Really to enlarge the penis

Not all people are ready to increase the size of the penis by surgery. Mainly use non-surgical methods:

  • dilution — special device for the elongation of the penis?
  • the post cargo?
  • massage?
  • taking medicines?
  • pacemakers?
  • nozzle for a sexual organ.
the growth of the penis

To increase penis without surgery is quite real. In addition, this can be done at home. But be careful, if they offer you any treatment, which improves the sexual organ of about 10 cm for several months, it's an obvious scam, since no part of the human body is not capable so to change the dimensions in such a short period of time.

The same is true of the miracle-medicines: tablets, gels, ointments. In this list you can activate and "ancient techniques", using mostly these are fake for profit. Not only that such methods are ineffective, and may harm your health.

To make the right choice, you need to have information about effective methods to increase the main principle men.

Extender — a device that allows you to change the size of the penis

Until today, this method is the most popular and most popular. The mechanism of action is the stretch of the fabric member and stimulate growth. Also the device can be used to address external fault — straightening curved male organ.

This technique has a scientific explanation: the human body can change under the influence of the permanent load. Thanks to this principle, and working dilution.

Today it can be argued that this method is the most effective. In addition, for 20 years, the use of the not been found to be no side effects. The devices are easy to apply and invisible under the clothes. The stretch you need to exercise every day (about 8 hours) during 3-5 months. Observing all the rules can increase the sexual organ of 2.5 to 3 cm. But we must not forget that a positive voltage can only be achieved with daily use.

Exercises as a way to enlarge the penis at home

Jelcing — specific exercises, that allow you to enlarge the penis and improve the characteristics of the. The technique helps to change not only the length of the penis, but the thickness.

Jelcing is one of the most ancient technology. It was used for many centuries. This result is achieved thanks to the boost of blood flow to the sexual organ. With the passage of time by using the exercise increase in volume of the blood cavity and increases the blood flow in sexual organ. These processes affect favourable to the growth of the penis.

In our days the massage you can easily download from the internet. However, the views of scholars about the effectiveness of this method deviate. Some believe that exercise is actually increase your sexual organ. Others are convinced, that the massage is ineffective way, and to achieve the desired result of both the technique, the man has to spend a lot of time and effort.

Vacuum way

The authority vacuum pump is based on the long-term stretching of penis. The device is called a vacuum pump.

The principle of action lies in the stimulation of blood flow and the strengthening of erectile function thanks to a vacuum, which acts on the male organ. As a result, a member of the increases in volume and in size. But this effect is temporary in nature, therefore a water pump vacuum, it is recommended to use immediately before sexual intercourse.

Can drugs to increase the male "dignity"mean?

Advertised drugs can hardly be called an effective way to increase the penis. For example, in the synthesis of preformed capital includes the most common vitamins. Yes, and that — like pills help to improve erectile function, but not to affect the length of the penis.

If we're talking about drugs for topical application (ointments, gels, creams), then their composition is not always known. After using them in a lot of men may experience itching and allergic reaction in skin the skin.

Therefore, drugs for increasing the penis is not only ineffective, but sometimes even dangerous for health.

Dietary supplements for improving erectile function

how to enlarge penis

Until today especially popular are biologically active supplements. Thanks to authors ' synthesis of drugs to increase the blood flow to the penis, improving the erection. The taking of dietary supplements positively affects the duration and quality of the sexual act. From the comments of many consumers, after the use of them is generated the sense of growth of the main male authority. However, these drugs have a temporary effect.

In our days there are a huge number of methods for penis enlargement. But the use it deserves, only when the size really becomes a problem. If you decide to try them for the experiment, then do not forget that such actions can be dangerous consequences.

How to perform a massage correctly: basic methods and results

What you need to know for the massage?

The essence of technology massage lies in the increase of the sizes of the tissues of the penis by stretching the penis, and the creation of micro-injuries. You don't have to be afraid of, it is, in fact, these minor injuries will not affect your health and, if you don't overdo it, will not lead to painful sensations. Jelcing can be compared with exercises for muscle growth — during physical exercise muscle tissue is damaged, and Saiva, new connections actually strengthen muscles in volume. Remember pleasant pain in the muscles after a visit to the gym? It is painful explosion of connections in the tissues.

I have to say immediately that this method of penis enlargement does not guarantee the result in a month or even in six months. It all depends on the regularity of class, quality execution of exercises and desire. Massage courses — what courses in high school, you should pay special attention and try to gradually increase the load on the member.

Pre it is also worth remembering that all the exercises you will need to strictly comply with his / her own responsibility, and when prompted to suffer the consequences like bruises or bruising, you should immediately contact your doctor.

How to properly perform massage

There are various techniques of executing the massage, you will see the most basic and effective. All methods consist of two parts: a warm-up and the same exercise. The first part — warming up — is the same for all and is mandatory before any activity. The exercises you will have to choose for himself, the result of the selected method differ. If any of the steps, you'll be baffled, better to look for the video with massage courses on the internet.

Warm-up state

For the exercise don't go down the drain, pre-will need to warm up the state. In the warm-up usually stands for about 5 minutes. The most effective way — a warm compress.

  1. Take the fabric sail and dive under the warm, pleasant for hands, and the state of water.
  2. Wait, when the fabric is completely wet and fold it several layers, so that they could fully cover as the trunk of the penis, the head.
  3. Wrap the penis this a compress.
  4. The fabric must be continuously hot, therefore, periodically you will still need watering with warm water.

Another effective way of heating can be a container of warm water, where you will be in a position for more than 5 minutes, keep state. A disadvantage of this method is that you need to find a comfortable space to accommodate this capacity, as well as stand on the slope foot or with socks, for 5 minutes, it will be very difficult.

If you can't find a cloth or capacity for it to warm up, you can use the usual hot shower, but this method is not very effective, because the water jets probably will have an erection, as well as for massage this is not desired.

Understand that you will be ready for the massage is very simple. When the state of optical would be great, but when you do this, you will remain relaxed and soft to the touch, you will need to start the exercise.

Wet method of massage

penis enlargement methods

For the first method of massage that you'll need lubrication. It is better to buy a special water-based lubricant at a pharmacy or shop relevant products, or use petroleum jelly. It is not necessary to use a cream for hands or, even worse, soap, as these funds are not designed for the delicate skin of the penis, and the use of soap will lead to dryness of the skin.

  1. You must first achieve erection, but only 50% to be a member of was almost parallel with the floor.
  2. Clasp state of the thumb and the index finger, creating a ring, as a gesture of "OK"
  3. Tighten the penis and slowly, within 2-3 seconds, move from the base of the penis up to the head.
  4. Reaching the head, change hand, but I don't have to change the degree of compression.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4, do not forget to change hands, and keeping pace. If necessary, add lubricant.

Dry way of jelqing

Unlike this method, in the title, you don't need lubrication. Due to the lack of lubrication, dry massage should be performed more slowly and use a smaller degree of compression than the first method.

  1. Put the bird in the hand, at the base, creating a "well" of the fingers.
  2. Tighten your hand, but be careful not to have caused the pain.
  3. Slowly, in just a few seconds, slide the hand from the base of the penis to the head, without altering the degree of compression.
  4. Change arm and repeat 2-3 steps.

If during the massage (regardless of how) you will achieve a full erection, relax for a few minutes, to reduce.

The correct execution

Guarantee for the success of massage is located in regularity. Depending on your experience of the exercise, you should gradually increase the load according to the following scheme.

  • The first 4 weeks, massage should be done in a day, 100-150 "approaches", keeping little more than the minimum average grip. You will need to start with a minimum number of "approaches" and of the handle, so that the body could be used.
  • The following 4-6 weeks you need to perform with 200-250 "approaches" for the class with average, almost the maximum potential. Exercises better to do 2 days, and then spend the day to rest. Already in this period you may notice small changes in the characteristics of the state.
  • In the last 2-4 weeks you will have the maximum compression state. Perform exercises every day, making over 250 "approaches". Try, also, to extend the duration of the control.