How to increase the thickness of the penis, don't hurt yourself?

The data is taken from nature, are not always completely satisfied with the person. For men of great importance that the size of the penis. There is a perception that from the thickness and length of the penis depends on the quality of sexual life. For this and many representatives of the strong sex who wish to know, how to increase the thickness of the penis. There are medical, surgical, and manual techniques to change the structure of the body. Each of them has particular characteristics and the list of contraindications. Before you start using one of the ways, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with all the nuances.

Indications for conducting of the procedure

the growth of the penis

Self-assessment of the size of the penis, in most cases, is subjective. Therefore, in case of doubt, you should consult your doctor.

With minor variations enough to take precautionary measures. Which include use of different creams and supplements. In difficult cases, surgery is required.

Indications for the conduct of the procedures for adjusting the volume of the following:

  • resentment of the partners ' intimacy?
  • psychological disorders in the context of the insufficient size of the penis?
  • the delay of physical development?
  • hormonal disorders.

Ways to change the thickness

Way thickening of the penis individually selected. Regardless of which option is enabled, you must comply with the recommendations of the experts. Only then it becomes clear the result.

All possible methods conventionally divided into the following groups:

  • exercises and massage?
  • surgical methods?
  • taking medicines?
  • water pump vacuum.

Surgical methods

Surgery is done in case, if other methods have not brought the desired results. How to increase the diameter of the penis into the details, tell the surgeon.

Secrete various ways for surgical repair of the penis. Each one of these has advantages and disadvantages.


In the process of genitals, to tie in with the introduction of the fatty tissue taken from other areas of the body men. The main advantage of surgery is considered to be low, the chance of rejection of the material.

In most cases, the effect lasts until the end of his life. But over time came tissue can break down. After a while you may need revision surgery.

The process is carried out in several stages:

  1. The preparation includes the delivery of the necessary tests and the passage of various it professionals.
  2. Sampling the cells of the fat from the thigh area and buttocks it?
  3. Cleaning is taken into cells.
  4. Uniform introduction of the cells in the penis.
  5. Wearing a bandage in a period of recovery.

The transplantation of muscle tissue

During the transplant muscular tissue get with the abdominal area corset or armpit. The increase in the volume of the penis is carried out with the method of "sellers" in ready fabrics.

Their fixation is done with the collation of the blood vessels. As a result of the thickness of the body is increased by 3-4 cm

The Technique Of "Feather"

The more difficult the operation becomes for the "feather". This implies a complete separation of the parts of the body for the purpose of implantation between the skeleton by cartilage. This kind of surgery is performed in extreme cases. This is caused by the high probability of complications.

These include the following:

  • training scars?
  • inflammatory process?
  • rejection of foreign tissues;
  • reduction of the sensitivity of the instrument?
  • poor healing of the tissues.

The recovery process after surgery long lasting – about 12 months. For the prevention of inflammation first time to need to take antibiotics. Sexual activity should be limited. When presented with the slightest sign of complications is required to consult with your doctor.

The implantation of the ball

The specific but not the least widespread method for increasing the girth of the male organ is considered the implantation of the ball. It is made from hypoallergenic material. The process allows you to increase the thickness of the penis in specific areas.

Implantation of foreign bodies deals not only a surgeon, but also of experts in the field of body-modifications.

When injected under the skin different materials the man should be aware of the risk of complications. There is the probability of occurrence of inflammation and rejection of the material.

Non-surgical methods

the surgery for increasing the penis

The main advantage bezoperatsionnaya methods thickening of the penis – safety for health and the low probability of complications. As you can build dimensions and to increase the thickness of the penis, the doctor says. He will review your medical history and will choose the most optimal treatment regimen. To take a decision very is not recommended.

Massage and exercises

The aim of the exercise and massage of the penis is the extension mast erection tel. During the stimulation, which increase in size, with a full-service, for the coming blood. The greater capacity of bodies, the greater the thickness of the penis.

The exercise should be carried out in compliance with a special technique. The violation leads to injury of the body. The effectiveness of the exercise depends on the regularity of the training, increasing the penis. The load during exercise over time will increase.

The most common and effective exercises include the following:

  1. You will need as most pull member forward, and then tilt it in different directions. Each and every one of them is stable for 10 seconds.
  2. Tightly holding your fingers at the base of the penis, you will need to proceed to the head and to shrink even more for a few seconds. This exercise is repeated at least 10 times.
  3. Using the index finger and the big toe will need to massage the base of the penis, carefully stretching the skin. Gradually motion are replaced with other.


Dilution is a modern device that is designed to traction of the penis with the use of special cargo. Total duration of wearing the extender is 2 months. Most long-term wearing can damage the health of, as the pressure for the sexual organ.

The process of traction penis increase the elasticity of the tissues and stimulates the growth of cells. When you are organ in erection, the swelling occurs as a result of blood flow.

This helps to increase the volume. An average monthly increase of parameters is 5 ml. After 2 months of wearing the device state is increased by 1 cm, the Maximum possible effect (with the condition prolonged use of extender) – 4 cm.

The efficiency of the process affect the following factors:

  1. Regularity in placement of the device. To achieve the desired result you need to wear on a daily basis.
  2. Hormonal situation. If the problem is caused by lack of testosterone, wearing the extender will be useless.
  3. The initial organization of the authority.
  4. The age of men. In the more mature age to change anatomical data is more difficult than in the young.

Solvents there are a loop, a gap, with the elastic straps and vacuum-adhesive.


Action vacuum pump based on the rotation pressure to the sexual organ. Water pump is a device that consists of a bottle for the penis and couplings for the air supply.

After the placement of the state in kolba becomes a negative pressure, which stimulates the flow of blood to the pelvic organs. Due to this congestion.

As a result of the use eliminate the problems with erection and increases the thickness of the penis. The negative aspects relate to a short period of storage of the result.

When selecting a water pump is recommended to pay attention to that from which it is made. The most appropriate will be allergy-free material. The desire to save money in this case, inappropriate. Details of the apparatus shall be strong and durable in use.

Ointments and creams

The main advantage of creams and ointments for thickening penis – local usage. Active ingredients do not fall within the circulatory system. Therefore, undesirable effects in rare cases.

After the implementation of these instruments, it turns out that it's irritating. Improves blood circulation, helping the blood circulation towards the sexual organ.

As active ingredients acting plant extracts and exotic ingredients. The result of the use of means of the local application is almost instant. The is applied right away before sexual intercourse. State becomes more and more fat, improves your erection and increases stamina men.

Cons creams and ointments involving short result. It's not enough for more than 1-2 days. Before use, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with a list of the contraindications and the possibility of occurrence of side effects. Among them secrete an allergic reaction to the ingredients.

To increase the size of your penis help you comprehensive approach. The result will be more noticeable when combining several methodologies.

Hormonal pills

apparatus for the growth of the penis

The most up-to-date issue of concern to many men – how to increase thickness of the penis with the use of hormonal pills. Their effectiveness is due to its ability to increase the level of testosterone in the body.

The treatment involves manual and surgery impact on the sexual organ. Increase in the volume of the penis happens in a natural way under the influence of the internal procedures of the agency.

The disadvantages of taking hormonal instruments include a high risk for occurrence of adverse symptoms. The incorrect use of the pill leads to unwanted cover hair in the body, the roughness of the voice, and increased irritability.

Before using the tablets you will need to deliver analysis, determines the hormonal status. Taking hormones vindicated only when there is a problem. If the testosterone is normal, the drugs that produce the opposite effect.

Selecting a method for changing the volume of the penis must be based on the complexity of the situation. Is determined individually. With small deviations, it is recommended to resort to the aid of therapeutic creams or ointments. In the case of hormonal disorders is carried out taking tablets. The surgery seems only in severe cases, when other methods are ineffective.