As with his hands to enlarge the penis?

Men who are not satisfied with the size of the reproductive principle, see in this a serious problem, poisons the normal life. So, is suffering self-esteem, lost confidence in himself and the forces, there are difficulties in relations with the opposite sex, and sex often fails.

Certainly, dissatisfaction with the size of the penis, requires no energy. Because men the problem is not only normal, but also psychological nature. Because it often happens that by reducing the size, the man is evil to the root of the love of your life.

the growth of the penis

To increase a member can to with surgery. But the process is relatively complicated, my love, yes, and the risk of complications. Therefore the question arises, how to increase the member your hands? Ways of many, but I'll have to be patient, as manual pulling operate quite slowly, and the first result can be seen after 3-4 months of daily workouts.

With home exercise, you can change to a large part, and the length and the thickness of the reproductive principle. Think of exercises that help increase manhood.

Jelcing for the growth of the penis

Maybe, technique Jelqing is the most common way enjoyed by beginners and long time exercise the men. In the latter case, the stronger sex to do a few conversions, exercises, comments, member, thanks to this it will grow fast. Jelc is displayed Arabic technique that has been passed down from the "inheritance" from father to son.

To achieve the desired result you need to perform the exercises daily. The effect is achieved by the normalization of blood circulation in the reproductive organ. Workout, helps increase the corpora cavernosa of the penis, it is faster and more complete fill with blood, which leads to an increase in the length and thickness of the penis.

See the first result of this growth can after a couple of months. Therefore, if the first time no effect no, you don't need to drop the courses. Only patience and daily work help to achieve your goals. The technical Jelking there are two ways – dry and wet method. Beginners better to use the second option.

The correct execution of the exercise with the method Jelking:

  • To bring the penis up to the 60-70% erection. Apply a lubricant or a specialized gel for the increase of the phallus. Then we need to embrace the base cock ring (it folds up with the big and index). Impacted. This ring you have to pull towards the head. The head of the phallus do not touch. When a man comes to the head, and again returns the arm to the base and repeat the motion. For the beginning enough of 20 repetitions. Over time you will need to bring the number approaches 200?
  • Dry method is carried out in a similar way, the only lubricant is not used. And this method of execution beginners is not recommended, since it is not always possible to calculate the load, leading to pain and complications.

Before training necessarily pass an increase in the temperature state. This reduces the risk of injury, accelerate blood circulation, increases the effectiveness of the course.

The easiest way is to put the state in a basin with hot water for five minutes.

Manual devices penis enlargement by hand

The growth of the penis with your hands is done with the use of touches in the technical. You don't require any special skills from men, performed in an intimate environment. The courses aim to increase the volume and length of the reproductive principle. Before exercise it is also necessary to increase the temperature.

To increase the length need to do the following: bring them to an erection – about 70%, and then to embrace it with the fingers, the head of the phallus. Keep it tight, but not shrink until the pain. Retarded head by yourself for the longest possible distance. It is recommended to pull is not smoothly and evenly. Discomfort during the time of the course will be okay. With marginal strength snaps for 3 to 4 minutes. The day do 4-5 exercises with a break for 1-2 hours.

After the lesson necessarily make massage. Helps to restore blood circulation in the tissues of the penis. Over time, practice complicate – pulled state not only from himself, but to the right, to the left, towards the bottom. In the future a course will require 30-40 minutes of time.

how to enlarge penis

An alternative to authority:

  1. To bring them to an erection – no more than 50%.
  2. The lubricant can be used.
  3. Be done smoothly, grab the head of the penis with your fingers, pull from yourself.
  4. Cling to in 60 seconds.
  5. Letting go – 30 seconds rest.
  6. Repeat 15-30 times.
  7. Each time increase the number of sets.

For the increase of the thickness of the reproductive principle, doing this exercise: sit down in a chair, your feet are shoulder-width apart. With one hand to embrace the head of the penis and pull by yourself in a situation of discomfort. In other words, the person feels the tension in the body, but it is painful missing.

Then, the second hand of the bow to the base of the phallus, the ring. If the technical Jelcing that the ring is pulling on the head, making a particular movement, in this exercise you will need to higher the pressure of the thumb on the instrument. This allows you to work cavernous body of the penis, which helps to increase the volume.

During the period of adjustment, when the penis is only familiar with a load, in particular organise is not recommended. If the next day, my penis is sick, can the lesson be missed.

In the future, phallus accustomed to the load, uncomfortable feelings will pass.

Twist of the penis to increase the thickness

Sometimes the cause of dissatisfaction size of the institution lies in the thickness. Sure, you can place the balls in a state that will give the body the required amount. But many men prefer bloodless ways. Emit a lot of exercises, which aim at the increase of the thickness of the manhood.

The popular activity called "rope". Maybe for many it is already clear from the title what this entails. Basic rules: before profession, they increase the temperature of a member, to use the lubricant should not. Begin to perform twist only to the penis in a state of calm.

This exercise can be used as a means of or to supplement another assembly that provides an increase in the penis. Often men choose the second option, given that 2 or more lessons work most effectively, therefore, the result will be faster. Run "strings" is as follows:

  • To get a comfortable position. A man can sit in a chair or on the floor. The result from the position of not changing?
  • Then you need to embrace the head principle with all of your fingers, to shrink it?
  • Further they begin to twist – turn state to the left – continue until then, until it hurt. Stop. In this position steady for 30 seconds, loosen it?
  • After following similar steps, but genitals, already wring on the other side – to the right?
  • Total of each side will have 5 twists.

In the future, when man will not cause difficulties for this exercise, you can modify it. There are several options for improvements. For example, to perform a twist in the penis during erection to 50-60%. Better to start with 20% and gradually increase the degree of stimulation.

Also, during the twist you can massage to enlarge penis. The exercise will look like this: male executed twist, holds with one hand the head of the reproductive principle, and the second hand is running special moves – starting from the base towards the head. To motion was movable, you can use some lubricant or cream. Important, in order not to hit the head, otherwise it will be difficult to keep the sexual organ.

penis enlargement methods

So, there are many exercises that help in the home with hands to increase the volume of the penis and the length. Sure, not all of them work. Someone to help a lesson, and someone saw the result of the next exercise. This is why the growth of the penis is a complex process, it is better to combine a lot of options. In addition, you can use devices, for example, of dilution. The transfer increases the length/thickness of the penis.