How to increase male sexual member

Many believe that the huge male superiority – a key to achieving success in the sexual sphere, which is the guarantor for the pleasure of the partner. They are convinced that the huge penis is the key to a night among the women that in the past choose a companion in size. And forget that so much more tastier for the fairer sex conviction men to himself, the power and at the same time the tenderness of the beloved. If the size of the penis affect male self-confidence, we need to fix this.


the growth of the penis

For lengthening and increasing the volume of the penis, use dilution. There are many in the current time, but thesis work have been one. All the extensions give the permanent set, and can even help to align the penis. Apply dilution 2-3 hours a day for several months. It has a tensile action in the cells of the penis. The result for a long-lasting effect of the outer body forms new cells at the site of application extender. From the fact that the cell has a three-dimensional design, the amount of goes on and on in length and in width. With the regular use of and the courage of the owner extender for the penis is allowed to enlarge your penis by a few inches. And has accomplished all with a positive application remains forever.

Remember that the pharmacological industry in the current time releases all kinds of tablet, biologically intense supplements (BAD), the use of which you can achieve the goal, without resorting to physical effects on the penis. The action of all these substances leads to ascending to the corpus cavernosum penis, with the result that stimulates growth, increases the duration of erection, it provides better control ejaculation. Highly available dietary supplements containing mainly vitamins E and B3, hawthorn, ginseng root extract, seeds of cuscuta, grass gorjanki, the extract and the herb Ginkgo Biloba, fruit, cayenne pepper and other stimulants. The recommended duration of use BAD 4 months and more. Side effects only due to personal intolerance of the drug. They look like the same results have different creams and gels for increasing the size of the penis.

The ineffectiveness of the above money or if you want to receive the maximum result in a relatively short period of time resort to surgical treatment hiccups. The surgery to increase male authority was held in the hospital, usually under here anesthesia. Application of implants is not required. And postoperative scar is not more than 3 cm.

During the intervention are not significantly affected institutions, and the risk of serious complications is minimal. Finally a transaction is permitted to achieve the increase of the length of the penis up to 4 inches. Thickening of the penis surgery is achieved by transplantation of adipose tissue of the patient under the skin of the penis. When you do this, usually, is introduced 200 ml of adipose tissue. Finally achieved a uniform thickening penis.

How to increase male power

In every man's life there may be periods of collapse, during which on the job nothing is the forte, and in the individual life. All of the work solution, and to restore virility permitted in no time. But welcome to begin treatment later, a visit to the doctor, tea is not always the challenge lies in the little things.


The most basic – to protect yourself from the stress. Take sedatives, suit common motherwort on drops or tablets, as well as valerian. Restore the typical integrated sleep at least 7 hours a day. Occasionally, the activity is reduced due to the strong overwork, which introduces all of the biological processes in sleep mode, it will fence an even greater loads.

Pay attention to your diet. Even with the support of joint products are allowed to display male power . Eat such as are often allowed: pumpkin seeds, shrimp, fish, red caviar, meat, eggs, pineapple and dairy products. If you eat a few hours before sex, 100 g of boiled shrimp, potency skyrocket and you won't have to stimulate extra.

Take vitamins with increased table of contents zinc, this not only improves the male sex power , but also the universal condition of the body. You can receive and stimulate an erection of drugs, but be careful, if they give the desired result, but when this is not good, affecting the function of the heart. Less harm are considered to be a tincture of the horns of deer, you can eat the courses, even if you don't dominate is extend years sexy-intense life.

Zeal to lead a regular sexual life. With regular sex in the body is produced by the most enormous male hormones that stimulate the erection. It is not superfluous will be and the prostate massage, which is done through the rectum.

If all else fails, contact the clinic. Low reactivity may indicate hormonal fail. Later donating to the hormones you will be appropriate treatment, often hormonal media containing testosterone. The treatment is effective and a positive result is obtained heavy quickly. Occasionally a reduction of male power is displayed in the background of prostatitis or adenoma, if you take care of in a timely manner for the health, sexual activity managed to keep.

How to enlarge penis at home

how to enlarge penis

In their shops, which is represented by a choice of different accessories and devices for penis enlargement. In order to eliminate the risk of improper application of the product, the packaging directive. There are several ways to increase the penis at home.

1. Pump – is considered a model way to increase, in which the state is placed in the cylinder, what you want to connect to the pump. Formed blank causes the flow of blood to the male genitals. Later this organ sex clamps down with the help of the ring, in order to avoid the reverse flush. It is not recommended the application of ring more than 20 minutes, by the fact that there is a high risk to become tissue necrosis.

Without consultation with an expert similar process is worth it, from the fact that it has a number of different consequences: the lack of an erection, education, abscesses and hematoma, the occurrence of disorders in the function of blood vessels.

2. Exercise – particularly prevalent is considered to be "jelcing". This process is that the head of the penis in the excited state. The duration of the application is 40-60 minutes.

3. Wearing weighting – a special device connected to the sexual organ and to wear throughout the duration of 6-8 hours.

4. Download drug of medications and application of creams. On the basis of these instruments often each are herbs depending on "Viagra". A lot of people, utilizing this way complain about the complete inactivity of similar instruments.

Most men consider the dimensions of the sexual authority small, often every get confused by the fact that the average size of penis stimulation is considered to be 10-15 cm. without a doubt, there are persons of the male sex, of which the size exceeds 20 cm, but this does not mean that everyone must be the same. Therefore, often each desire to increase the penis in many men completely unjustified.

How to increase the size of penis surgical method

In distinction from the many ways to increase penis size at home surgery refers to more effective methods. But during the operation, there is a risk to be impotence. There are two main methods of surgery:

1. The elongation of the penis – male member connected with the body, with the support of the ligaments. It is fully interconnected with the sexual organ, during the tensioning part of the penis hidden inside the body. During the process of surgery strings cut, and tension disappears, as a consequence, what hidden part of the penis looks like from the outside. From the fact that all the fabrics in the body grow, for in order to avoid re-tension male referred to wearing heavy κου'φώματα for six months.

2. Thickening penis, from the primary ways of conducting such transactions was a transplantation of fat tissue from other parts of the human body. But, unfortunately, the results a similar procedure was negative. The transplantation of tissue piled up in a place and state of sweating on the hill. At the current time during the surgery male to set the implant, manufactured from a special fabric.

In some medical institutions, in order by state has become elastic under the skin covers the penis is injected with silicone gel. The gel has quality of it accumulates in one place (traditionally in the area of the head of the penis), and the external appearance of the body deteriorates.

Prior to the decision to perform surgery in order to increase the size of penis, you need to assess all the risks of surgery. From the fact that there is a huge risk to become different undesirable effects, with a head which is worth impotence.

And once again I want to remind you about unfounded in most cases, the dreams increase the size of the penis.

At what age it stops to grow the penis?

penis enlargement methods

On average, the increase in the male member takes about until it reaches seventeen years. Exactly seventeen years, the penis grows to the largest size, and the measurements of the length and then over time it heavy slowly and calmly decline. For the attainment of eighteen years penis is extended (i.e. the diameter increases), and the length is reduced by about half a centimeter.Other sources inform me that the growth of the penis is completed at the end of puberty, so in twenty or twenty-two years.Prologue the stage of adolescence in each person individually, someone starts before (about nine years), one later – fifteen years, the average onset of sexual maturation ranges from twelve to thirteen years old. The sizes of a penis until puberty, changed completely, it's not much.At the onset of puberty, there are signs, such as the development of hair on areas of the face, in the groin and armpits just increases the size of the penis in all directions: both in length and in width? foreskin achieve the ideal to become the skin of the penis and the scrotum becomes rough, and the testicles also slowly, but properly grow the sizes. With fourteen years, the children begins to form male figure, this period ends only for twenty-two years. In sixteen years, children begin to stir wet dreams, that night ejaculation. To become – is the period, in the previous stage ability to play.

It can affect the growth of the penis?

Sometimes the children don't remain unhappy with the fact that he got the award from the nature. Looking for different methods to increase the penis. There are special extensions – so to speak rod, suspended in the state and promote elongation. Men too often leave positive feedback about this simulator. Through independent pull also allowed to enlarge your penis. The growth of penis also affects the hormone, testosterone. Smoking adversely affects the sizes of a penis, also, abuse of smoking in men disrupted the activity, in fact, regardless of how many cigarettes a day is smoking.

Exercises to increase penis

Exercises to, in order to increase the size of the penis, a male can perform independently at home. It is therefore one of the comfortable and effective methods. Are they pulling erect penis. To do this with your fingers in a tight ring fastened to the base of the penis and become impetuous, saturated move forward. To exercises was an effective and non-hazardous, you must follow a few rules:

  • state and hands must be clean?
  • use warm lubrication and creams?
  • advanced preparation in the form of a massage?
  • the regular execution.

In the process of "extrusions" we need to change direction, pulling back the bird up, down and to the side.

Medicines and ointments

If for some indicators of previous methods increase the state is not appropriate, then we must resort to more simple – taking drugs. But, and here are the "pros" and "unlike". Ointment or gel, promising growth of the penis, they have only temporary effect and to operate in a thesis flow of blood to the tissues. This method may come before the sexual intercourse, but in 2 hours, the action of the ointment will be carried out and the penis will come the usual rule.

Some men taking hormonal preparations, with great regular use, help to become hyper-sexual owner of a large penis. But the use of hormones may be dangerous to health.

All of these methods, to a different extent effective, and help the man to feel special, sexy and self-sufficient. Therefore, if there is a hiccup with the size of the penis, you need to try to solve them, with a little time and effort.