How to increase thickness of penis – methods of effect on the diameter of the penis

Men are sensitive in terms of the penis and the question about the size of manhood for many representatives of the strong sex is particularly acute. Dissatisfaction with sizes of a penis is often the cause of depression, lower self-esteem and the appearance of erectile dysfunction, caused by psychological problems. There are several techniques, capable to help men and to increase the thickness of the penis.

When you need to think about the size

how to enlarge penis

Often the problem is not there, but the problem is of psychological nature. Failure in the erotic sector to focus on his own state, as in the culprit of all the problems, and already, subconsciously, a man begins to feel diameter and length of the penis is not the appropriate standard.

According to statistics, the average diameter of the penis in an excited state is 4-8 cm and a length of 12-16 cm And only the penis in a state of "alarm" that have a size smaller than 8 cm is considered require correction.

Causes for the formation of micro-penis can be factors such as:

  • stenosis of the foreskin (paraphimosis, ptolemaida);
  • injury in the groin and penis?
  • abnormalities of the endocrine system?
  • hormonal disorders?
  • diseases of the genitourinary system?
  • defects?
  • the curvature of the penis.

How to enlarge penis at home

In the home can increase the thickness of the penis safely, in budget and without resorting to surgery. These options will suit men, with absolutely acceptable dimensions of the manhood, but think about it, that there is no limit to perfection.


Dilution, as promised by the manufacturers, will help you painlessly increase the length and diameter of the penis, to determine the curvature and long to keep the result. This adaptation is not so popular, such as the pump, but it's already full of fans, because of its effectiveness.

Application extender does not cause difficulties:

  • flaccid penis to consolidate the adjustment?
  • using the built-in mechanism, pull a member?
  • keep instrument a few hours in this situation. During this time, stimulated by the formation of new cells, with the result that the sizes of a penis change?
  • about once every 7 days, increase the degree of expansion of the penis.

The first changes you will notice within two weeks, but repeat the process have to no less than 4 weeks.

Exercises and massage

A simple and effective method with a complete lack of negative effects on the body. Prior to the exercise should be simple preparation. Preheat the fabric member, taking a hot bath and to bring the penis up to easy excited state, using a soft sponge. Apply to the genitals, lubrication, and you can proceed to the compound exercises:

  • by making a stroking motion, gradually bring the bird up to the maximum erection?
  • embrace the base of the penis with one hand. The second you put it on the head and gently sip about a minute?
  • pull the head until the advent of pain. After 30 seconds of pressure to stop bleeding, and in 10 seconds, and again to repeat it?
  • to embrace the penis has the same base and catch 10 seconds to feel the pain. Off from side to side and motion with the palm facing up and down. Repeat 10-12 times?
  • to finish the complex easy stroking.

Repeat the lessons every day. This method will help to lengthen the penis, but the diameter is too little, it will grow.

The combination of exercise and massage that are performed daily, leading to expansion of the corpora cavernosa of the organ, and in a moment of excitement, when the state is saturated with blood, it increases the volume of.

The massage is carried out movements, repeating the steps men during masturbation, but by increasing the pressure in the direction of the head, like stretching state.



Of pressure change in the tissue state is valid in this device, such as a water pump vacuum. Used fixture in such cases:

  • the potency of it?
  • congestion in the pelvis and in the body?
  • resentment for the senses during the sexual intercourse.

Member is inserted into the casing of the device and is pumped empty. As a result of low pressure in the pump, improves the circulation of blood principle, that is causing the expansion of the corpora cavernosa and fattening penis. The result, of course, is instantaneous, but the regular use of the device allows you to have persistent effects and enhance the sexual sensation.

Radical ways

Radical methods to force surgery. And if the function allows you to do genital organs, 2-4 cm thicker, choose this way to exclusive cases. In the deposit to obtain access to the surgeon include:

  • age-related changes?
  • injuries
  • defects?
  • syndrome micro-penis.

The surgical method of changing the size of the penis, there are disadvantages:

  • prolonged preparation for the surgery with the collection of the examinations?
  • a long recovery period?
  • difficult technique of correction is?
  • great likelihood of post-operative complications.

The Technique Of "Feather"

The technique "Wing" is considered to be one of the most difficult to fulfil among all the interventions in the penis. This is the implantation of the cartilage between the tissues of the penis. As a result of manipulations carried out by thickening and lengthening the penis without formation of scars and scar, and with a favourable outcome form and the volume is maintained until the end of his life.

But this method plastic member of a high risk of complications:

  • rejection of implantable phase?
  • scars?
  • loss of sensitivity of the instrument?
  • wrong treatment tissues;
  • the development of inflammation?
  • the potency
  • development of gangrene.

Besides, the recovery period may take about a year and in that time, it can manifest pain and discomfort.


The method lies in the fence in the fat cells of the patient and transfer them under the skin of the penis. The undeniable advantage of this method is the minimum the risk of rejection and opportunity at the same time to get rid of the excess fat in problem areas.

Export and transfer of fat cells is done with the help of injections, with the result that the marks and scars after the surgery. As a result of the diameter of the member can be increased up to 15 mm, and aesthetic appearance will delight you.

The implantation of the ball

A large popular way to become a member thicker with a hypoallergenic balls implanted under the skin of the penis. As a result, the procedures are performed with local anesthesia, can increase the volume of the penis at various points. And although the aesthetic appearance is quite doubtful, but the possibility to strengthen the sense of the partner during the sexual intercourse to increase significantly.

It should be borne in mind, that after the implantation of the balls during prolonged sexual intercourse that may injure tissue of the penis, so you will only be limited by some recommended their body postures.

Transplantation of muscle tissue

The method is a little similar with the lipofilling and lies in the increase in the volume of the penis through tissue of the patient. Only in this case it is used the fat, and the fragments of muscular tissue, taken from the area of the armpit or from smooth muscle of the abdominal. Muscle fibers wound around sexual organ in the cavernous body, which allows to increase the thickness of the penis in three see.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts approximately 3 hours.

Unlike lipofilling of the result is maintained until the end of life, but there is this method and a number of disadvantages:

  • prolonged preparation for the surgery?
  • a striking sign at the point of sampling muscle tissue, that will be the least in six months?
  • long-lasting recovery period, occupying about 9 months?
  • high price. This function should, within 2300-4200. so

Placement of the denture

the surgery for increasing the penis

The most drastic method is applied in the case of the combination of the small size of the penis, with a particular impairment. Placement of the denture – a complicated surgery, based on the installation of a special prosthetic penis under the skin of the penis.

The appearance of an organ after the restoration you can't tell from this, but the period of recovery will be time-consuming, and the price is pretty awesome. For dentures you have to cook from 50 to 200 dollars, and the same surgery will cost within 3000 - 3500 thousand dollars.

What a way to favor everyone decides for himself, depending on the complexity of the situation and the financial possibilities, but it should be borne in mind, that any effect on the genitals, it can lead to unpleasant events:

  • appearance of bruises, dark spots and rashes on the skin of the penis?
  • feel the pain of different intensity?
  • bleeding from the beginning?
  • the appearance of cracks and dry skin?
  • erection problems.

So, before you decide to change the size of the penis, you will need to assess the need for such manipulations, all the potential risks and the degree of expected result.