Advice on the state of increase

Nozzle to enlarge the penis is an artificial fixture as a male sexual organ. The men who almost always complex, the size of the penis, turning with a visit to specialty stores sexual species. Thanks to a special arrowhead, sexual life men is going to change for the better – the lady will be responsive feeling state in the region and is experiencing turbulent orgasms, the duration of the sexual act will increase in several times.

Types and use of accessories

the growth of the penis

There are many kinds of baits, mainly concentrated in length and thickness. In addition to this, nozzles for the growth of the penis have different shapes, colors, more speed and spikes, vibration, gives you a particular sensitivity to the genitals of both partners, as well as the type of materials from which they are made. For variety in sexual life loving couple can gain a whole penis, that will brighten their corner.

The head of the penis is very convenient to use – it is worn before sexual intercourse on an erect penis. For the reliability of the mounting is installed a special ring, sometimes included in the package. Appendix in advance carefully washed in hot water using detergent or specialty media for silicone and latex. May be applied to various lubrication and cream, to use condoms.

The advantages and disadvantages

If a man is suffering from a small diameter or small size of penis will help you considerably a different type of accessory, which will relieve you from this problem. Easy-to-use, it allows you to get incredible emotions in the sex, with the right handling long maintained, is available to every man, does not have erectile dysfunction. The disadvantages are the high prices solely κου'φώματα with additional items for anal or other stimuli. Also, nozzle to enlarge penis bringing only temporary, limiting the man's natural dignity, maximum dimensions, when random relationships.

Solvents for the growth of the penis

Most men are ashamed of the sizes of a penis that affects their emotional state. One of the most effective methods to achieve long-awaited results sexually is dilution. Dilution – special penis enlargement device, thanks to which man can achieve improvements in my love life. Long-lasting wearing for a year in six months the device is able to increase the member of 3-4 inches in length, as well as add tangible sizes in diameter. Great popularity has a blank of dilution, which can make use of men of various ages, while I don't feel any discomfort when wearing it. The principle of action of this κου'φώματα is based on the through member for the account of the vacuum. In addition, especially the investigation of doctor-sexologist, it was found that the use of the vacuum solvent is an auxiliary method during impotence and the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men.

Use of extender and the effect

With the help of extender is going on lock manhood in a stretched position for at least 6 hours per day, with breaks every half hour for 20-30 minutes. When you do this, spongy structure of the penis, magazines full of blood, adapted in a such a stretch, that in the future will increase the penis without refunds changes. Solvents are classified mainly into a loop, the middle, and for many uses. Each man chooses the machine for the increase of separately, in accordance with the will. Fastening expander becomes a man with the hands, without the help of unauthorized persons in the home. For starters, you need to put in a "peaceful" state of the bottom plastic platform, after which screwed metal rods (terminals) in accordance with the length of vertical authority. Silicone strap odevaetsya in foam nozzle, fold back the ring, and is inserted into the upper plastic platform (in some species there is the clamping ring), which is then worn the extender. Fastening to the end of the mechanism should not affect the head of the penis too tightly, as this will complicate the flow of blood. After the state placed on the extender for increased, quiet to wear baggy clothes and don't worry that will stand out in the eyes of others.

How to choose κου'φώματα

The men who tried in every way to increase the sexual organ, many times the wrong option and lost a lot of time. However, having experienced in themselves a variety of accessories and facilities to enlarge penis, sex life much improved. Despite the wide range of devices, each of them requires careful study of instructions, and if there were any serious diseases, associated with the internal organs, groin – compulsory advice of a doctor.

We must remember that the artificial bait only increases the effect time, permanent wearing impossible. Fun during the use of the component basically gets a partner, the man only praised the sizes and activity. When you do this, weak erection can spoil the process, therefore, before the implementation of the component for yourself, you will need to correct the situation with the power of. The growth of the penis extender is more effective. The prolonged use of the device ensures the fulfillment of desires – sexual organs, you really is able to grow in size. During the period of wearing the extender can be moved freely on the road, spending time at work. You will need to remove the device before sexual intercourse and before using the toilet, the rest of the time it does not cause discomfort. Thanks to modern technology, men are able to carry out desperate your dreams, to improve their dignity and to show the possibilities in a familiar area.

Surgery for prosthetic the male penis

Prosthetic penis is surgery. Currently, most men who suffer from impotence. Many of them help well-known methods of treatment, in particular, physiotherapy, counseling therapist, different pharmacological treatments, such as viagra. But there are cases, when the treatment does not help, then help, come surgeons.

penis enlargement methods

The doctors together with engineers develop an efficient way, that allows you to get rid of such problems as impotence, is a prosthetic penis. The first hard denture was not very convenient, because the penis all the time was in full erection. Later he managed essentially to perfect this design. The current soft dentures are amenable to management and differ significantly from the hard predecessors.

Denture, consisting of two cylinders, is inserted into cavernous body. Then, lead him into action with the help of water pump, which is located in the scrotum. After surgery required abstinence for 2 months.

Currently, the medicine can help almost all patients, including those who have been so desperate pathology, such as fibrosis. After surgery, prosthetic loss of the ability again returns. Along with this, the male becomes nothing is not limited to sexual potential, given that the intention of gives you the ability to make repeated sexual contacts of any duration.

Penile prosthesis is considered to be the most effective choice of treatment of erectile dysfunction organic type.

To restore the sexual function is possible more than 95% of patients.

To the operation is successful, you must correctly define the indications for a prosthesis. This provides a positive result of the surgery. When you do this, it is important not to forget that the implantation of the prosthesis is the final phase of treatment. If it is a mistake to determine measurements, the result of the operation may be unsuccessful, and the implementation of another alternative method of treatment would be impossible.

Types of intent for the state

Modern version of intentions are distinguished by a high degree of reliability. The most simple is cruel intentions. It is less convenient to use. The design consists of a pair of elastic silicone terminals, which give state of the desired hardness. The intentions do not have parameters peculiar flexible dentures, which can vary by plastic memory and variable hardness. The state is always in a state of input, simulating an erection. The fact that it is particularly difficult as a social and sexual adjustment of men, by creating the conditions for the formation of the complications. However, the intentions of this type have a great advantage — low cost. Until today no such intentions in the medical practically not used.

The next appearance of the denture — plastic. It has two hard roller and has a plastic memory. This allows male only give your penis the desired position. State acquires the more natural feel and keeps the functioning of. Plastic memory of this type intentions is ensured by the metal rod that is installed in the center of the prosthesis.

Inflatable denture. This guy has irregular stiffness and is currently considered the most perfect. Variable hardness provides this continuation of the sexual function, the sexual organ has a good aesthetic appearance after surgery. Another plus I think an air denture is a low probability of education of pressure ulcers, as the pressure in the tissue does not exist. Of all the inflatable dentures preference, as a rule, give ternary models.

Indications for prosthetic

There is a list of items, which the doctor prescribes to patients implantation of the implant into the penis. In these health concern: erectile dysfunction, underdevelopment state, and the inefficiency of the vacuum tools or inadmissibility possible treatment. The implantation of the valve is attributed to patients with endocrine impotence (diabetes mellitus), as well as, and after an unfortunate result of the previous surgery, after operations on the prostate, the intestine or the bladder. Penile prosthesis appoint men with psychogenic erectile dysfunction. This type of disease is considered to be informal, therefore, the diagnosis cannot by itself be the basis for surgical implantation in the patient.

Running the operation of prosthetic penis in patients with the disorder exclusively and only in cases in which mental disorders unable to correct with the use of multiple classes such as types of classical therapy, such as psychotherapy, the use of specific drugs, the use of vacuum devices, special injections of vasoactive media.

Before surgery

>The most frightening complication as a result of this surgery is infection. Than what the human body is implanted foreign object, the procedure must be carried out in conditions of absolute sterility. This is especially true for patients suffering from diabetes mellitus, as they are prone to infections more than the ordinary people. For the preoperative preparation is very important.

Before surgery, the patient will need to monitor the level of sugar in the blood. Also excluded are any symptoms of infections. Must be cured before the surgery. All patients undergoing treatment of antibacterial drugs. Before the start of the operation, it is recommended to use antiseptic soap and water during washing of the penis and scrotum every day before the surgery.

Surgery for prosthetic includes a short period of finding the hospital, to avoid the risk of infection. After the surgery the patient wakes up with the urinary catheter, which is removed immediately after the man can get up and move around. Bandage and the bandage applied to the entire duration of the stay in the hospital. Along with this, it is recommended to use ice packs for 4 days after surgery.

After surgery

the surgery for increasing the penis

After the prosthetic penis, the patient will have to wait a little swelling and bruising in the area of the penis and the scrotum. The doctor prescribes the patient a seven-day course of acceptance of antibacterial drugs and painkillers drugs. After the surgery and prohibited sexual life within 2 months. This is done to fabrics fully recovered. After a week, the patient must come to the clinic, the doctor to check the condition of the seam. To reduce swelling, usually after surgery wear tight-fitting underwear.

Usually, a prosthetic is having a good time, the man starts a new stage in my love life. The degree of satisfaction of the intent of the penis, as a result of penis enlargement surgery is about 95%. The surgery is a very simple process. But, nevertheless, patients should remember that from the experience of the surgeon and choose the hospital depends on a lot of things, since these parameters have a crucial role. Sterility in operating, the presence of in operation once the required equipment and equipment, the qualifications of the doctor and the crew of the factors that allow you to avoid any difficulties that can not be excluded during the intervention. These factors directly affect the outcome and quality of performed surgery.