To increase Chelan home

It's hard to find a man who will be fully convenient for the size of the penis: someone considers that the instrument is not long enough, someone seems very thin. However, if it's even the same women recognize that the length of the manhood is not significant, then the diameter of the directly affects the level of the senses, taken in the ladies during sex. And because the question, can increase the thickness of the penis, so important for the owners is not very large penises.

Can increase the thickness of the penis

the growth of the penis house

The regular and consistent execution of certain operations may contribute to the increase in the size of the penis in diameter.

Almost all of the techniques are based on the capacity of the tissues of the body is increased by enhancing the flow of blood. In such conditions, the cells start to divide actively, and tissue growth.

However, in order to stimulate the growth of the state, required extra help, a kind of catalyst. In the male body this role has testosterone is the hormone that in addition to the other features is responsible for the formation and development of secondary sexual characteristics.

What are ways to make your penis thicker

Safe increase of the thickness of the penis can be done with multiple methods, but all of them require patience and regularity.

4 the most common fashion to take the fat cock of:

  • water pump vacuum is?
  • dilution is?
  • manual methodology?
  • prompt intervention.

Manual technique

It is characterized by simplicity and lack of any kind of attachments way, helping both in length and in width. The popularity of it is also due to the lack of risk to cause a beginning of the damage.

The essence is to perform various exercises. The biggest benefit it will bring manipulation committed in an erection. In the initial stages, the load should be small, but over time the intensity and complexity of exercise increases.

Like any workout, exercise, the purpose of which is to increase glans of the penis, and a total thickness of, perform, pre-heating of the tissue. The easiest way to do this is – rub the instrument is soaked in hot water sponge.

Before you start, the penis must be lubricate lubricant, to reduce the risk of tissue damage.

Series of actions:

  • The process begins with strokes.
  • With the help of earnings pressure manage .
  • One hand is placed on the base of the penis, the second gently pulled the head. The effect lasts for 1 minute, then gradually reduce the pressure.
  • Keeping the head in the hand, pull until you feel a slight pain, leave in this position for 30 seconds, relax, and relax 10 seconds, repeat again.

A similar device can be found on the shelves of sex-shops. After application water the cavernous body of principle filled with blood, with the result that the increase in the head of the penis.

The disadvantage of this method – transience result. After some time the circulation of blood comes to normal levels, the penis finds the original settings.

However, the continuous use of the device leads to the strengthening and increase the duration of erection, the normalization of the activity. If you apply water regularly, is able to increase the penis size.

Dilution is the device that increases state without pain. Such devices are less common than pump, however it is very effective and, according to manufacturers, is not in a position to cause the beginning of the damage.

The use of the device:

  • State to a state of calmness fixed to the device.
  • Using a special mechanism, pull the body.
  • Leave in this position for a while. Thanks to external effects in the tissues of the body triggers growth of new cells, occurs an increase in the volume and length of the penis.
  • Every week power tension a little increase.

The duration of treatment lasts from several weeks to months, however, the first positive changes can be seen after 14 days.

A definite plus in such a fashion: it has achieved the effect is maintained until the end of his life.


Surgery, with the aim to enlarge the penis in thickness, refers to more serious and complex techniques. To achieve the desired size, using the fatty tissue or part of the muscle belly men. As a result the penis becomes greater than 1-2 cm in volume.

Decision for similar operation difficult: it is in a great reconstructive period, and the risk of complications.

Among the possible consequences:

  • changing the form of the principle?
  • the show hits?
  • loss of sensitivity and pain during erection?
  • necrosis of the transplanted tissue and more.

Learning how to increase the thickness of the penis, and by selecting the appropriate method, you can proceed to the solving of the problem.

However, it is worth remembering that this is not the last role in this process plays the level of testosterone in the body. Low physical activity, poor diet and the mode of the day leads to a significant reduction in the level of the hormone, and to achieve good results in this case, it will be difficult.

Before the start of the course of exercise or the use of special devices, it is recommended to fix the mode of operation and to find time for sports.

ways to increase a member

To increase the size of your penis, you can use some herbal treatments that increase blood flow to the genitals, which contributes to a more full erection. To permanently increase penis in length and width, you will need to change eating habits, exercise and reduce the fat deposition in the abdominal area. It is much easier and safer than surgery, isn't it? Read this article to learn more about how you can increase the size of the penis without the use of medication and business.