The growth of the penis at home

The growth of the penis at home – process, gradually surging in popularity. Most men is getting stronger penis size. Complexes arise captive by tv and in mass information. Almost every man dreams to increase the size of the reproductive principle. To cope with the task will help surgery or conservative action. Penis enlargement is possible at home.


the growth of the penis

Exercise give you muscle definition, not only the body, but also pumped sexual organ. The correct effects on the penis allows you to slightly increase in size.

The benefits of physical exercise:

  • change the thickness of the principle?
  • the increase in the length of it?
  • correction visible flaws?
  • improve potency;
  • increased libido.

To improve the efficiency, experts recommend to stick with the basics of proper nutrition, exercise and reduce the consumption of relaxation as you enjoy a frozen product.

There are a number of exercises, with the aim of thickening and lengthening penis: jelcing, curves and circles.


Jelcing – a new technique, which is based on the stimulation tide of blood to sexual organ. The systematic execution of a thicken state, and increases in length. Jelcing done in several stages:

  • the penis coming from the base?
  • his hand slowly rises to the head, when you do this, you run this?
  • the penis coming from the base, and slowly start up?
  • the alternative change of the limbs allows you right affect on reproductive organ?
  • the exercise is repeated several times.

Important: it is not recommended to apply excessive effort. This action is a dangerous development of cracking.


Curves imply circular motion diagonally. Beginning of the report is similar massage: the hand gently bows the head of the penis, and the organ to bend. In this position you must hold 20-30 seconds. Strong pressure is excluded, there is a high likelihood of mechanical failure.


Circular – the best way to increase the settings of the instrument. At the base of the cycle is a series of exercises performed on a specific algorithm. The example of the report:

  • 50 stretch marks?
  • 5 rotating sprains?
  • 10 double stretch marks?
  • 1 approach the basic stretch marks.

Cycles of able to differ, depending on the final result.

Important: the exercise begins with a warm-up, after the completion of a male performing massage movements. This action aims at the prevention of mechanical damage and storage of the result.

The man has to observe the safety instructions. Increase of the authority – it is a long process, excessive exposure is fraught with serious injuries.

With the completion of the exercise the penis needs to relax, sex should be postponed for a few hours.

The stretch

The muscles of the penis need proper stretching. For the purpose of this instrument take down the head and pulled gently from yourself. Exercise of this right affects the strings, promoting their development. Regular stretching increases the length.


Jelcing or milking, customized exercise, which allows you to take body. For this purpose, the penis is stretched up to the highest possible status for 15 seconds. For a start it is enough 20 extrusions, the maximum amount – 100.

The circulation of the blood

The correct circulation of blood to the organs of the pelvis bridges stationary processes and helps to increase the volume of the penis. For the tide of blood, you must be running regularly massage. Gentle circular movements improve blood circulation and beneficial for the dimensions of the penis. Repeat the energy you need to is 30 times.

The penis coming from the base, and is suddenly released. This action will allow the blood to leave the needless. If you are experiencing pain you need to review the correctness of the technology.

Kegel Exercises

how to increase a member's home

The exercises aim to achieve a forced erection. For this purpose, the penis is lubrication, massage body vertically mounted drives continuous character. Gradually increasing the intensity, before the appearance of erection. Before full arousal, the beginning several times shrink the head.

Preparation of the penis in the process

The growth of the penis begins with the preparatory procedures. The body needs a preliminary concert. Before each band has to get a towel dipped in hot water and apply it on the abdomen. This action enhances blood flow and is characterized by a relaxing property.

After exposure to the stomach, the towel moves to the penis, for about 5 minutes. Suitable temperature rise, ready instrument in the dynamic loads and increases the flow of blood.

For the purpose of warming-up and increase the elasticity using the salt. Crystals are placed in the fabric pocket and things the penis. No salt easily filled with damp sponge or cloth, which accompanies the instrument.

Important: all exercises conducted are not fully agitated state. The instrument must be excited for the 60%. To minimize friction, in addition to used a lubricant. The exercises are possible only after the warm-up.

Technical stretch

The method of stretching is based on the muscular work in the body. For penis enlargement you need to follow algorithm:

  • embrace the head?
  • pull it in the direction of the body?
  • it locks in the extended position for 5 seconds?
  • pull to the right, until mild pain?
  • to return to the original position?
  • pull it to the left, stay for 5 seconds?
  • to return to the original position?
  • pull it down, stay for 5 seconds?
  • to return to the original position?
  • pull it down, stay for 5 seconds.

The regular and proper stretching, affect cavernous body within the institution, contributing to the increase of the length. During the procedure, the penis is in a relaxed state. When taking of the head, the foreskin is neatly delay. The exercise is performed in a sitting position.

Circular cut

The penis stretched forward for 5 seconds and over, when this person performs a clockwise circular motion. A similar action is repeated for each side. A regular stretch 25 approaches increases the dimensions of the instrument.

Important: after stretching the body takes on a light shaking. This action and normalizes blood circulation.

The cut sits

The exercise is conducted in an excited state, the level of erection should not exceed 40%. The penis soft delay to the buttocks and a man sitting in it. The technique increases the pressure in the interior of the cavernous body. The correct exposure is changing the dimensions of the reproductive principle.


The penis should be completely at rest. The head has been taken with the help of a large and index finger. Monitor, the more stretched the body for no more than 7 seconds. Simultaneously with this action you will need to smash the base with a slow performance hands from the bottom to the top. The exercise is repeated not over 10 times.

Nutrition for the growth of the penis

It is worth noting, however, exactly the right diet contributes to the increase of the principle in size. Certain foods increase the circulation of the blood, which leads to a change in the phallus volume. To eliminate the harmful products can be at any age. Restrictions in this matter does not exist.

For the natural increase of the principle, experts recommend to be consumed:

  • Vitamins. Balanced complexes is beneficial to the human body, strengthening the protective functions. For replenishment of the deficit of useful components you'll need to eat greens. Contains in its composition, folic acid, vitamin c and copper. Without these components can not be normal functioning of organs and systems. Doctors recommend to include in your daily diet with vegetables, fruits and nuts. For the younger of the body that required cherry. The berry contains an active ingredient anthocyanin, regulate blood circulation, positively affect the erectile function.
  • Foods rich in protein content. For increasing the penis in size and support the immune system, it is appropriate to eat meat low-fat varieties.
  • Fishery products. It is rich in phosphorus content, this ingredient helps to increase your penis in length. The seafood must be put in the daily diet of man. Optional accessories fishing products is the omega-3 acids, which support the development of the organism and contains fatty fish.
  • Sunflower seeds. At their core they contain arginine. It is an amino acid, responsible for the development of organs and systems, including the penis.
  • Garlic. Lovers dashing of spices proud for the stand erection and imposing sizes of the phallus. Garlic contains the ingredient allicin. Is responsible for the energy reserves of the body and contributes to the overclocking of blood.
  • Green apples. The fruit is ideal for increasing the size of the penis. On this basis, containing useful components, adjustable development of the reproductive system. The consumption of apples can improve immunity.
  • Dairy products. To increase the size of the penis it is advisable to consume yogurt, kefir and cheese a weight.

Diet men need to be a full and varied. In addition should be consumption. A sufficient amount of liquid increases the elasticity of the tissues, helping in the process of stretching the body.

Use of folk remedies

the growth of the penis at home

Good results shows phytotherapy. Application of therapeutic herbs helps without harm for health to increase the size of the reproductive principle. Yourself to use medicinal plants is not recommended. Before use, it is advisable to consult your doctor.

According to experts, the beneficial effect on the reproductive system has:

  • decoction on the basis of the flowers and leaves of hawthorn. The use of the plant helps in improving the blood circulation and increases the flow of blood?
  • decoction on the basis of the fruit trees. The berry contains vitamin C. Ascorbic acid stimulates the blood circulation and the microcirculation in the pelvic organs;
  • the root of ginseng. Under the influence of a presented component, it increases the potency and increases sexual libido. Regular consumption of beverages with a basis of ginseng has a beneficial effect on the general condition of the body and strengthens the protective functions.

In the use of traditional medicine should be careful. The correct exposure to medicinal herbs helps to improve metabolism and stimulate blood circulation. Rush in the beginning, it increases the power.

Important: people's medical practice does not cause adverse reactions. But to use it you must be with caution and only after consultation with a specialist. Non-conventional methods — complementary therapy. Therapeutic is not.

In the reproductive authority of men are able to grow to 25 years of age, is a normal process. To increase the size by means of folk medicine, physical activity and specific stimulation of drugs. The result of the procedures temporary. Basically change the size of the institution will not only help surgery. Experts do not recommend to resort to radical methods. Finally, the size of the penis does not affect the quality of sexual relations.