Exercises to increase penis

In our time, thanks to the widespread publicity and the interest of producers, has become a particularly popular theme, the size of the male penis, and in relation to what exactly appeared a great demand for various methods for the growth of the penis. It is very different and a variety of creams-ointments, pills, nutritional supplements and operation, and simple physical exercises, and will be discussed.

Be extremely careful with the stretching and suspension of the penis various loads, this can lead to dire consequences. Consult your doctor!

how to enlarge penis

But how effective is it? Really this can help to increase a member, or is it another way to pull money out of naive customers? Opinion differ diametrically opposite, so I'll go to the discussion in the article, and it will be the most popular exercises for increasing the penis.

Penis enlargement exercises: the destruction of the myth

Penis enlargement exercises are aimed at lengthening and enlargement of the tissues of the penis. These exercises can be performed manually, as well as with the use of various assistive devices.

However, be careful — despite the prevailing misconception that the penis break anything else, to hurt him, by denying full functionality, it is possible!

What are the exercises for the penis

To enlarge the penis, there are two directions:

  1. strengthening exercises for the muscles that support the penis (pelvic floor muscles);
  2. the stretching and extension of the tissue of the penis, the goal is the creation of new cells in the tissue.

Penis enlargement exercises: the destruction of the myth

So, tearing down the myth now: the trunk of the penis does not contain tissues, they can obtain greater volume through the physical exercise and training. See the video feature for the growth of the penis, this occurs the most popular method of penis enlargement:

As you understand, is the "massage" will not lead to an increase in the size of the penis.

On the other side, and these effects may be use — regular exercise such exercises is able to reduce the sensitivity of the penis, and this will prolong the sexual act and will help to avoid premature ejaculation. But I repeat, the increase in the size of the penis should not count.

Enlarge penis with the use of devices

Penis enlargement device can be divided into two types: tensile and vacuum.

The first represent different options κου'φωμάτων, the aim of which is to lengthen the penis, creating a permanent tensile load in it.

  • Theoretically, the man is able to change the size of the body in this way, the brightest example — the women of the padaung, with such a long neck, drowning in fact, if you withdraw support their rings.
  • However, to achieve such a result needs to start impact from early childhood, and the result is not the beauty, and the pathology.
  • The human body has a tendency respond well to the change set out in this the nature of the mechanisms and processes.

So, theoretically, you can lengthen the penis, stretching in a very long time, but it will be hard, and damage the tissue of the penis a chance.

The second type of devices for penis enlargement, vacuum, operates with the principle of water pump, air pump from the container, creating a negative pressure. The penis, placed in the workspace extender, it begins to stimulate, filling with blood.

Such devices are most popular, given that the result in the form of erection, it is visible immediately, in particular, that these devices help to achieve a quick erection when erectile disorders.

Characteristic of solvents is that it can be used for a long period of time — you can easily overdo it and achieve the bleeding.

The cavernous body of the penis are not designed for permanent load, so that the "variable" is the use of them, nothing good portends.

The correct exercises to increase penis

Many of the men who love to play sports, to wonder: is it possible to pump up the penis and make it bigger and intensely? To answer this question, we should first talk about the anatomy of men. First of all: the penis is composed of muscle tissue, and the cartilage of the procedures.

Because in this case it gives the penis a solid state? Excited views, the penis becomes due to tides of blood, because of this, the penis turns out to be erect and increases in size significantly.

So, pump up your penis and so to increase the impossible, however, it may more to do with the help of special exercises, which are easy to perform at home. In this article we will tell you how you can do it.


Because there are many exercises to increase the penis is a little traumatic, I would have to go through a careful warm-up corpora cavernosa before the exercise.

  • To do this you need to dip a towel in warm water, it becomes liquid and hot.
  • Further, wring it out well, towel and wrap the penis completely for 2-3 minutes.
  • The skin and blood vessels become more flexible, which will help to reduce the possibility of injury to zero.

The first exercise

penis enlargement methods

The first thing you will need is the lubricant. With the help of will be able to perform the exercises, without causing any damage to your penis. Convenient sit on the edge of the bed or the chair and lubricate the penis lubricant.

Then, with the help of a large and index finger make a commitment of the penis to the base and start to slowly get the skin on the head, there more extended and the cavernous body of penis.

  • After a while your penis will gain an excited state and will increase in size.
  • So you need to be, is necessary in conditions, exercises.
  • Despite the growth of the penis to sizes, continue to perform the exercise, not relaxing at the base of the handle.
  • When you do this, you need to increase the speed of the reciprocating progressive movements from the base of the penis towards the head.

By doing this exercise, you try to keep as much blood as possible in the mast erection resources of the penis.

After 10 minutes you can achieve an erection when it is required the maximum compression of a penis base in order to delay entering the penis of the blood, so that it can stretch the body of the cavernous sinus.

Hold the penis in this situation, 1 second, and then release it.

If during the execution of the exercise you have discomfort or pain, stop immediately to perform the training and re read the instructions for execution.

If you regularly repeat this exercise every day, you'll be able to increase the penis up to 3 cm for 1 month.

The second exercise

The main purpose of this exercise is stretching of the penis in length is first agitated, and then in an erection.

After the necessary preparation for the heated penis will need to cover the head, so not to impede the flow of blood, and begin to execute a reciprocating translational motion, i.e.: - press and stretch the penis with the order. This thing will achieved stretch marks corpora cavernosa, which make up the penis.

Every time that takes, try to stretch the penis until a little pain and every time to pull all of the above. But be careful: this exercise can cause minor injuries, that is undesirable for the success of the exercise.

When you have reached the maximum stretching of your penis, try for 10 seconds to keep him in this state, first stretching before a, and then lift the top and just hold it for 10-15 seconds at the maximum extended state, not loosening grip hand.

The third exercise

It is in practice not the excited penis is in a relaxed state. To do this you need to get your fingers in the penis, and to try, by applying a moderate amount of power, begin to stretch the length. To do each repetition is recommended for 10-15 seconds.

  • After you complete 10 reps, change the position of the penis and by stretching to lift it upwards, so as to be adjacent to the pubic bone.
  • Then start to stretch your penis, turning it into 360 degrees, which will help to stretch cartilage shoots at the base of the penis.
  • At the end of the exercise you will have to spend a soothing massage for the purpose of restoring the function of the cardiovascular system.
  • Also take a warm bath, which has beneficial effects not only for your workouts, but also for the testicles.
  • Warm-up will be able to help you relax and cope with the experiences received during the execution of the exercises.

Massage – exercise for the penis

Massage – exercise for the penis (VFD), designed to improve the characteristics of the. This method of internet arabs, who from generation to generation, from father to son has passed the practical exercise.

As long as it is useful the massage?

From the positive sides of this exercise should emphasize the following:

  1. The growth of the penis (length and girth);
  2. Improve filling of the blood VFD (improve the hardness of erection, read more, see the link);
  3. Overcoming the stagnant processes in the m.a.

The substance of the exercise

The main goal of the massage is to the plenary of the large amount of blood to the penis. Because of the pressure caused can cause minor injuries in the structure m. a. Usually, these injuries heal quickly and this leads to the fact, that in the place of the old tissue that are formed of new, but in larger quantities.

This feature is used for the growth of the penis, the essence of which lies in the super payment from the body of injured tissue.

For example, the action of massage with the goal of increasing the penis can be compared with the development of the muscles: during training muscle fibers injured, and during the holidays in their place are formed other muscle fibers, but it is more than the previous.

The technique of wet massage (pre-lubrication VFD lubrication):

  1. Achieve a degree of erection at 50-75% (best prices, as it the most — traumatic, less — is ineffective);
  2. By bending the thumb and the pointer finger on the ring (handle ok), you have to keep the state as close as possible to the ground?
  3. Shrink your talent and slowly, for 3 seconds, hold commitment to the head VFD, holding the penis parallel to the floor?
  4. Once the commitment is at the base of the head, capture the base of the penis with the other hand handle near heads let;
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 with the other hand.

After performing massage VFD in a state of calm should look no more, it's too big – a sure sign that the massage has passed.

In appearance it's not a difficult exercise, but it will take some time to check up on him. After the massage is useful to perform the exercises in the inguinal muscle.

Increase of temperature

exercises to increase penis

A necessary prerequisite is the previous increase of temperature VFD – minimizes injury, and will prepare the state to exercise. To complete the process of the massage should also be on the planet.

Ways to warm up:

  • Shower?
  • Compress. Make a warm compress on the VFD with a piece of cloth. Maintain the desired temperature of the fabric as the cool down?
  • A container of warm water. Download VFD in a container of warm water – should be warm enough for warm-up and not have to deliver the suffering (very hot).

Temperature increase should last at least 5 minutes. After the warm-up VFD must be soft, loose and long – a sure sign that the increase of the temperature was successful.

The main points of massage

What you first pay attention to in the performance of massage:

  • Symmetrical movement with both hands. Since the performance of exercises requiring alternative working hand, make sure that the handle, the drive and the power was the same for both hands. If it does not comply, can be developed asymmetry of the penis, and the curvature in one of the parts, due to the fact that one of the places it will grow faster?
  • The same pressure all over the shaft of the penis. Many tend to increase the pressure towards the end of the head, which can lead to a result of "baseball bats", when the base of the penis, less authority heads VFD;
  • The duration of the animation. For more good study should adhere to the duration of the opening is not less than 3 seconds?
  • The degree of erection. Watch out for the level of erection was in the area of 50-70%. If the level of erection has increased, take a little break and slept in the desired range. The same applies to a very low level of erection – massage in this situation is ineffective.

Signs of overtraining

After performing massage on the penis may appear red or black spots, bruises from broken capillaries. You will need to take a break from classes until full recovery from injuries.

Deterioration of erection or no morning erection is an indicator of what you will need to take a little break and reduce the intensity of the training.

The degree of erection

The degree of erection affects, which of the options is to work better: at the lower level of erection going study in length, with high – in the region. Initially you should avoid the level of erection above 70%, such as VFD still has not adjusted to the stress and chance of injury.

But after a certain period of time workouts, if your priority is the increase of the perimeter VFD, in this case you will have to rub with the 80-90% of erection.

To such an extent erection to avoid injuries, it is worth to start with easy pressure, gradually, with the next few workouts, just increasing the volume.