Really if you can enlarge your penis?

Many believe that the growth of the penis a myth. This is due to the fact that the official medicine does not always recognize are used for this purpose techniques. In addition to rise to doubts that may still and the rarity is the practice, especially in the countries of the former USSR.

Let's see this to the end, this is true or not, and what methods there are.

the growth of the penis

So it is possible to still increase the size of penis?

To us by the authors of the site very often emails with questions, anyway, as regards the increase in the size of the penis. The big question, of course, is: "if you Really is generally to enlarge the penis?".

Ask also about who ways more effective, what can be the side effects and so on. We spend a lot of tips about exactly to select the mode of growth, as this is the first and important step.

In response to the original question, we can say "Yes".

To increase the size of the penis is possible, both in length and in thickness. With regard to the effectiveness and speed of growth, it all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism, and the choice of methods for the increase.

It happens that different men the same funds help in various ways. Also, it is worth remembering that any changes to the body should be approached with the utmost responsibility and seriousness. Now, any way to increase it has not been used, you will need in advance to arm yourself with patience, because to achieve the visible result, it takes time and perseverance.

Basic techniques

Cream, gels, ointments

Designed for application directly to the penis. Most have been in its composition, hormonal connection, as well as the means for increasing the elasticity of the skin. On the effectiveness of gel and creams to enlarge the penis is located in the middle of a controversy, however, most of the comments on these positive.

There are 3 groups of these drugs: a short action, long action and ancillary facilities. The latest need for strengthening the action of other ways, such as the use of extenders or jelqing.


One of the most common methods of penis enlargement, which is known for many centuries. Even the ancient arabs teach their sons jelqing with the age of six years old. Now this method is used all over the world. Its essence lies in the creation of microfractures in the tissue of the penis , followed by sanitatem and accumulation of an additional layer of cells.

exercises for the state

This is always done with the help of easy massage. jelqing it is good that you can use in your house, without large expenditures of time and some special knowledge. Moreover, it is even free.


Exercises for the state affect the production of the function of the body of testosterone, which, in turn, affects the genitals. Mainly, of course, this will help to improve the strength, but anything can happen.

In addition, the penis with good potency appears to be much more. Known exercise to improve the potency is the method of Kegel, which is based on the training of the pubic-coccygeal muscles.


There is an unimaginable amount of massage techniques for penis enlargement, and all are mostly based on stretching and compression of the penis, as well as in anticipation of the blood to tissue erectile bodies to increase the width.

The more massage you have not received such a prevalence, such as jelqing, because it is the source of these massage there are no reliable sources, but a lot of testimonials showing their effectiveness.


This is especially for the devices that are placed on the penis and are held in this for a long time, and to determine in a specific location. The growth of the penis extender is due to κου'φώματα of the body and build a protective layer of cells at the point of external exposure.

On the market today there are a large number of kinds of solvents, and all these can vary such properties as the shape, type of exposure and the duration necessary wearing. It is important to adhere to the rules of operation of each device, and then the visible result can be achieved after a few months of use.

Water pump

It's the rollers that create a vacuum inside of me and put it on the penis. At this time there is the great flow of the blood, which should increase spaciousness mast erection tel. Therefore, the increase happens and in length and in thickness.

water pump for the state

Abuse of use of a water pump is not worth the trouble, or may occur hematoma and other complications. Pressure on the pumps is controlled by a special meter. Water pump immediately give short-term effect, however, for the long-term growth need to use a pump a few months.

Advice on the penis

Honestly, this can only be called a means for penis enlargement. In fact, it's just a patch in the state. Nozzles are used directly during the sexual act, to deliver your partner fun.

Unfortunately, a thick silicone layer fully prevents the pleasurable sensation for the male, as the nozzles do not enjoy great popularity. But they also function as contraceptives, i.e., is not in itself of seminal fluid.

Folk methods

Nowadays rarely used such techniques, but mention it, it's worth it. Folk remedies mostly based on the use of herbs. Use of juices of different herbs before it was quite widespread due to the lack of adequate medicine.

Immediately medicine doesn't prove the effectiveness of herbs in the region of the penis. However, the use of these instruments, such as an infusion of the herb thyme, garlic tincture, decoction of lungwort and other means of folk medicine, obviously, will not harm the male body.

Nothing helps to increase your penis? Pay attention to the growth of the penis folk methods. With their help, you can learn how to make your penis bigger:

  • without ointments?
  • without surgery?
  • no nothing.

And to secure the results — select herbs for penile lengthening.

Special diet

First of all, for the size of the penis affect positively the consumption of food that is rich in vitamins: vegetables and fruits, nuts, ginger, asparagus, greens, as well as products with a high content of protein: cottage cheese, and as much as possible less fatty meats.

Unfortunately, in reality, the use of these products can affect the size of the penis the penis only if the diet was started long before the end of the period of formation of the body, i.e. at least 13-14 years old and up to 25-27. In adult life, eating the "right" foods will affect the sexual function and will help to improve erection and increase libido.

the surgery for increasing the penis


Even the most ardent critics admit that especially surgery can help to enlarge the penis. Today is the most logical and well known way to increase penis in length or thickness, although the results as surgical procedures can hardly be called impressive – the average size, which the doctors will be able to add your penis, is 2.5 cm.

Besides surgery of increase still listed in the experimental stage, so there are rest serious risks of complications. Artificially increased the penis can have a more aesthetic appearance, if the surgeon was not very experienced or not very thorough. In addition, the functions are only apply and are expensive.

Some of these methods warning: incorrect use can damage your penis. You need to consider all of the information for their use, to do no harm to the health.

It's always worth to remember, that the penis – a very delicate and sensitive organ. Any intervention in the physical condition must be well measured and strictly in accordance with the instructions. We need to understand that there are no miracles and growth of the penis is achieved only with the use of the work and the patience or surgery.