The growth of the penis in the house – ways and means

The size of the penis – object alarms for the teenager, but after 20 years, when the body stops to grow, the men are concerned, and a big enough penis to satisfy your beloved. Immediate intervention is only permitted for the reasons. Therefore, dissatisfied may have been a begin to seek other ways. How to raise the bird at home and that to do this, — methods and technologies for the self-elongation many, it is important to get for himself the most suitable.

How to really enlarge your penis at home?

the growth of the penis

On the Internet you can find information about what is real that an increase of up to 5 cm in diameter and length.

The result depends on several factors:

  • Physiological characteristics – if a man is prone to rapid development, and in reproductive organ will grow more important when you use different ways?
  • Persistence – the process of stretching the tissues slow, therefore, you will need to spend time to achieve the effect?
  • Regularity – irrespective of which technique has been selected, we need to resort regularly and procedures do without the passes.

Sometimes it can increase the sexual instrument about 1-2 cm, but this is an important achievement, in addition, not all women are targeted exactly to the size.


For the growth of the penis is useful for special exercises. It is a choice ideal for people with allergies, avoiding the application to the penis of different compositions.

The cut

The easiest way to increase your penis at home – stretch. The penis needs to get behind the head and pulling. It is recommended to perform the procedure at different angles. The power of it is important to increase gradually, to avoid tissue damage.

In the session, stretching should allocate 10-15 minutes, only with this condition can achieve a result.

Pulling sitting

For this exercise you will need to drive his dick on the floor excited state. The essence of the method is that the penis delay down and back, after which the man has set.

This exercise allows you to increase the base of the penis to expand and enhance the size in diameter. The mechanism of action is the increase of the pressure in the cavernous body.


The gymnastic method also requires a imperfect erection. You will need to bend the penis in different directions, listening to your own senses – it is important not to was strong discomfort.

If manipulations cause pain, a similar exercise should be stopped immediately. The next time you want to act-gently, to avoid injury of the tissues.

Spray and gel

The cream, designed for the enlargement of the penis, they allow you to carry out this procedure on your own without harming the body. All the tools are made from organic ingredients, which minimizes the amount of contraindications for men.

The mode of action of drugs are divided into 3 groups:

  • In the long term – require a course of, after which the sexual authority reserves acquired dimensions for everything?
  • Short-term – the effect takes several hours and helps to increase the penis during intimacy;
  • Auxiliary – the use of the hooks the action of other drugs, intended for the change of the length and the thickness of the reproductive principle.

The enlargement of the penis folk remedies

Apart from exercises and innovative natural developments, to increase the member can folk remedies.

In the first place is well-known baking soda, it also helps herbal medicine – tools based on herbs and medicinal plants can be used as an external, and drink infusions and decoctions.


how to enlarge penis

Baking soda sold everywhere, and it's worth a penny, right of ways, such as the use of is not only effective, but also have a serious impact on the budget.

  • Compresses with baking soda. For the preparation you will need to combine baking soda powder with honey and apply all over the length of the penis, avoiding the head?
  • Baths with baking soda solution. With their help, you can improve blood circulation and prevent the development of inflammation. The process is recommended before the sexual act, pre achieve an erection?
  • Soda scrub. It increases the sexual organ and shall exercise the prevention of urological diseases. Manipulations should be carried out only after a hot shower, in the end, it is important to apply a penis moisturizing cream?
  • Massage with the use of soda. First, the state must apply the basic or olive oil, then the baking soda and massage with a soft sponge for 5 minutes. Wait 2 minutes and rinse.

Medicines for oral administration

Certain herbs and spices help to lengthen genitals, if regularly taken in the interior, extracts, tinctures and decoctions:

  • The decoction of wormwood. Within 10 minutes, cooking 5 g of seeds of artemisia, baths with cold water. Wait until the tool is cooled and filtered. Drink 100 ml daily 2 times?
  • Garlic tincture. 250 ml high quality alcohol, insist in 200 g of garlic, pre-crammed in a dense mass. Leave in the linen closed jar for 10 days. Drink in the morning and evening, 25 drops for 3 months?
  • The infusion of thyme. 100 grams of dry herb pour 300 ml of boiling water and wait for it to cool naturally. Skip through cheesecloth and drink after waking up and before bedtime for 120 days.

In external use

Phyto-tools help not only in the use of the indoors, but also when an external application. Known way – use of aloe juice. You will have to squeeze the liquid from the "adult" leaves, cut the root, and rub the juice of the reproductive organ.

The same result requires the tincture of horse chestnut, which can be purchased in a pharmacy or to cook by himself. Aqueous extract from the root of ginseng, ginkgo biloba, and fruit of the hawthorn it is recommended that rubbing the skin of the penis to increase the size.

Other methods

To change the volume and length of the penis is also possible with the use of a water pump, extender, and accessories.

The first way to enlarge the penis on account of his room in the vacuum environment. This activates the blood circulation, the blood flow to the penis, with the result that it changes not only the length but also the diameter. It is important to adjust the level of pressure, to not damage myself too much zeal.

Dilution – a special device, which is mounted on your belt or thigh. The device is listed as an alternative to surgery, not only helps to change the settings, but to eliminate the curvature of the instrument. Fixture must wear many hours of the day, this time body tissue are stretched and begin to multiply, to get rid of the stress. Wearing extender helps to increase the size for everything.

Nozzle choice for men who are required to lengthen the penis during sexual intercourse. Silicone device worn on the phallus, which changes dimensions. In the trade there are several models, allow you to define the settings.

One of the ways to change the length of the penis, using the available tools – suspension of goods. The method is quite controversial, because in an attempt to achieve faster results, men often injure tissue and the cavernous body. The mechanism of action is to prop up the authority weights, under the influence of which a member is extended.

Sometimes men are unhappy is not the overall size of the penis, and to seek to increase the head of the penis. For this there are various exercises, one of which runs as follows:

  • You have to sit on the edge of the chair and widely open your legs?
  • Compress the phallus at the base?
  • Alternatively, hitting them from the hips.

A necessary condition for the lack of pain or discomfort. Change size heads occur due to the solidification.

tools for the growth of the penis

Each person chooses the suitable for this method, when you do this, you have to be completely meet: penis lengthening – the process is time-consuming. To get a stable effect, you have to make efforts and to remember about the regularity of.