Exercises to increase penis

To be successful in bed, a man is not only important to maintain a healthy force, but also to work with the dimensions of the body, if there is any doubt about the fact that mother nature didn't give the maximum. It is important to understand that the exercises do not work per day and week, and months of regular exercise, which can increase several physical parameters. In open sources you can find information about what you can add up to three inches in length.

What are the exercises to increase the penis?

how to enlarge penis

There are various exercises, some of which are aimed at the increase of the thickness, other – for the change of length. Moreover, in addition to the exercises, which are useful only their own hands, there are many other, in which is used the optional inventory – for example, vacuum pumps or loads.

It is considered that in order to achieve thickening of the penis due to prolonged retention of artificial erection, when you work at it long only with the mechanics of the exercise (pulling). By far the most effective recognized classic manual techniques.

It is important to note that for any exercise is the most important – is the regularity of the execution. Only if you're doing strictly daily, 15 to 30 minutes each time, you can count on a real achievement, a result.

Note: the exercises for the growth of the penis can be used strictly after full consideration and consultation with a doctor, because in the opposite case, you can get an injury or worsen the situation. Refers to such exercises need to be very serious, be sure to controlling the level of the load and intensity of the exposure.

Preparation for the exercises for the penis

As before each exercise, in this case required a preliminary preparation. Before every activity make sure to wash the penis, take a comfortable position, ready appropriate lubricants and follow the increase of the temperature.

As a warm-up ideally to use warm compresses, however, it is important to choose a comfortable temperature, not to cause harm to the health or even more not to get a sunburn.

Only after this preparation, you can go directly to exercises to increase the length or thickness of the penis.

Exercises to increase penis

To a question on how to increase your member, exercises are often confined in the so-called massage, which is a maximum stretch not vertical, and then the erect penis. We will look at different variations of the exercise, and this including.

  1. Sit back, widely spreading her legs. Apply to the penis lubrication. Stretch the head of the penis fingers, for 3 – 5 minutes.
  2. "Jelcing". Standing up, spreading her legs, while the more elongated the ivy on the penis you need to hold it in this position for 15 seconds straight, then let go. Give yourself a break and repeat the stretch. Start worth with less seconds, and with a small number of iterations, however, then we need to bring them up to 100 times.
  3. In the same place-with the strength of the penis in a state, when it is slightly touched. Tighten with the palm of your hand to make battle on the side in a rhythm. Repeat 3 – 5 minutes.
  4. Repeat the previous exercise, but pull the penis to the buttocks.
  5. Sit back, widely spreading her legs. Profusely oil state lubricant and get him in a state of erection. Hard to hold with one hand and holding the medium a boost, hold your hand from the base to the head. When the hand has reached up to the head, repeat the same motion with the other hand. Repeat 3 – 5 minutes.
the growth of the penis

Avoid the exercises that deliver you pain or discomfort. Not only will not bear the use, but also can cause real damage.