Actually increase state

Not all people are ready to increase the size of the penis by surgery. Mainly use non-surgical methods:

  • dilution — special device for the elongation of the penis?
  • the post cargo?
  • massage?
  • taking medicines?
  • pacemakers?
  • nozzle for a sexual organ.
how to enlarge penis

To increase penis without surgery is quite real. In addition, this can be done at home. But be careful, if they offer you any treatment, which improves the sexual organ of about 10 cm for several months, it's an obvious scam, since no part of the human body is not capable so to change the dimensions in such a short period of time.

The same is true of the miracle-medicines: tablets, gels, ointments. In this list you can activate and "ancient techniques", using mostly these are fake for profit. Not only that such methods are ineffective, and may harm your health.

To make the right choice, you need to have information about effective methods to increase the main principle men.

Extender — a device that allows you to change the size of the penis

Until today, this method is the most popular and most popular. The mechanism of action is the stretch of the fabric member and stimulate growth. Also the device can be used to address external fault — straightening curved male organ.

This technique has a scientific explanation: the human body can change under the influence of the permanent load. Thanks to this principle, and working dilution.

Today it can be argued that this method is the most effective. In addition, for 20 years, the use of the not been found to be no side effects. The devices are easy to apply and invisible under the clothes. The stretch you need to exercise every day (about 8 hours) during 3-5 months. Observing all the rules can increase the sexual organ of 2.5 to 3 cm. But we must not forget that a positive voltage can only be achieved with daily use.

Exercises as a way to enlarge the penis at home

Jelcing — specific exercises, that allow you to enlarge the penis and improve the characteristics of the. The technique helps to change not only the length of the penis, but the thickness.

Jelcing is one of the most ancient technology. It was used for many centuries. This result is achieved thanks to the boost of blood flow to the sexual organ. With the passage of time by using the exercise increase in volume of the blood cavity and increases the blood flow in sexual organ. These processes affect favourable to the growth of the penis.

Nowadays, the technique jelcing you can easily download from the internet. However, the views of scholars about the effectiveness of this method deviate. Some believe that exercise is actually increase your sexual organ. Others are convinced that jelcing is ineffective way, and to achieve the desired result of both the technique, the man has to spend a lot of time and effort.

Vacuum way

The authority vacuum pump is based on the long-term stretching of penis. The device is called a vacuum pump.

The principle of action lies in the stimulation of blood flow and the strengthening of erectile function thanks to a vacuum, which acts on the male organ. As a result, a member of the increases in volume and in size. But this effect is temporary in nature, therefore a water pump vacuum, it is recommended to use immediately before sexual intercourse.

Can drugs to increase the male "dignity"mean?

the growth of the penis

Advertised drugs can hardly be called an effective way to increase the penis. For example, in the synthesis of preformed capital includes the most common vitamins. Yes, and that — like pills help to improve erectile function, but not to affect the length of the penis.

If we're talking about drugs for topical application (ointments, gels, creams), then their composition is not always known. After using them in a lot of men may experience itching and allergic reaction in skin the skin.

Therefore, drugs for increasing the penis is not only ineffective, but sometimes even dangerous for health.

Dietary supplements for improving erectile function

Until today especially popular are biologically active supplements. Thanks to authors ' synthesis of drugs to increase the blood flow to the penis, improving the erection. The taking of dietary supplements positively affects the duration and quality of the sexual act. From the comments of many consumers, after the use of them is generated the sense of growth of the main male authority. However, these drugs have a temporary effect.

In our days there are a huge number of methods for penis enlargement. But the use it deserves, only when the size really becomes a problem. If you decide to try them for the experiment, then do not forget that such actions can be dangerous consequences.

The size of the penis directly affects the self-esteem of the individual. How to increase the male member — the most popular and sought-after in the search engines in question. But it is possible to change the anatomical features defined in the genetic — so read our article about the most popular ways.

The normal size of the penis

The penis there are two measures of size — length and thickness. These settings are measured in vertical (excited) of the body. In idle mode the indicators are not calculated. In the process of sexual arousal the size of the penis increases several times, the body changes direction at the navel, it becomes a vertical stomach.

Not worth it before your time to beat stress and to blame the nature of the greed and lack of inches in his pants. You will first need to compare the state with the average length measurements. When the excited state of men's sizes of a member may vary in a range of 12-18 inches. There may be deviation from medium-sized and larger and in the smaller side, but the deviation is only a few percent.

At rest, the length ranges from 7 to 10 inches. The size of the penis depends not only on the hereditary characteristics, but also the age of men. Boys before 10-12 years the penis is small, given that the body is not of male hormones.

After 18 years of not observed significant strides of development. The man body is still developing until 25. In old age due to androgen deficiency, chronic diseases of the genitourinary system or other problems can be observed reducing the size. To become familiar with the normal rates may be in a table.

14 - 16 years old is in active development. Just these three years is long enough for the boy formed a male. The adolescence is the stage of hormonal adjustment of the organism and its conversion to an adult person.

Surgical techniques to increase

If the father of the child, the size of the penis is small, then it's not worth to count to 20 cm erection in the future. However, there are techniques that help men to cope with complexes. On how to increase the male dignity for all, know a good plastic surgery surgeons.

The surgical treatment is a list of items, for which the doctor prescribe urgent intervention. If the patient voluntarily wants to change the size, you will need to weigh the pros and cons of the surgery.

The intention or the installation of artificial states — the last method of increase. Applied the surgery in this case, when the stretching of the authority has not given the desired results.


One of the main virtue of plastic authority — prosthetic. Surgery attributed to injuries of the penis, or damage to the nerve pathways, providing an erection, when hard disorders of perfusion, after radical surgical treatment of tumors in the pelvis, or, in the absence of eggs.

penis enlargement methods

With elasticity and touch denture does not differ from natural fabrics. Replacement or addition principle is going on a few inches. The patient returns to erectile ability and increases self-esteem. Many patients say that their sexual power, which allows you to do many and long-lasting sexual acts.

It's a kind of rhythmic gymnastics is carried out adults or men in old age. The size can be increased from 2 to 5 inches Before the appointment of the prosthesis, the patient will need to pass a full diagnostic examination for the detection of possible contraindications.


According to statistics, about 80% of the male population wanted to enlarge the penis. Lipofilling is injectable way in which in the region of the cavernous body of the penis is inserted into a private fatty tissue. The method is applied for the treatment of erectile dysfunction, or to correct anatomical abnormalities.

Lipofilling is the implantation of additional tissues, which provides a thickening of the organ. As sealing materials can also use synthetic substitutes, such as Biogel, silicone. Method helps to deal with impotence and little penis size.

Dignity procedures — relative safety of the procedure and the lack of need for additional cuts flesh. Trauma of this method of increase is minimal. In most cases, as a material for seals use their own reserves of aspects of the human.

Part of fat over time will be forgotten, but a little the number of keep safely and will remain in the body. The disadvantages include the possibility of uneven distribution of the tissues around the circumference of the penis.

Injections in the penis

As a conservative and less risky treatment may consider injections for the male body. For help will come drugs with hyaluronic acid, injections of testosterone to create dimension, or other medical facilities.

It is not necessary to make a choice by yourself. Each injection has specific indications and contraindications. To get method of penis enlargement will only help the physician. But the injection site — this is a temporary solution to the problem. There may be familiarity with the particular drug.

The material increase in

As conservative methods to increase the size using different devices. In the market you can find a lot of personal devices, to pass LOD-therapy with the use of the vacuum is possible, even in the clinic.


Dilution is a special device, which helps to stretch the carpet body. Should be worn on the penis and wear it long enough to get the desired result.

To use the device. Worn device in a clean body, is connected to a particular length special rod. The man just walks around with extender within 2-3 hours, then you need to take a break.

Gradually, the patient will notice that you can increase the degree of extension and fix it to the next rod. Please note that the penis can shrink and will not reach up to the desired mark. It's a natural process, just put the device in a shorter length, and then again lock the normal use position.

If dilution alternately worn top to bottom and upwards, then you will need to take into account, that the intensity in the first and second case will be different — in the same length barbells tension will always be stronger, if dilution facing down. The male comments are the device helps to increase the penis in 2-5 cm and for all. The result may be greater if you increase the exposure time.


Another alternative method — application of a vacuum pump. This method of stretching is widely applied abroad. Basic indications — treatment of erectile dysfunction. This treatment helps in 10 minutes to regain her strength.

Also in the list of items recovery period after radiation therapy or surgical interventions on the prostate gland. Artificially created by the pressure can increase the size of your penis by a few inches.

The action is to increase the circulation of the blood through the pressure drop. The man comes to an erection, the cavity of the cavernous body is fully filled arterial blood. There is an increase of your penis, and is much more than during normal erection.

real growth of the penis

In more advanced devices features a volume control. Instructions on how to increase manhood, it's simple: you need to paste a state in the cylinder, with the help of pump create a vacuum and to save the place from a few seconds to 2 minutes.

To enlarge your penis this way will be 3-5 see Appendix increases the blood circulation in the body, that treats the reduced potency. Also, after using the device improves the elasticity of blood vessels.

Most side effects are short-lived, so do not be afraid. However, the use of contra-may have dangerous consequences. To the risk of occurrence of adverse events decreased, it is important to increase the pressure gradually, using water pump vacuum, pressure gauges.