Exercises to increase penis

For the male an important role in sexual life is played by two indicators: the power and the size of the penis. If to increase the first, you can apply special pills, then multiply the development of the second drugs is not possible. Therefore, through observations and experience for many decades, have developed specific exercises for increasing the penis, that can efficiently cope with the task.

exercises to increase penis

With the method of the effects of an increase in the male penis can be divided into:

With the mechanisms of the report you can select enlarge penis with the use of:

  • hand?
  • mechanical devices (for example, vacuum pumps);
  • goods.

Thickening of the penis is achieved through the long-term conservation of artificial erection. The lengthening of the penis occurs with a mechanical pulling.

The perfect medium for the growth of male authority are considered to be manual method (with your finger up to three inches in length).

Exercises to increase the penis should be done 15-30 minutes each day. The best time to conduct technical – in the morning and in the evening. It is also important that before the start of the course for the growth of the penis to pass tests and get advice from your doctor.

Every exercise has a level of intensity and load should be taken into account. The transition to a more difficult level should be done gradually and smoothly.

Main indicators of a good outcome of the therapy depends on the following hours:

  • the cleanliness of the penis and to increase the κου'φώματα it?
  • appropriate posture;
  • compliance with the temporary cutbacks?
  • time of the day?
  • the presence of the lubricant in?
  • advanced increase of temperature?
  • no pain?
  • attention.

Compliance with the above features will allow you with success and to achieve long-cherished dream to enlarge your penis .

All teams exercise can be divided into:

Varieties of arrests, which depends on the type of exercise:

Exercises to raise a potency

  1. Standing with your back straight, have alternating knees up towards the belly.
  2. Standing in the tilt legs to intensify and relax the buttocks and the muscles of the perineum in the process I bend the knees.
  3. Pick up the basin, while in the supine position.

Exercises to increase penis length

"Pins" (forced erection)

Treatment penis cream or lubricant should be, with a gradual vertical movements and a gradual increase of speed with two fingers to lead him in a state of erection, before the start of which will have to pinch a bit of the base of the penis.

"Massage" (pulling motion and their variants)

Active stronghold of the penis in non-stimulated and an erection occurs due to the stretching heads. The more elongated penis will need to keep up to 15 seconds. Leaving, repeat the exercise. The number of these "milkings" in five minutes you have to reach 100 times.


You need to slowly stretch not upset and flaccid penis in 15 seconds, 10 times. This "stretching" we need to do in various locations: in the area of the buttocks, the pubis, with twists on the 360, the pendulum, the inner stretching, and double stretching, V-stretching, And stretching, etc.

Exercises to increase thickness of penis

Exercises that are designed to thicken the penis, also, have many levels of severity and divided in the following formats:

Each exercise should start as a warm-up and warm-up, and ends with a massage designed to relax the penis and restore the function of blood vessels. You will need to observe the safety instructions and with the slightest feeling of pain, it's better to end the exercise, to avoid injuries and large loads. After the workout I have to give you penis a rest and to recover.

the growth of the penis

Also to increase the penis using a special weight κου'φώματα, you need to wear up to eight hours a day. However, such methods are more painful and uncomfortable.

By doing these simple exercises every day, can achieve an impressive result: an increase in the size of the penis. corrects visible defects in it, the improvement of the potency and plural.dr. In addition to all of the above, you need to lead a healthy life. This means: to give up bad habits, is fully powered, not supercool, engage in sufficient physical activity, the minimization of the test for the immunity as diseases. All of this will still be a sign of good mood and self-confidence.