How to increase the state teen — advice from experienced men

It's hard enough to be a boy-a teenager. Every thing that adult male it may seem trivial, the child in adolescence seems to be very important. Almost global. For example, the size of the penis in 14 years and how to increase it.

Medical view of sexual development of adolescents

the growth of the penis teen

Most of the parents of our time, watching the growth and development of their sons, they often begin to care about how must be the settings of the penis in boys and in children-adolescents in different periods of ripening. And this is, in fact, is not a lost of interest. The development of sexual characteristics in boys, and the boys must be unified, harmonious and fits with a maturation period of.

Despite the fact that a deviation from generally accepted standards are still permitted, very significant lag or too fast development, it can deliver the problems of future male. Thus, the timely control of the development of the male dignity of teenagers in the future may become the key to a healthy adult life.

The experts of modernity sure that the parental interest in the erotic side questions boys grow up is very important. Because similar care allows you, in advance, to pay attention to potential problems or the beginnings of diseases. And thanks to this to the root of it to stop their growth. And that means – to prevent the appearance of ailments and serious diseases.

But there's the other side of the coin. Some psychologists argue that it is so particular attention to the issue this can cause the boy only bands. For example, the parent rationale for the dimension of the genital organs, such as: "What length is the penis, the child, and how to strengthen it". But for parents there is no information from this field completely is not unnecessary. And even on the contrary – will prove to be very useful.

It is also worth noting, that the violation of reproductive function, is often the cause of poor awareness of the development of the sexual organs. And not only parents but also children. Because absolutely you don't need to panic, if your child suddenly began to express interest in the fact that you have to be a penis in 13 years and how to increase it. The surveillance of the parents for the child's sexual development help you to avoid the hassle in the future.

Psychological aspects of the theme

Female half of the family and, perhaps, classmates can only laugh appearance the child has such an interest. But the fact is that human society itself causes such curiosity. And do as follows:

  • Advertising on tv and on the internet. This may be news on the latest clinical studies, the advertising for the relevant medicines and so on. Such sources can often be affected "standards" of the length of the penis.
  • My friends, the environment. So, for example, surrounded by a teenager to settle terms of that 17 inches and up is the norm. There may be exceptions. And you need to be. But not all people can understand and agree with this.

In each one of the elements of "cause" is the motive of his own. In the first case, it is the care for the health, is designed more for the parents of the child. Why worry about the future of his son, and for the health, and the possibilities to give birth to healthy children.

Because they often can be found in a number of forum topics, to which parents can discuss the sizes of their children. Trying to figure out if this is a cause for concern. But I guess your doctor on this question is unlikely someone will be able to answer.

The second case is banal pride. Big size of the penis is usually associated with men, male power, and at the same time with the ability to draw the attention of as many as possible girls. If you think about it, that analogy was that of the nature.

Proper sexual development

It is well known that the genital organs of the child begin their growth, even in the womb of the mother. And after the birth, the doctor conducts a careful examination, that in advance to warn of all the possible anomalies of the penis. What size should the baby? If we are to believe medical statistics, usually, the length of the penis in a small boy not more than a couples inches. To monitor the status of crumbs in the first years of life are extremely important. If the boy is crying during urination, it's an excuse to go to the hospital.

Some of the kids the sizes of the genital organs care much. But teenagers need to realize that sexual development may be rapid and may occur with some delay. For that reason the penis in eight years, and thirteen years can often remain almost unchanged in length.

Main signs of puberty

how to enlarge penis

The average length of a penis teenage boy directly to the lottery from the only factor. No matter what time they showed up the first omens, a power signal for the fact that he started puberty. Sometimes you can solve a single year.

Teenage features to which attention should be paid, is the following:

  • Apathy or the other way round – increased irritability?
  • Hair in the groin and armpits began to develop more actively?
  • The skin appeared rash and inflammation?
  • Member became larger.

As usual, the boys, puberty begins around twelve years. This is because the child or his parents may be interested in the question of how to increase state in 12 years, and in which cases it should be done. Although sometimes it can be late and to start years ago at the age of fourteen. Year by year the penis to increase by an inch-and-half. But the increase in length and thickness depends not only on the health of the adolescent, but also by genetics.

Pernicious habits affect is not possible even in the body dangerous effect. The smoke can narrow the blood vessels, interfering with brain cells to work normally. And this, therefore, prevents the mental development of the type. And not only. Sexual development also slows down. This is why the teenagers who drink or smoke, can not understand the sixteen years about why dimensions leave much to be desired. Obesity can also cause.

Periods of sexual development

Only such periods of five:

  • Period first. It starts from the moment of birth and continues for about twelve-fourteen years old. Dimensions body are not particularly significant changes. The boy grows, and grows, grows and penis. About before 5 cm, But before the start of the time of maturation this process happens quite slowly. At the age of eight years old must disappear ptolemaida, if it was. If the squelch will not pass the same – please consult your doctor.
  • Period second. Usually the beginning coincides with the beginning of the so-called "transitional" age. The subcutaneous fat is supposed to disappear, and the testes slowly dropping. The pituitary gland begins an active task. Slowly the bird begins to allow size.
  • Period Tuesday. Approximately in the middle of the ripening. The penis begins to become more than one and a half-two centimeters per year. In the groin and armpits, the boy starts to grow hair. This is because of the adjustment of hormonal background.
  • Period fourth. At the age of about fifteen years of member changes, to become not only bigger, but also thicker. About one centimeter.
  • Thursday period. Continues until the start of the seventeen-eighteen years. But often, eventually, sexual development is completed after twenty years, when the reproductive system is fully over the formation and a young man entirely ready to continue the race. State adopts, eventually, the adults sizes.

Further, evidence shall be presented, which set out options state, depending on the age of the child or of the adolescent. It is worth noting that listed the sizes of a penis in a state of calm. To learn the approximate dimensions in erection, we have to add about six inches. And don't forget that these established norms, also, there may be small deviations.

What you need to be a member, to avoid the increase:

  • 6-7 years – 6.1 cm?
  • 7-8 years old – 6.2 cm?
  • 8-11 years – 6.3 cm?
  • 11-12 years 6.4 inches?
  • 12-13 years – 6.5 cm?
  • 13-14 years, 6-7 inches?
  • 14-16 years old – 7-8 inches?
  • 16-18 years old – 8 to 10 inches.

Parents should be wary, if you maturation will come too early, even ten years ago. Or will be delayed, will come later fourteen years. The best solution is to go to the doctor. If the transitional period will not start, as expected, the genitals may not be as it should.

the growth of the penis

Not less important is the parents to fully ensure a relationship of trust with the children. Don't be afraid to proceed with the debate even on such a sensitive issue, as the settings of the penis. The senior should explain to the new generation, that are too tight tight pants or underwear to wear is not worth it. And in the summer even have to wear baggy clothes.

At the beginning of the child's life responsible for the proper development of the external genitalia entirely on the shoulders of the parents. But closer to the beginning of the transition the age of the teenager, you should immediately take care of your sexual health. One of the indicators that can be named exactly the average size of the penis.

What can slow down the normal development of the genital organs

As already described above, the external genital organs are actively developing during the period from twelve to sixteen years of age. Huge difference in this period the importance of the production of testosterone in normal quantity. Just from the amount of this hormone depends on how many inches to you manhood of the adolescent.

Experts recommend to carefully look for any changes in the genitals of the child during this period. Because, if testosterone is not enough, the doctors will be able to fix this by prescribing hormonal medicines. If this problem has been detected in fourteen-fifteen years, to restore the balance of the hormone will not be difficult.

Bad habits – smoking and alcohol – it is also inevitable to lead to suspension or even changes in the process of development and penis enlargement.

To deliver business normal development of the external reproductive organs, the young men are in a position to:

  • Genetics?
  • Disorders in the endocrine system?
  • Pernicious habits?
  • Bad ecology?
  • Failure on the metabolism of hormones background?
  • Injury to the genital organs.

Smoking as a bad habit associated more with the difficulties of the change in the metabolism of hormones background, and with the flow of blood. Cigarette smoke poisons the body, not just the nicotine. All the ingredients in a cigarettes bad effect on the blood vessels, reducing the density and elasticity of the arterial walls. Poor blood flow can lead to reproductive system to slow, or even unnecessary changes in the enlarge penis.

For the diet of children to keep track of no less important. The experts found that the child with excess weight development of the external genital organs and the reproductive system will be much slower. And even to start later than a child of the same age but with normal weight. A healthy diet, in which advantage will be given to vitamins, the elimination of large quantities of sweets and other harmful products will help you to solve this problem. Then the future of men not there is a problem either with the mind, nor with the sexual development.

Interesting fact

In some schools, pupils of 9-11 classes began to issue pamphlets about sexual education. Come to Lithuania in two versions: for children, but for girls. In the first edition concern a lot of young question for the growth of the penis has been answered in the affirmative.

During a short lecture, the simultaneous administration of these booklets, had said about how to enlarge your penis at home. One of the options was a post in the member weights. Because the penis men is a is nothing more than the muscle. This means that, like any other muscle, can train. And, therefore, to do more.

Route it through the warning that the weight weights should not exceed reasonable limits and should not cause discomfort. Otherwise, this whole thing can only cause serious harm. I also have to take into account old study by scientists.

It has been found that fabrics which ensure an increase in the state at any age – is the so-called the cavernous body. I'll spend the blood to the body. Their peculiarity is that the cavernous body, in any case, they don't look like other tissue and muscles of the body nor the creation, nor the basic functionality.

To sum up

There is no reason for concern, if sexual development of the young occurs within the normal range. But observing the rejection of any kind, it will be better to go to the hospital. It is easier to solve any problem, when she was just starting to grow. It is no less important to follow the way of life of chad. Regular physical activity and proper nutrition will help the child to grow a complete healthy man.