Characteristics of the enterprise for the growth of the penis

The size of their penis men depends on many factors, mainly of which is considered to be heredity. The choice of the rule ranges from 12 to 18 cm, But not all men are happy with what they gave nature. In this case, use of any available techniques changes quantities in the reproductive principle.

The surgery of increase of a penis – the most common and effective way to change the situation. Before running is recommended to familiarize yourself with the contraindications and possible complications.


the cost of the penis

For the operation for the growth of the penis a desire for men is not enough. Must pass the inspection the qualified urologist or back, in the context of implementation of which a decision is taken on the dimensions and shape of the penis.

An anomaly that is associated with the lack of length of the instrument, called a micro-penis. Arises as a result of a lack of the pituitary hormones. During the estimation of the parameters of the penis take into account the dimensions of the in erection.

Other indications include:

  • congenital anomalies of the structure of the penis?
  • a malfunction occurred in the context of a specific fibrosis?
  • damage principle?
  • the length of the erect penis is at least 12 cm?
  • the weakness of the sex?
  • the Peyronie's disease, or abnormal curvature of the penis.

Elongation of the authority

The increase in the length of the body that is produced during the surgery. Before operation, be sure to examination by a male dr. This is necessary for the expulsion of contraindications and risk weighting.

Placement of the denture

The result of surgery to increase the penis with the prosthesis depends on the type of implant used. The elongation of the penis in this way is considered to be difficult.

Cruel intentions use in rare cases. Most often inserted inflatable or plastic surgery implants. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia. Denture is inserted through an incision in the area of spongy tel.

Such surgery is carried out only for medical reasons, when immaturity penis accompanied by sexual dysfunction. How much is the operation to increase the penis, depends on the material used, the complexity of the pathology, and other factors. Installation of the prosthesis is not available to everyone.


Surgery begins with the introduction of the anesthetic. When the function is used general anesthesia or spinal anesthesia. The next step came by and hangs a bundle of the penis, which holds the instrument, while the depth of the pelvis.

The desired result of increase is not achieved immediately, but after some period of time. The contributing lessons scriptures use extender during the recovery period.


The procedure for the increase in the volume of the penis is not use less demand. Sometimes it is aligned with plastic surgery for the lengthening of the authority. The method of surgery is chosen based on the desired result. Some treatments give an instant effect, others change the dimensions of the body radically.


The operation starts with the signal of the patient under general anesthesia. Initially, sampling of biomaterial from that area, where more. Then the purification process of the obtained material. The next step is injected in the genitals with the use of a special needle.

The main advantage of the process believe that the use of the biomaterial. Application of artificial implant can cause an allergic reaction to foreign materials.

Introduction gel or silicone implants

the growth of the penis

The process, implying the introduction under the skin, filling of polymer materials, you'll be a temporary effect. The operation is repeated with a frequency of once in six months. This method of surgery is more simple in execution, compared with other techniques.

Hyaluronic acid injections

Hyaluronic acid has taken the spread not only in cosmetology, but also in plastic surgery. The process is quick and without problems. The hyaluronic acid is injected into the sexual organ with the injection. On average, the effect lasts throughout the year.

Muscle transplant

Muscle transplantation is included in the list of microsurgical instruments. The size of the penis changes account flap transplantation, originating from the abdominal wall. Genitals due shall be increased by 4 centimeters in volume. Surgery is performed under general anesthesia.

The preparation stage of

Before the surgery required to pass through preparatory processes. Help to avoid unwanted reactions of the body and to get the most appropriate method of intervention.

The preparation stage includes passage of the following diagnostic procedures:

  • the ultrasound with the device?
  • clinical analysis of blood?
  • research for sexual infections?
  • biochemical analysis of the blood?
  • EKG?
  • examination by specialists narrow profile.

In addition, studies are conducted to exclude the possibility of developing an allergic reaction to anesthesia drugs and materials that make under the skin. Will help you to avoid unforeseen complications during surgery.

2 days before the scheduled date of male you should limit the intake of fluids. Also, it is recommended to refrain from smoking and taking alcoholic drinks.

Postoperative period

After the operation, the patient is in the hospital during the day. The duty of the physician is to explain how to use extender, contributing to the increase of the parameters of state. The device is worn 2 hours a day. In the future, wearing time is increased.

Usually the full recovery of the authority's leaving before 3 weeks. We also need to ensure the cleanliness of the genital organs. It is important to refrain from wearing tight underwear. The pressure of the penis promotes the difference in the seams.

Since the installation of the prosthesis is a different difficulty of conducting the postoperative period of the most long-lasting. During 2 days after the surgery the patient complies with bed rest. Then resolved short ride, the separation of the transfer to the hospital.

In 10 days the physical activity increases. The total duration recovery period is 1 month.

Possible complications

Each type of surgery requires the existence of certain risks. The surgery may involve the development of complications.

These include the following:

  • scars?
  • necrosis of the tissue;
  • bleeding in the area of stapling it?
  • thrombosis?
  • disorder of erectile function;
  • the increase in the temperature of the body?
  • nerve disorders from past experiences?
  • contact infection in the wound?
  • a decrease in the sensitivity of the penis.

Proper operation provides no signs and scarring of the sexual organ. Erectile function in this case is not inhibited. Difficulties in this case, if the operation was carried out by the poor quality.

How much is the operation

How much is the operation to increase the penis, you can learn in the selected medical institution. Pricing policy depends on the prestige, the clinic and the qualifications of their surgeons. Of particular importance has and the type of surgery.

the surgery for increasing the penis

You need to focus on the following elements:

  1. The cost of operation to increase the penis with the implant ranges from 3000 to 4000 thousands of dollars.
  2. Price for the surgery is 200 – 1100 dollars.
  3. When you use the implant with the final cost depends on the material. Surgery can to keep the cost from 700 to 4000 thousands of dollars.
  4. The conduct of the muscle transplant will cost 2500-4000 thousands of dollars.

The surgery is carried out not only in private clinics, but in public medical institutions.