Exercises to increase thickness of penis

The problem with the sexual state can touch many representatives of a strong half of mankind. Fatigue, lack of sleep and poor diet, frequent change of partners, the development of diseases and infections can have an impact not only on the health of the body, but can also lead to a delay of development. As a result, the growth of the penis significantly slow, and in some cases and it doesn't stop, which leads to disruption of sexual function and problems of a sexual nature. To strengthen the sexual organ there are many effective methods. Optimal and fully safe way is the exercise to increase the thickness of the penis , which, together with the ultimate harmless, can bring important and long lasting effect.

Why do you have to increase your sexual organ

the growth of the penis

To increase the sexual organ about the size and thickness of it is the desire of many men. Causes for this ambitions can be not only sexual superiority, but also other factors:

  • to give the penis the right anatomical shape?
  • to enhance sexual endurance and boost libido?
  • to achieve the posture and prolonged erection?
  • to increase the duration of the sexual act and to achieve the big orgasm?
  • to enjoy a satisfactory sexual life?
  • forget about age changes and problems with the validity of it?
  • to reduce the time between sex to a minimum.

In spite of the character of desire, whether it's the desire to become the sexual giant or just to keep the health of men, before you take action, better to pass on advice from your doctor, because the use of inappropriate methods and potent drugs can interrupt the function of the body and become the cause of occurrence of diseases and severe abnormalities.

What affects the growth of the penis

Before to proceed to drastic measures, you should be aware of important aspects and habits that have a direct impact on the increase in the length and thickness of the penis and, also, it can prevent you from achieve the desired result. Among these factors effect you can choose:

  • smoking – the nicotine helps to relieve the nerves and the depression, but at the same time negatively affects the proper function and activity of the penis, dampens libido, reduces the production of testosterone, and the speed of the excitability and the duration of an erection?
  • nutrition – poor nutrition, frequent overeating, the small amount of minerals and vitamins leads to a lack of vital substances for the functioning of the reproductive system, as a result, the production of the male hormone decreases, the natural increase of the penis slows down or stops, the impaired blood circulation, there is an erectile problem?
  • diseases – prove that it is in diseases of immune nature, of the endocrine, urinary and nervous system, the functioning of the penis are violated, which affects the future, not only in the slow development, but also for their sexual capabilities, the ability to capture and the quality of sperm and can lead to the development of serious diseases in the future.

Proper diet by adding more healthy ingredients and products for the operation of the institution, as well as the combination of other effective methods can give positive results and help fast enough to recover the healthy development of the penis.

Modern methods of penis enlargement

tools for the growth of the penis

Currently, there are a huge amount of methods that help to speed up the growth of the penis and to achieve visible results for a quite short period of time. All of the methods can be divided into three categories: the just, the pets and radical. In the first category should be referred to the use of various medicines and stimulating drugs, ointments, creams and pills with a different action. In this category belongs to the use of different pumps, devices and tools for the increase of the real growth in penis.

Radical methods to increase the size of the penis relating to implants and functional intervention, which, despite the availability, speed, and the result That will remain for the rest of his life, they can cause serious harm to male health. The result of this kind of surgery can be impotence, contagious infection, infertility and more. Most safe and effective enough pets ways to increase, among which particular attention enjoy comprehensive exercises and massage.

Advantages and feature of the exercise

Exercises and specially designed massage of the penis can stretch the fabric and thus increase the apparatus in size. Usually, such bands exercises are easy to perform and does not take up a lot of time, so can easily be done at home. The use of such techniques in everyday life will help to give you a sexual organ right, the right shape, elasticity and mobility. Another feature of advantage of this mode is the full security, because no one can guarantee when you receive assistance pills and other means. There are many variations specially designed assemblies, daily implementation of which will enhance the circulation of blood to the penis, to make the fabric more elastic, stronger, more powerful. Therefore, all the bands exercises can be divided into the tensile and empowerment. The simplicity, ease of implementation, and only a few minutes a day doing this method of penis enlargement flexible, in addition, by using a specially designed complex can significantly strengthen the walls of the joints, as well as to protect from the development of distortion, disease and other defects.

Exercises for increase of the authority

Currently, there is a huge variety of different exercises to increase your height and stretching of the penis. Most of these stands out for its simplicity and ease of execution, without requiring special effort, others provide for the use of accessories, cream for lubrication, etc.

Here are the most popular exercises to increase the length and thickness of the penis at home:

devices penis enlargement
  • Exercise in the db

    Description: in a sitting position, to relax, to genitals, to the head, pulling back slowly out of himself, within 5-7 seconds, relax and then pull to the right, to relax, to pull to the left, all in the space of 5-6 seconds, pause in the position to draw.

  • Exercise with a towel

    Description: take a small towel, put in warm water, press excess liquid, wrap the towel penis the whole length, leaving the head open, hot carpet body for 7-10 minutes, remove the towel, wipe beginning to sucha.

  • Stretching exercise

    Description: cut in a sitting position, to relax, to perform the exercises you need to achieve the easy erection, and then, genitals, easy movement, you have to pull it down from the buttocks, he said, and sat down on the negative from the top, the exercise will help to increase the internal pressure of the special body, which will help to increase in size.

  • Massage to stimulate growth

    Description: to perform stimulating massage need to use greasy cream for lubrication, you need to achieve the easy erection, sexual organ to get your fingers, mounting base, to start a light move back and forth, when you do this, determine your fingers at the base and at the head of the, that will help in blood circulation and stretching of tissues.

  • Exercises "milking"

    Description: it is made with incomplete erection, not to injure the surface and inside capillary vessels, genitals, fingers, index and the big is placed connected in a ring, covering the upper part of the body, runs slow motion at the spa, in which the toes reach up to the edge of the head, then the hand changes and the exercise is repeated again.

  • Exercises to increase the head

    Description: to enhance and increase the tip of the penis should perform at least 1-2 times / day in the following exercise, the initial sitting position, feet at shoulder width apart, before the execution you need to achieve the 80% erection, then embrace the base of the penis, pull over the head of the authority, to 30-50 a circular motion clockwise, then change hand and repeat the exercise with the movement on the left side, to relax the muscles to perform the exercises using a special cream or lubrication is not necessary.