How to enlarge penis using baking soda: ways of implementation

The male member continues to grow until about 20 years ago. However, this fact does not prevent the older men to try to extend the dignity by using a variety of means, after the dimensions of the penis often (but not always) depends on the quality of sexual life partners. What are the tools for the growth of the phallus, is considered to be the most effective and really increase the state of baking soda?

how to increase the member soda

How to increase a member in the house?

In an attempt to change the size of the dignity of men use different methods — ranging from medical (use of gels, oils, pills, injections and so on.) until folk (cooking different broths, eat certain foods, etc.). It is difficult to say what exactly can be a hundred percent to help a particular male to a particular situation. However, among fans of the natural treatment, there is the perception of a healthy effects of soda on matters of penis enlargement in the house.

In the note. Before you begin the baking soda therapy, you will have to pass a careful examination and to enlist the help of a doctor. The expert will be required to reveal any tendency of men to allergic reactions and other factors that may cause side effects after the use of sodium bicarbonate.

The principle of action of soda

Few are not familiar with soda — in the usual white powder, with a peculiar smell, and which is used in the food industry. Is not less well-known whitening properties of soda — is able to quickly cope even with the spots that are hard to appear.

But not everyone knows that the soda has a strong effect, so that the buyers thin the blood. In other words, the simple white food powder greatly helps to enhance the circulation of blood, making it more current. This property helps the men during the execution of specific exercises for penis enlargement. In the process of such workouts more blood to penetrate in all parts, including the penis, as an instrument that contributes to development.

How effective soda?

So, soda is useful because of its blood thinning properties. An additional advantage is that this tool does not cause thrombosis, which is often the result of the exercise for increase of penis.

Of course, we expect from the ordinary soda, the global growth of the penis with the size of the 'trappings' of the actors kind of "for adults" should not be.

The action of the soda in this particular case is only limited by increasing the hardness of the penis with the full filling with blood. But a certain increase in all the sizes same with the increase of potency.

Ways to increase penis with baking soda

It is considered that the increase of the penis with a soda — one of the most simple and at the same time safe methods of increasing the size of the penis in men.

In addition, the method is distinguished for its accessibility. It's a lot of recipes application soda for penis enlargement.

how to increase the state of soda in the
  1. Soda basin. For cooking, you will need to dissolve a teaspoon of salt in a glass of warm water. The liquid volume may be increased depending on the size of the container, which will make the process. The solution is poured into the vessel, and from there, descends to genitals of men. State keep in the solution for about 15 minutes. Effectively implement such a tool is approximately one hour before the intimacy. After such a procedure, men, often you will notice an increase in the elasticity of the penis and increase the height.
  2. Scrub. It is considered very effective and easy-to-use tool, but in the course of implementation should be smooth. In pre-soaked with warm water state, applies a little soda powder. Will be gradually rubbed into the skin, avoiding sudden movements, as the skin in this area is very delicate and sensitive.

This method is extremely effective, but their use should be carefully.

This scrub has effective effect for the account of the tide of blood, resulting rubbing. As a result, the state begins to grow and erectum.

Advice. In the event that after the procedure a man takes note of irritation in the region of the penis, by applying a baking soda scrub should be abandoned.

Is not less efficiency has a soda-honey scrub. For the baking soda and honey taken in equal quantities. The resulting mixture was evenly distributed in state massage. The tool should be left on the surface of the male organ for a while, This will ensure the absorption liquet composition. After a while, the mixture comes out with the penis with lukewarm water. Honey, included in the composition of the product, includes a lot of useful substances and has disinfecting and nourish steps. For this reason, it helps fight infections in the body or damage to the skin and internal tissue. Many men noted the elongation of the penis to sizes with the day to day running of this process.

  1. Compresses with baking soda. One of the most simple methods of penis enlargement. The proportions of water and soda to them the same as for bath with baking soda — a glass of warm water and a teaspoon of powder. In the solution soaked gauze bandage following things to the penis. Keep this lotion should be no more than 20 minutes (again, taking account of the tenderness of delicate skin in this area). Advice. Should not be used soda compresses to the erectum state.
  2. Soda + oil. Application of soda to increase the male organ also requires the application of the recipe-the combination with vegetable oils. Member are lubricated with oil on the whole length, and then over it apply a small amount of soda. This process should also be done with the utmost care.
In the note. Some men also constitute to eat the soda with the milk. It is believed that this drink will not only help in the matter of your penis, but also saves the body from different kind of diseases of infections. Properly prepare such a tool you will need, taking into 0.5 tsp. baking soda in a glass of milk.

Contraindications to the use of

Despite the obvious advantages and naturalness, application of soda with a view to change the size of the penis is not always justified. Refrain from the use of baking soda treatment you need in case you have a place for the following diseases:

  1. Diabetes mellitus. Even a small amount of soda causes a jump in blood sugar.
  2. Cystitis or urethritis. Soda — a powerful stimulus, which will just cause degradation of such problems.
  3. Allergic dermatitis or thrush.
how to increase the state soda recipes

Side effects from the use of sodium bicarbonate

Regardless of the selected method of penis during the process of implementation of each tool needs moderation and dosage. This rule applies to, and — in this way, correction manhood must not be abused. Too frequent soda procedures may cause unpleasant consequences, and in particular:

  • the appearance of painful sores and cracking in the area of the penis?
  • the development of allergic reactions?
  • the appearance of burning and itching;
  • gastritis and a stomach ulcer (prior to the application of soda should be ensured in case of absence of problems with the DIGESTIVE system).

In some cases, the very frequent use soda media can cause severe abnormalities of the urinary tract, including oncology.

According to most doctors, to implement procedures that will have course — within 1 month, making the route a break for six months (but not less than 4 months).

We must not forget that a kind of dependency from the soda poultices and baths can not only increase a member, but, on the contrary, makes a man a stable patient, a qualified urologist.

Yes, it is the opinion of the doctors

Medical look in the treatment soda is not so clear. In accordance with qualified doctors and professionals, from only soda essentially does not affect the sizes of male dignity. To achieve the change in the size of the penis, a dilution of the blood, which is stimulated soda, a little. It is the augmentative, the result is instant and ineffective.

To achieve a stable enlarge penis with the help of soda for a long time, you need to combine the tool with a basis of sodium bicarbonate with additional exercises and massage.

In the note. The most effective are considered to be applications soda media in conjunction with Kegel exercises. Also, with a view to the prevention of blood clots may be used in clamping — a special technique of penis, based on the compression of the penis has the floor. This process can significantly affect the cut state wide. However, this method is strongly recommended for beginners, because in this case it is able to quickly bring the problems, rather than the actual adaptation of the size of the penis.