship more qualitatively.

What is the result of the application of the alternative treatment? It gives you the opportunity to carry out natural penis enlargement without surgical procedures.

Of course, in order to significantly increase the length or width of the penis may be either by the use of drugs, nor the popular methods. However, it adds the volume and length of a few millimeters possible. To solve this sensitive issue can be the democratic way.

The essence of the application of alternative medicine should be limited to enhance the flow of blood to the male organ, improve the processes of the circulation of the blood. This leads to the fact that the state is growing in volume, to become strong and durable. Think about it, how to increase male dignity folk remedies.

Penis enlargement bees

Painful, but it is more effective than the average is considered to be apitherapy. By using the bee venom, can be achieved increase the size of the penis.

Important! In this method, it can appeal to only those men who do not have an allergy to bee venom.

With the bee stings may carry out the process of the growth of the penis at home׃

  • they get tight in a plastic bag and then placed in a bee?
  • carefully, to the insect don't make, in stick packaging in reproductive organ?
  • after a bee bite, you will need to remove the stinger.

Your penis will grow easy on the eyes, if you do this process two or three times a week. The number of bees can be increased, however, must not exceed 10 people.

The pain feels like to get used to it, but the result will see later, for two months. The bee venom has multiple beneficial properties. Thanks to the bees to restore your erection׃

  • in the part that punctured the bite of the insect, rushes blood flow?
  • under the influence of injected poison happens to expand the blood vessels.

The method of the penis bees provides long and lasting erection.

Key advantages of this method

This method has no contraindications, only in case of individual intolerance of the poison of the bee. For the rest of the men are almost harmless.

Herbs to increase penis

The use of specific herbal tinctures will help quite rapidly to enhance the flow of blood to the penis. As a result the sizes of the male principle will be significantly increased. With the use of herbs can achieve good results for the enhancement of erection. The most effective action׃

  • ginseng;
  • root celery?
  • the fruit of the hawthorn;
  • cilantro?
  • parsley.

To the sexual act was the machine is to be stored, take the tincture of wild oats.

You can also achieve a significant increase in the state thyme. The tincture is prepared as follows׃

  • dry herb carefully crushed;
  • placed thyme in the pot, fill it with 200 gr. of boiling water?
  • they insist?
  • drink two times a day after food.

A few more recipes for enlarge penis with the use of herbs.

the growth of the penis
  1. Take the dried roots, leaves and flowers hawthorn. Carefully crushed. Then, one tablespoon of the resulting mixture pour two cups of boiling water. Insist and drink instead of tea. Consume three-four weeks.
  2. The root of the ginseng will not only return male strength, increase in reproductive organ of men, but also to awaken in him the desire. The root and cut it into small pieces. They are then placed in three-liter jar of alcohol. Two weeks persist, after which it is taken three times a day for 50 g.
  3. Dried rosehips placed in a thermos. Pour the boiling water, and then persist for 5-8 hours. Take the drink in a month.

Key benefits popular recipes herbal tinctures for penis enlargement׃

  • can be purchased in a pharmacy at an affordable price?
  • harmless for health?
  • they provide great effect?
  • using herbal tinctures and decoctions can achieve a stable result.

The disadvantages popular recipes

Can't get the results immediately. You must arm yourself with patience and wait a few months.

Important! Herbs may cause allergic reactions. Also, certain chronic diseases, exclude the use of broths and infusions from the fruits and leaves of plants.

The growth of the penis vaseline

Enlarge penis with the use of petrolatum. Despite the simplicity of this method, it is used not very willingly.

Firstly, the process itself causes unpleasant feelings. Member tighten at the base. Then, with the help of the syringe of vaseline, is inserted under the skin of the penis.

Secondly, the process must be carried out a medical officer with extensive experience – if vaseline is distributed unevenly, this can lead to injury.

Doctors do not recommend to use this method for the growth of the penis. It is dangerous׃

  • to get under the skin, any foreign body may cause an infection or cause the formation of tumor?
  • in the blood can enter pathogenic microbes?
  • petroleum jelly can contribute to the appearance of allergic reactions.

All of the above factors can lead to serious complications, not only with the force, but also with health.

How to increase the state of iodine

Many dangerous men are wondering׃ "can iodine increase a member". On the internet it is easy to find in various "relevant forum" tips for increase size of penis with the use of iodine. However, you can with all responsibility to declare – iodine for the growth of the penis is not suitable. This misconception can lead to serious injury and can cause a burn in the reproductive principle. Of course, the iodine mesh will cause a rush of blood, and your penis will increase in size. However, the burn will abandon the intimacy within a month.

How to increase the state toothpaste

The method of penis enlargement toothpaste is only suitable for those who like experimenting with their health, completely without thought for the consequences. Toothpaste is applied to the head. Various additives begin to tweak it, providing the flow of blood.

Important! Pasta can get under the foreskin or in the urinary channel, and this will cause undesirable consequences.

Ginger for penis enlargement

The ginger helps to solve the problem with the power, strengthens male potency, increases blood circulation and testosterone levels. Consider him almost Viagra. Download tincture ginger provides a greater effect, however, manifests itself over time. Preparation׃

  • purified root, finely chopped;
  • they put the pieces in a bottle?
  • there are placed half a lemon?
  • the ingredients pour the water and insist during the night.

Can be customized the recipe by using honey, spices, lemon balm, spices or mint.

The use of vietnamese balm asterisk for the growth of the penis

The well-known vietnamese "asterisk" is used for the growth of the penis. This method is quite widely used in eastern medicine. The balm has a lot of essential oils, medicinal plants. To enhance the potency star extensively in therapy.

After a relaxing bath, balm rubbed in small doses of between 2 and 3 lumbar vertebrae. Activated especially the part that is responsible for male potency. The session lasts about 20 minutes To make progress, you have to spend over 10 procedures.

The growth of the penis honey

tools for the growth of the penis

The increase of the male organ, by using honey — one of the most effective methods of people. Cooking recipe the wonderful tool it is quite simple. Taken in equal proportions, the broken kernel nuts and bee honey. The ingredients are mixed well and placed in a glass or enamelware. Consume 1 tbsp. spoons for the night. To speed up the attack of the phenomenon may be taken three times a day for one week.

The main disadvantages of this method

Despite the effectiveness of this method, should be used with caution. The honey is contraindicated׃

  • when there are serious cardiovascular disease;
  • if the man is sick with diabetes mellitus?
  • with an allergy to honey?
  • when the problems with the light?
  • if there is a serious disease of the digestive system?
  • when diseases of the skin.

Thus, the honey may help, but it can hurt you.


To increase the penis by using the people's funds, you need to weigh the "pros" and "cons". We have to take into account the particular characteristics of the organism, as well as the safety of these methods for the health.

You can't use what it says lucky in love neighbor. A person any method works well, else is bad.

Treat with respect in the health, and it is certain that will reward you for this.