How to increase the size of penis

How to increase sexual organ? This question concerns many representatives of the strong gender dimensions of masculinity which are a far cry from perfection. Remember that you really can enlarge your penis by a few inches for your life only help with surgery, however, and at home you can make a size bigger, spending a few minutes in specific exercises, and other techniques.

As increase state: vacuum technique

how to enlarge penis

How to grow your penis? There is a special vacuum method, with which you can cause the flow of blood to the customs authorities and some increase for a while.

To do this, you will need to buy a special vacuum pump (can be manual or electric). With this method of reproductive organ visited in his cell, where there is a negative pressure. Growth rates in this case is up to three inches a year, however, the data on the duration of this phenomenon does not exist.

How to increase a member: medical techniques

And many are wondering how to lengthen the penis with pills and ointments? The method of growth can be called medicine, when you do this, you need to keep in mind that the house with the help of miracle pills will not be able in particular to cultivate the male dignity to life, however some increase due to the blood flow and the increase in the concentration of hormones in the body, you can count.

Now in trade there are a lot of ointments that must be applied to the state for the increase. This method is effective in combination with the massage method. Please note that before applying any ointment recommended to familiarize yourself with the composition to exclude the possibility of an allergic reaction.

It is worth noting that the ointment and suspensions can be both short-and long-acting. In the first case, you can count on a short-term effect (penis to slightly increase in size for two hours). Usually, it is enough for sexual intercourse, so the man can avoid the hassle and tightness, especially if she has a new partner.

The second group of medicines is designed for prolonged effect, in this case, use them every day, and a small a result, you may notice after a few weeks.

There are also drugs in pill form, in composition of which included the hormones. However, taking such medications should be only after an appointment with your doctor, as it may cause many side effects. You can also try and secure organic supplements, in a composition that is composed of herbal ingredients. In most cases, you do not have contraindications and side effects.

Special exercises

To increase sexual organ size, you can with the help of special exercises done on a regular and proper massage. Even with the lack of time, giving exercises for a few minutes a day, you can achieve the result.

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To start, you will need to use the lubricant, thanks to which workout will be more efficient. Then bring genitals in a state of erection. Your goal is to gently stretch the shaft of the penis, and to strengthen the commitment at the base of the penis. When you do this, try to keep the blood circulation in this area. Please note: construction of containment should be such, so as not to experience discomfort. The key to the success of the implementation of these exercises a sufficient amount of lubrication and active commitment. After the workout it is recommended to carefully massage your penis in just a few minutes. These procedures are hot in nature will improve the process of blood circulation.

The growth of the penis at home

the growth of the penis

There are many popular penis enlargement methods, which apply in the house. Apply these methods? Certainly it is difficult to say, however, it can be used in combination with other, more effective approaches. Here is the most safe and useful penis enlargement methods at home:

  1. Stretching of the penis. Before performing the manipulation is recommended to be applied to the sex organ lubricant with warming effect. After this, politely, but strongly, start to move the skin of the penis in direction of by yourself. As a result of regular exercise in the current months are often may increase penis size by a centimeter.
  2. Application of biologically active substances – another popular method of penis enlargement. The composition of these substances consist of natural herbs, therefore, it is absolutely safe to use. You can buy the pills with herbal extract, cayenne pepper, and other auxiliary ingredients that increase blood circulation to sexual organ and increase the volume.
  3. Phyto – it is a simple and popular way. Some recommend regular massage mat body extract of hawthorn or hibiscus, do compresses of tinctures of herbs. The effectiveness of this host there is no doubt, however, contraindications for the drug is not available, except for possible allergic reactions.

There are dangerous homemade methods you can enjoy which is not recommended. This is for various loads, floating in the sexual organ. The bad use of these weighting you can injure the genitals, which will lead to erectile dysfunction and inflammatory processes.

Increase penis size with surgery

If the above methods do not help, the expert can offer to increase the sexual organ by surgery. In this case, the surgeon increases the sexual organ of adaptation perineal section. Sometimes applied to combo mode of operation – initially, the passage of certain ligaments of the penis, then, in the area concerned-worn special dilution, you should wear it regularly to fix the result.

Don't you think that the surgery should be performed on anyone who wishes it. There are certain indications for surgery, among which stand out congenital anomalies of the penis. Besides plastic surgery for increasing penis – it is a costly procedure, which is available, not everyone.

Plastic is quite painful method of correction, which is done under anesthesia. Function in long-term and not very pleasant restoration, in a few months, you should refrain from sexual intercourse. So before deciding on such a radical method, it is recommended to try more of the options available.

So, to enlarge your penis at home, very real, and for that you don't need to resort to surgery, all you need to combine multiple safe for health methods and to not forget about the regularity of exercise.