Rise of male authority in soda

Resentment sizes own state, one of the most common problems faced by men. Despite the fact that this issue literally drained by the finger, a lot of men are still looking for an answer to a question, in what way you can increase his dignity. Penis enlargement soda – one of the most safe and effective methods, available even in your home.

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the growth of the penis soda

What is baking soda? It is a white powder with a specific, but not very strong smell, is actively used in the food industry. In addition, it is well-known whitening properties, with the use of, you can eliminate even the most difficult spots, including rust, calc fun and a lot more.

Has a well pronounced effect of the divorce of the blood. This means that with an ordinary baking soda can achieve a significant improvement in the circulation of the blood, since the blood will become more flowing.

Taking into account the fact that the quality of blood flow – a key factor that affects the potency, there is nothing strange in the fact that the increase of the penis with the use of baking soda is real. The essence of the action of the composition lies in the fact, that the free blood in a very greater position to penetrate into the blood vessels and the cavernous body of the penis, it becomes much more difficult. An important advantage of soda is considered that this does not cause the formation of blood clots, which is important for a number of special exercises, with the aim of increasing the size.

By itself that there is a growth of the penis up to that observed in adult tv sizes will not happen. The principle of action of soda in this case, it only causes increase of the hardness of the penis, due to the better quality of blood filling. However, a partial increase in the size of it is still happening, as it increases the potency.

Lately, many experts recommend treatment of problems with the force of a soda. This substance has a tonic, soothing and anti-inflammatory action while stimulating the flow of blood. The first positive impact of baking soda in a sexual system of men appointed by the doctor, known for its developments in the field of treatment of diseases completely unexpected way.

How to enlarge penis with the help of soda

The main method that is actively used is rubbing baking soda on men's genitals. Pre-need to prepare a sensitive instrument in this process. For this purpose you warm up, for example, when you bath or shower.

Quality steaming is characterized by an increase in the softness of the penis and a slight increase in the size of, with complete absence of erection.

Also rises, and the scrotum, however, the cnc processing soda should not.

There are several ways for rubbing the composition into the penis:

  1. Massage with vegetable oil. The male organ (vertical or located in a state) throughout the length lubricated with a thin layer of hot vegetable oil. Over the formed film is applied soda, you need precise movements rub the penis. Not done, until all the ingredients massage dry, and about 4-6 minutes. This will be enough.
  2. Massage with honey. This method will allow you to not only increase the sizes of the male dignity, but also to significantly enhance the sensitivity of the. Unlike the first method, here you have to pre-mix the ingredients for massage, i.e., the same soda and natural honey, in equal proportions. Obtained mass is applied on the entire surface of the penis and is rubbed lightly massage.
  3. Baths – extremely effective and easy way. You need to take a glass of boiled, but only slightly with lukewarm water and dissolve in it one teaspoon of teaspoon of soda. After this the resulting solution falls out of the penis. Most people don't do anything. Receiving basin is recommended for hours, no more than once per day.
  4. Exfoliation – if you rub the penis composition, pre-moisten it with lukewarm water, then the result will be very good. According to some comments on two-three months of hard use of this substance as a scrub length of his penis, managed to increase even few centimeters. The essence of the procedure is that it stimulates blood flow to the male genitals.

The growth of the penis with baking soda can be carried out in conjunction with the use of vacuum salt. The combined action of the blood circulation in the pelvic area will lead to get the maximum possible result.

How effective soda

how to enlarge penis

It has implications not only in the circulation of the blood, and the skin. Consequently, in some cases, the use of the tool for the penis enlargement, can be valid. Generally, it is possible, if:

  • there is an individual intolerance. The body can respond to contact to that of the substance relative allergy. Contrary to popular belief, an allergic reaction in all its manifestations can be extremely dangerous, and even cause serious complications, such as anaphylactic shock, for example. Therefore, you must first make sure that you are not allergic to baking soda?
  • the man has a pathological problems gastrointestinal. Here can be attributed to both very common diseases, such as gastritis, ulcers, decreased or increased acidity of the stomach, Crohn's disease etc. If there is even one of the problems, to enlarge the penis with baking soda you can?
  • diabetes mellitus has a complete negative effect on the whole body. The liquefaction of the blood made sodium bicarbonate, may affect the health status of a diabetic?
  • oncological diseases. The presence of malignant tumors - severe contraindication to the use of soda as a means to increase potency. It is precisely in its ability to liquefy blood.

It is important to realize that the effects of the sodium bicarbonate causes local blood flow. As a result of this state is increased approximately 2-5 mm. However, this result, unfortunately, is quite transient. Already within a few hours, the penis and again you will get the old format, as the irritant action of sodium bicarbonate over. Respectively, the conduct of the procedure should be immediately before sexual intercourse or at least an hour before him.

Even if you rub the penis soda daily during the more extended period of time, the effect of the application will still be short-lived.

Moreover, looking for answer to the question of how to enlarge penis soda, men totally do not worried about the possible consequences. At the same time the uncontrolled application of soda in this form, especially at home, faces several real problems. For example, irritation of the skin. Soda can just to eat the skin, if you rub it every day several times for months or even years. To repair the damaged epithelium will be extremely difficult, and that's not counting the fact that the male has to endure a lot of pain and discomfort.

Alkaline properties of baking soda cause the fact that it is capable to destroy the bacteria and fungi, including related to the under-pathogenic microflora, i.e., such that there is in man always. Destruction of useful flora can lead to a significant reduction of immunity. In this context, the development of pathogenic microorganisms that will cause such unpleasant diseases, such as candidiasis, balanoposthitis or balanitis.

Respectively, use baking soda to increase the penis or not – is a matter purely personal.