How you can increase state at home

Holders of the standard size of the penis is not always satisfied with the dignity. Wanting to add some of my favorite cm, ready to experience for yourself a lot of options, such as increasing the manhood in the home, the use of surgery, other methods. Any way I used the male, the main thing that he finds his confidence and is ready to conquer new peaks.

Of course the data

the growth of the penis house

The views on the state what length is the norm, deviate. Deviation it is considered that the size of the erect penis at least 8 inches to Decide if is my penis a big enough size or not, can only be the man, based on your own preferences, the wishes of the sex partner. The degree of pleasure during sexual intercourse does not depend on the length and diameter of the penis, so that considered a woman to reach orgasm requires a big cock, incorrectly. Those who wish to know how you can increase the manhood, it is useful to familiarize yourself with the information, says statistics.

An increase in the reproductive principle maybe if there is patience, desire and regular exercise, if we don't talk about the business. Before making a decision, it's a male it's worth to measure your penis and compare it with the standards laid down by the europeans.

  • Length: 12-16 cm;
  • Diameter 3-4 see.

It enters below standard vertical state do not need a raise. The problem is caused by internal clusters, the uncertainty in itself, is not a normal character, it is treated by access to a specialist in the field of psychology.

To enlarge penis at home with a variety of ways, a combination that will give you a faster, quality results. For example, combining cosmetics with massage, water pumps with various devices.

Useful exercises

From the ancient of the wise men of designed services activities, contribute to the increase of the reproductive principle. Methodology called jelcing. Technique was used by the inhabitants in countries such as India, Greece, Egypt. African nations enjoy the ancient knowledge, found documentary proof.

Jelcing – a special massage, in line with the action with the massage cattle.

Affects the results are the representatives of male gender, perform actions correctly. Learn the technique, you can video-lessons, and don't forget to buy ointment, gel to facilitate sliding during the process. The overall basis for most massage techniques for the growth of the penis is in the preparation of the penis. Situation state to an excited state does not exceed 70%.

Completely erect penis will not enable you to perform the massage, there will be unpleasant, painful sensations, discomfort.

Manual impact on the body causes a rush of blood, with a maximum erection volume greatly increased, from which will arise the pain. Partial filling of the penis with blood enables blood calves deliver gradually, stretching the cavernous body, of which consists the penis. Regular exercise will ensure that during the subsequent erection of a large capacity of the blood, which will help increase the size of the institution. The first changes are noticeable after two months of ongoing activities.

Massage for the growth of the penis

Bone method, which is used in the home, does not require a financial investment, it's effective. Is massage of the penis by using the creams or ointments, special gels that increase the volume and length of the penis. Massage extends to reproductive organ, making it thicker, improves erection, duration, increases the sex drive.

The man's penis requires a sensitive approach and treatment. The completeness, the reverential attitude towards all tissues of the body – the key to the correct massage and lack of injuries.

Before we move on to massage, genitals, warm-up, using a warm towel, or adopt a bath. Sexual system will improve the work on account of blood flow in the pelvic area and penis. Of the housing, the cavernous body easier will fall into the stretch. Massage steps apply to the troubled institution or when at rest. Test different techniques, it's a male, it will be easier to decide on the choice most appropriate and effective.

The cut weights

The suspension of heavy objects with the sexual organ – even an ancient way, increases the size of the penis. It is considered one of the traumatic techniques, capable of causing injury to the scrotum, a member. Less fashion it is thanks to him that the penis becomes larger, but the width remains the same. How, exactly, is hard to say, how to raise the length depends on the time of the course, regularity.

tools for the growth of the penis

Before you proceed with the stretching, body heat, such as when massage procedures. To not rub on the housing, the head stuck to a piece of band-aid, which sets out ring lace, and on the other hand wear plumb. Starting with a small weight, and at the first sign of numbness process stopped. The weight and the period of operation increases gradually, if not felt discomfort.


The device has been allocated for the provision of sexual body the desired shape, elongation, thickening of the penis. The tissues begin to grow more quickly under the effect of stretch marks. The device has a long-term effect, the result remains for a long time or forever. Classes run several hours every day.


The unit operates in accordance with the principle of the pump. Use of water pump increases sexual desire, increases the penis, improves the activity. With the lack of density, elasticity principle, a man can benefit from a fanfare, to achieve the full prolonged erection.

Water pump combine with creams and other home media, they turn to the growth of the penis. The penis dipped in a bottle, deflate air, appears pressure, enhancing the flow of blood, improve the basis of the principle – the cavernous body. A disadvantage of the method is the temporary effect, therefore, the device preferably immediately before sexual intercourse.


Simple and quick selection of penis enlargement – the use of special tools. The tool elongates the body, adding a fortress, the thickness, and improves erection. Divided into two groups:

  • Closed?
  • Open.

Most suitable is considered to be closed, made of latex or silicone, is to create a sense of comfort, softness, safe and imperceptible. The popular and the second option is open. Both are in a position to increase the length of the body up to 10 cm, but according to statistics, men receive the nozzle from 3 to 6 inches, Thanks to the device penis becomes less sensitive, which increases the duration of erection, sexual intercourse.

Cosmetic products

Spray, cream, ointment or gel have been positive and negative comments. The ads and the ads claim that it is in a reproductive organ, it will be immediately increased a few inches. As shown by the data, the instruments do not have a strong effect, used, in conjunction with more effective methods. Cosmetics add to the sexual libido, strengthen erections, increases the penis for a few hours, but no more.


It is known that one of the participants of tv show "House 2" Vlad lay down under a scalpel of the surgeon to increase the size of the penis. He needed a young man or not in operation, how many he won cm, remains unknown, but one thing is clear – it feels more self-confident, to be happy and in a good mood.

The average value, enlarge penis surgery, it is equal to 3-5 cm

Male show the video of such an act, looking is not aesthetically pleasing, with a painful recovery period. A man assesses the situation, often with flimsy issues and changes the decision.

how to enlarge penis

Testimony to the appointment of surgery:

  • Congenital anomalies (hypospadias, epispadia). Damage resulting from mechanical in?
  • A small penis. The size of the institution, don't have sex. Occurs due to endocrine changes in the body of the boy, when it grows and grows. Function in the presence of the syndrome is unavoidable?
  • Changes associated with age. Gradual regeneration of the tissues of the body, caused by reduced flexibility, obesity and the way.

Genitals, without defects, just doesn't fit in the "standard dimensions", we should not expose the transactions.

Aesthetic imperfections are corrected from a psychological point of view, together with a special and loving woman. Normal operation, the possibility of replication principle of small size are not reasons for surgery.

When required increase in the penis? According to medical reasons – in the case of, if the length is so small that it brings severe physiological problems. In act to increase the state wants every man, regardless of how generous was the nature. But what should be expected after the application of every one of your options – try to figure out.

General data

Statistics that shows that the majority of men penis size in erection does not exceed 9.5–14 see Phallus that lasted less low index called a small sexual member, and if the size is not larger than 2 cm – small penis. Experts explain that the growth of the penis will be made only on the last two cases, a small organ is not touched by a male pride, and gave complexity in physiological processes.

There are many ways – such as the action, so extreme, and sometimes just dangerous, proving once again the weaknesses of the male reproductive system, of course, in their own view. What I don't receive the representatives of the strong sex: administered by injection into the penis oil, stitched solid objects into the skin, pumped gel – popular ways of penis enlargement is truly unlimited and only confirm the latitude of male resentment. And it doesn't matter what size, "native", at any one time in his life he wanted to increase the length, thickness and width of the phallus. Often, after similar experiments doctors remains only to play the hands and to correct for the effects of the increase.

  1. The visual appeal. It is extremely doubtful, as well as in reproductive organ is not acceptable on the catwalk.
  2. For a real improvement of the quality of the sex. A controversial matter – the quality does not depend on the size and how phallus suitable particular trick.
  3. The increase of self-esteem.

The comments of the doctors on the growth of the penis contain specific information, running in contrast with the conventional pop bases. Every expert will tell you that it is important is not so much the size of the penis, how much capacity right to use it.

Options for some

So, as you can raise the bird at home? For starters, you need to understand that techniques that are used in the home, it will help to increase the penis in a lot of cm, in fact, all these methods only help you to believe male, that the state has increased. But in fact, the size remains almost the same.

Even surgery to increase the state's not going to bring favorite 4-7 more inches, it's impossible, although with the presence of the small penis surgery will help you to solve a lot of anatomical and physiological discomfort.

Overall all of the methods for increasing the penis can be divided into three options:

  • Surgical. Cannot be attributed to techniques that can be applied at home.
  • The non-surgical. Can be used at home, testimonials show that the actual increase achieved by the natural reaction of tissues to the application of high power.
  • Combo. The surgery is used in the first stage, and then in the house, used dilution.
the growth of the penis

At home, you can use many different methods, but I don't think that all of the methods act in the house quickly and will increase the penis in an extremely short period of time. If in advertising of any means to stand a minimum period of time (1-2 weeks), self – deception, reviews from those who took advantage of the recommendations of the special home, growth of the phallus, indicate: the process of growth intended for months.

All the real options

The first thing you pay attention to men who wish to acquire the house, big-dick cream for penis enlargement. But how many inches can increase the phallus in this way than ointment (cream) is different from other ways?

  • External tools.

Ointment (cream, oil, gel) deserved popularity due to the ease of use, minimum side effects and the possibilities of even the great family to remain incognito. For example, Titanium gel is applied directly to the penis, has virtually no side effects, no allergies, and, if we analyze the comments, very effective.

All external medications are separated into three types:

  1. Ointment (cream) for a brief report. Causes a strong flow of blood in a short time period, convenient to use immediately before sexual intercourse, operate the tool only for a few hours. With the completion of the action, the blood flow decreases and the penis returns to the natural situation.
  2. Long-term effect. In this scenario, spray for penis enlargement or ointment you use it regularly for a long period of time. The user reviews indicate that the drugs should be valid for at least 2-4 months, but the result is worth it.
  3. External medicines accessories steps. The same is the penis does not increase, however, in combination with fanfare or extender show good results.