The growth of the penis surgery method

The penis (state) refers to the organs of the genitourinary system. Unlike women, in men of the urethra and the pipeline output seed out of an anatomical hole. The size of the penis depends on the hereditary predisposition, and the individual characteristics of the constitution. In some cases, an increase or decrease of this organ due to genetic abnormalities or hormonal disorders. It so happens that the size of the penis is inside the normal limits, but the man still thinks he is small. This phenomenon occurs quite often. Unfortunately, the 'advertising' of a large sexual organ it has spread throughout the world. It is believed that the size of the penis affect fertility, and the fertility of the man. We should not believe these claims, as well as the data assumptions have no factual basis. Besides lubrication capacity due to the work of the male germ cell (sperm) and hormones regulation, which is carried out thanks to the brain and testicles.

the surgery for increasing the penis

The same penis only serves the flow of the seminal fluid. Another prevalent view is that due to the small size of the penis, a male is not able to deliver partner due to pleasure during the sexual intimacy. For these reasons, many representatives of the strong sex are beginning to be ashamed of. As a result, men think apart from the question of what is a surgical enhancement of the penis. However, we must remember: this operation refers to techniques of surgical treatment. Therefore, you can't change the size of the institution in all, there are no indications for such a procedure.

The growth of the penis surgically?

The men from what they have "small" sexual organ, widespread throughout the world. It probably has something to do with the propaganda of pornography, as well as with a huge amount of information, fill areas of media. In addition, the growth of the penis surgery is currently available in many. Ads similar actions you can see on the Internet, private clinics, etc. unfortunately, some men are too close to perceive these information. As a result, many are beginning to wonder about the size of the penis. However, we must remember that there are anatomical templates for each instrument. Is no exception and the penis.

The average length of the male penis ranges from 12 to 18 to see This "size" is the most common. In addition, a member of which the length of 10-12 cm, can also be attributed to variations rule. Pathology is considered a micro-penis. The length is less than 10 cm in Addition to these settings, it should be taken into account and the width of the (cover) of the body. When micro-penis is at least 8 cm In this case and so you can pass the business – run growth of the penis surgery. Also, this intervention is permissible, provided that the small sizes of the penis (from 10 to 12 cm in length). There are several types of surgery for increasing the penis. Among these are simple surgical procedures, take a few minutes, and challenging.

Why to increase male sexual organ?

To run enlarge penis surgically, you need to have for this deposition. Do this surgery is only an experienced specialist surgeon-urologist. Therefore, before taking the decision to increase the penis enlargement surgery method, you will need to consult a doctor. Most of the doctors carry out similar enterprises believe that the "small" sex organ is more of a psychological problem. This is related to the effect of sexual relations on the self-esteem. Why failed sexual relationships affect the morale of the men is much stronger than the women. As a result, the "small" problem affects many aspects of life the representatives of the strong sex. However, the surgical increase of the member is not permitted to everyone. For carrying out this process, there are a number of indications. Among these are:

  1. Micro-penis. This violation is quite rare. In most cases, is associated with deficiency of hormones of the pituitary gland. You have to remember that measure the length and width of the penis should when erect. When you do this, the person should stand straight. Measured across the surface of the penis from the base to the end of the head. If in addition the small size, there is a disturbance of the operation of the instrument, then the growth of the penis surgery method is essential.
  2. Abnormalities of the authority, and acquired deformities. These include the following situation: sub - and epispadia, trauma of the penis and fibrosis tissue erectile (cavernous) bull.
  3. Involution penis. The situation develops to a large or great age. It is most often associated with obesity, a reduction in the elasticity of the tissue, the muscle tone. In this case, the surgery for increasing the penis is not considered to be a necessity and is carried out only with the desire of the patient.

In some cases, the process is carried out in the absence of listed items. These include, for example, erectile dysfunction, is not easily drug treatment. When you do this, the doctor on their own decision to do surgery or not. This depends on the general condition of the patient, nature of disease of other organs, age, etc.

Penis enlargement method

how to enlarge penis

The growth of the penis surgery is done in various ways. First you need to decide exactly what needed correction. If you need to increase only the length of the penis, then executed the function. This method allows you to "stretch" the instrument to 2-6, refer To this resort only in cases, when the first length of the penis was near the normal, and if the patient has erection problems. The thickness of the penis when it doesn't change.

Also in the relatively safe methods include the implantation of muscle tissue and fat grafting. Both functions have been designed for the fattening of the penis or part of it – heads. The growth of the penis surgically sometimes requires greater efforts of the doctors, and also has some risks. An example is the company "Wing". Under this procedure shall be considered complete separation of heads and the corpora cavernosa. Elongation is achieved by the implantation of the cartilage in a free space. Another way to increase the penis is considered to be the placement of the prosthesis. This method is applied only in cases, when impaired erectile function of the penis.

In which cases resort to surgery?

The growth of the penis surgically is not always welcomed by their urologists. In some cases, doctors advise their patients to try it first in other ways. Because any surgery has its risks. This is especially true of difficult surgical manipulations, such as the addition and the function of "Wing". In those cases, the, when the sexual organ has normal dimensions, and the man, however, requires the increase, you should consult a psychologist. Sometimes this method helps the person to avoid unnecessary steps. The same applies to patients who are in advanced age. In most cases, these people have a variety of related diseases, during which a severe surgery in the body can lead to serious consequences.

Therefore, before a decision is made to increase penis surgically, you need to think well, and to get advice from an experienced specialist. The indications for the intentions used heavy pathology, in which the patient is depressing is not only the size of the penis, and the absence of erection. This surgery is performed in patients with abnormalities of the penis, moved injuries, as well as relatively healthy elderly men.

Another indication is micro-penis. Is surgery, such as surgery, the most widely used. The same is true for fat graftingand of the penis and the transplant of muscle tissue. Of course, these procedures are not recommended to all those who are not happy with the "size". However, the entries in data operations is not so limited.

Penis enlargement method: the function

The operation is performed with the purpose of the elongation of the penis. Recently, the method of wide-spread. This is due to the fact that rarely causes complications, and does not refer to a serious surgical operation, is available in almost every man who has the "small size" of the penis. The procedure is contraindicated to the representatives of the strong sex, suffering from erectile dysfunction. The essence of this surgery is the intersection of a suspensive chords.

If it is to pay attention to the anatomical features of the male reproductive system, you can learn that the part of the penis that is "in reserve". The department is located in the pubic area. "Backup" part is held together by a special. During surgery to the cross. So the instrument increases slightly. Immediately after surgery state is greater by 1-2 cm To achieve a greater increase in the body is determined with the help of a specialist orthopaedic heat extender. You need to wear in a few months. As a result of the tissues of the penis formed adhesive process. This contributes to the elongation of the authority and to secure it. After the formation of adhesions penis grow by 4-6 see.

Thickening of the penis the operation of

In some cases, patients prefer to increase is not the length of the penis, and width. It is believed that they can bring about the desired changes in the sexual sphere. There are 2 ways that contribute to the thickening of the penis. Among these are:

  1. Fat grafting. This method of penis enlargement is the introduction of adipose tissue in the subcutaneous fat. In parallel with this operation is liposuction. The fat is taken from other parts of the body (belly, thighs) and is purified. After this uniformly is administered by injection into the tissue of the penis with the use of a special needle. The result is the growth of the penis by about 1 cm in diameter. The process is not dangerous for the body and does not require long-term recovery. However, the result obtained after fat graftingand, short-lived. Therefore, you will have to repeat this process.
  2. The transplantation of muscle tissue. This function refers to difficult surgical procedures. Fabric for a transplant comes from the armpit fascia or the abdominal wall. Muscle flap "wrapped" around the penis, and then filed vessels. As a result, the body is increased by 3-4 cm in diameter.

Penile prosthesis

"Classical" the growth of the penis surgery method is the intention. This operation is carried out only on strict conditions. Among them is not only a "small size", but also sexual dysfunction. As dentures using cartilage fabric ("Feather") or special elastic materials. The function refers to a difficult surgical operation, therefore contraindicated in people with serious somatic pathologies. Best option is considered to be the implant that is inflatable mechanism. It allows you not only to have a sex life, and self-regulating erection. Unfortunately, to support the implant can not be many. Therefore, the patient is provided the choice of the prosthesis. Currently, the implants are made only of flexible materials.

How to increase penis without surgery?


The growth of the penis without surgery, it is also widely practiced. It is recommended for patients with contraindications for surgery. For this purpose they used special devices menu, and solvents. In the first case, the length of the penis almost does not change, but the penis increases in diameter. Vacuum installation contribute to the change of the circulation of the blood in the corpora cavernosa. To lengthen your penis, it is recommended the use of special security – extender. Thanks to this, the penis is gradually stretched. In order to achieve such a result, it takes about six months. As a result, the length of the penis is increased only by 2-3 cm Therefore, it is recommended to combine this method with surgery.

Growth of the penis: testimonials doctors

Rise of male authority do the doctors-urologists, in some cases, required plastic surgery surgeons. The doctors don't recommend surgical techniques for lengthening or expansion of the penis, if this is not necessary. According to doctors, the operations must be carried out only in accordance with. If the size of the penis a little below normal, the surgeons advise the patient to first try non-surgical methods of penis enlargement. When a saved erection recommended functions such as the operation and fat grafting. In the event that it is necessary, is the installation of the prosthesis. This method has both advantages and disadvantages. The result largely depends on the choice of the implant.

The growth of the penis surgical: reviews patients

Reviews of patients undergoing surgery for increasing the penis, contradictory. To a greater extent men are happy with the result. This is especially true of the prosthesis with the use of a good implant. Also, patients note the elongation of the penis after surgery. Fat grafting and has been established as an effective process. Some men unhappy with the fact that the effect is short-lived. In some cases, after fat graftingand is celebrated on the uneven redistribution of fat tissue into the penis.