Functional ways of penis enlargement at home

How to increase a member in the house? This topical subject of interest to men all over the world. Someone based in pharmaceutical creams and ointments and some prefer surgery, considering that surgery is the best way out of this situation.

But before we get to the action and to make the increase in the size of the penis, it is worth to deal with the conventional indicators: the length and the width.

What is the size of the penis is considered normal

how to enlarge penis

In the 17 years we can say that the penis is fully formed, further growth is negligible. After 18 years, the instrument once it has doubled in size, the length will remain unchanged.

A man's body grows and develops under the influence of the hormone testosterone. But that's what happens in adolescence.

The average or standard size – the concept is quite abstract, it depends on several factors:

  1. The age of men.
  2. Nationality.
  3. The growth and development of muscle mass.

A man at the age of 20-25 years has formed the body, the skeleton of the bone is not growing and is not evolving, the same can be said for a sexual organ. The level of hormones in the body is constant and no effect on the decrease or increase of the penis the testosterone has.

In adolescence, hormone levels are unstable, the skeleton is in the process of forming, and the body is still developing and evolving. And together with it and "manhood".

With the years the situation is changing and already in advanced age men are not as devoted to the sizes. In this period, according to the survey, the penis has undergone some changes. But not up and down. However, such changes will be difficult to call it expressive.

Ethnicity has an effect on the growth and development of the penis. But it should not be considered this factor decisive.

There is a perception that the high and bound men the size of the penis more. Study for this have not been conducted, so as to confirm or deny this information, the science still can not.

The percentage of the size of the penis in men 18 years and older, table:

The average size Large size Below average
15 cm. from 18 see. 11 cf. and less

These indicators relate to, the length of the organ, but also should be taken into account and the width:

The average Below average
12 see. less than 12 cm

To measure the size of the penis is simple: it is erect, using the measuring tape.

Actually increase state

For many people, the normal size of the penis – the concept is very abstract and, despite the high performance, the man may experience problems in relationship with women.

In such a situation and to be "born" with the desire to increase the size of dignity. But really if this is done and what will be the results?

To change the status of your penis help the following methods:

  • Creams and ointments – effectiveness a lot of people questioned, but some men argue that using similar drugs, they were able to achieve good results (gain of 3-5 cm).
  • Another method – the function. Carried out in the clinic and requires some cost of materials.
  • Jelcing – is a technique of performing certain exercises. The technique of coming from the East, requires effort and patience.
  • Exercises for increase of the authority. The most simple is the lesson on the static bike.

To increase the size of the penis may be, but for the beginning you need to find an effective way. Because it's not the fact that the cream, ointment or exercises will bring a specific person for him. Acts have method of trial and error.

Penis enlargement methods

There are several methods, are radically different from each other. But they do require your undivided attention from the side of those who wish to increase the size of the "dignity".

You can start with a massage — this method report is aimed at improving the flow of blood to the tissues. The massage is carried out in several stages, to avoid the stagnation of blood.

The massage should not be the institution itself, and the lower part of the abdomen and the area of the scrotum. Do massage with circular movements, putting the hands on the lower part of the abdomen, smoothly dropping them in the scrotum and sexual organ. The massage will help improve circulation, but to do this you need to do it regularly.

the growth of the penis

Massage technique detailed process description:

  1. It is worth the penis in erection, the execution of movement up and down.
  2. When the erection will come, grab your penis 2 hands at the same time.
  3. Then you have to pull the foreskin to, perform this movement 30 times.
  4. Then go directly to the massage, running his hands the gun, but it was never with discomfort or pain.
  5. Move your hands from the bottom to the top, without touching the foreskin.

The duration of the massage should be 5 to 15 minutes, it is good to do 3 times a week.

Jelcing and principles

The massage has a certain similarity with jelcing, but there are differences. How to perform jelcing and what is the effectiveness of the process?

Jelcing – is a technique associated with the application of tissue injuries. It is easy to cure, but for damages that are formed of fibrous tissue, this increases with more activity, which leads to an increase of the authority in terms of volume and length.

Jelcing a simple exercise:

  • You need to start with heat therapy: it can take a warm shower, or just to make a poultice. Applied to the penis a soft cloth, lightly soaked in warm water.
  • After to bring the body into a state of erection in the 50-70%, embrace it with two fingers, making control OK.
  • Move your fingers not loosening the handle from the axis of the member from the scrotum up to the foreskin. Monitor authority the fingers of the other hand, after the execution of the movement.
  • Exercise is repeated 30 times, the degree of control: average.
  • The process of completing the procedures with heat (shower, compression, etc.).
Jelcing requires persistence and regular exercise. In the opposite case, the result of the process would be questionable.

Penis enlargement exercises

Some exercise will help to improve the circulation of blood in the region of the groin. The length of the organ and activity are improved if:

  1. To get up and back straight, relax your waist, and lift with the turn of each knee, pushing them in the chest, if you allow the stretch. Repeat the exercise 15 to 35 times.
  2. To lie down on his back, tucked under the area of the pelvis pad. Keep your hands along the trunk. Lift your pelvis, forming an angle of 70 degrees. Repeat the exercise up to 50 times.
  3. The stretching, the exercise is carried out on a regular basis. The principle is simple: you just have to keep the foreskin, when the instrument is in idle mode. Duration the procedure takes from 5 to 15 seconds. But when that person needs to experience the pain or discomfort.

The exercise can be combined with moderate exercise, they turn to the workout of the muscles of the pelvis and buttocks.


Water pump – this appendix, helps to enhance blood flow in the body and at the same time to increase the volume. Using a vacuum pump has a number of disadvantages, mainly of whom is considered – stretching of the skin. For this reason, pump be used with caution, not to hurt the body. In addition, the result from the use of the device is temporary and passes quickly.

The suspension load

Exercises to increase the member wear a different character, can be based on install of the loads. The process is carried out with the use of connectors and of the goods.

The essence of the method is to implement the body of the instrument, minor injuries, make fibro – cartilage fabric increased.

How it works the method:

  • the penis wrapped elastic bandage?
  • worn on the head clip?
  • after the connector hanging weights.
This method can cause discomfort, but the effectiveness of a few doubts. Often, the placement of goods is perceived, as an alternative to surgery.


It is an alternative solution to suspension. Dilution bring in 3-4 hours a day, gradually increasing the load and bringing the course of proceedings in 6-8 hours. When you do this, wear a dilution should be 30-90 minutes, increasing the duration of the procedure gradually. The space between "approaches" can be any.

the load for the growth of the penis

Before use must be massage treatments or by heating the penis hot baths. This will increase the efficiency extender. The device you bring in 6-8 months, then it ceases when the desired result will be achieved. The result of the processes is displayed after 4 months.

Medical treatment

Cream, ointment or gel to increase the volume of the penis – is a series of drugs that have different action:

  1. Nourishes the body useful trace elements and vitamins.
  2. Increase the flow of blood to the tissues.
  3. It stimulates the production of testosterone in the body.

Pills and dietary supplements

Drugs have different effectiveness. Similar medications affect not only the growth of the penis, they help:

  1. To increase the duration of the sexual act.
  2. To improve the quality.
  3. Monitor the process of ejaculation.

The drugs are in a long-term basis, most often use them to raise a potency. During the massage, the suspension of the goods, etc medical treatment may be there as a supplement to other procedures.

Advice on the penis

This appendix, is used to increase the length and width of the organ. Nozzle sold in specialty stores, their cost ranges in various media.

The nozzle can make your penis bigger gain in length up to 3.5 cm and width 2,5 see Here it all depends on the fixture. With intense movements of the fixture remain in place, do not require the use of creams or ointments.


The surgery to increase the male dignity is carried out under general anesthesia. The principle of intervention is that the doctors are opening up the eyes of whatever "hiding". In the beginning the doctors do not affect.

Cleanse the skin covers the scrotum, trim them, and there is an increase of your penis. On average, it is possible to achieve good results, the body length is increased by 2-5 cm Procedure involving plastic surgery and is carried out in clinics.

Wanting to make genitals, men more often are resolved in rash acts and willing to go to experiments. But we must not lose vigilance, because taking pills or using a cream that may cope with various consequences. The suspension load, dilution, or the surgery is a personal choice of everyone. But again, it's not worth the health risk, for a questionable result.