Increasing the head of the penis

Reproductive organ is almost the most important organ of men, requiring increased attention to himself. Any much harm the problems related with the sexual organ, leading to problems in his personal life, the loss of confidence. To resolve this issue in clinical variety of treatments, including surgery.

It should be noted that men very often you can find out the pathology, such as failure size of the head of the penis. This part of the male organ from a special fabric, is the continuation of the body of the urethra, and has the ability to grow during erection. But due to anatomical causes volume of the head is limited and to increase the almost impossible. But there are ways to resolve this issue.

The first method to increase the head of the penis

increasing the head of the penis

In clinical practice, there are two techniques. One of them achieved visual enhancement of this part of the body due to property specific matrix between specific bodies, and this part of the body. Plays a role some pillows, which stretched the head of the phallus. As a result, diameter of the head increases, and agitated, and in a state of calm.

But here, as in any surgery, there are certain disadvantages. The main drawback of this methodology is the technique of the operation. During surgery to increase penis glans vessels, supplying head, in each case intersect. This causes a high risk of necrosis and even loss of that part of the body. But even if it's weird, the described methodology is quite often use in european clinics, though the incidence of disabling complications, that, in fact, is not subject to correction, is very high.

Increasing the head of the penis through the introduction of gel

There is another method to increase penis glans, which is used most often and considered the most reliable and safe. This method is an injection of a special sterile gel, created on the basis of hyaluronic acid, the head of the penis. This acid is considered as a natural matrix of each soft tissue. Consequently, the introduction of acid does not cause allergic and other undesirable for the body reactions, following procedures that took place this cloth even and becomes firmer, it acquires its natural shape. The head can be increased to a certain limit, which corresponds to the volume of the head in an erection. But we must not forget that the gel has the property of gradually to be dissolved, so that this process should be repeated at regular intervals, in order to maintain the positive result.

A disadvantage of this technique increase glans of the penis is limited in scope. This is due to the fact that it can be used exclusively in such cases, when the required increase of the head is at rest. Usually injections are the patients who have undergone surgery, with the aim of thickening of the phallus, when the volume of the head in a non-excited state is clearly less than what a concentrated body of the penis, or in cases related to inadequate fastening of a traction device that acts during the extension of the penis. The last situation can usually be found, if the head is smooth, there is a seal, therefore, the increase due to the introduction of gel is the only way to fix the device.

Positive sides of this method are many. First of all, is that this process does not require a lot of time. The surgery of increase glans of the penis that lasts more than half an hour. Performed on an outpatient basis, using local anesthesia. This function does not threaten any serious complications, which is characterized by a first type of interventions that have been described above. The head of reproductive authority, which is reinforced in this way, it seems perfectly natural, and it should be noted that on the outside, and even with touch. The result of this process will take less than a year and a half, or even more. This depends on the speed with which you will dissolve the gel.

To sum up, we draw your attention to the fact, that until today there is no reliable and safe method, which could for a long time and most effectively, to raise the head of the male principle (by the way, when fattening body of the penis is not so). This is due, mainly, to the fact that spongy fabric has characteristics vascularity and a unique structure. Therefore, before you go for the functions described above, you must first assess all of the weaknesses and the strengths, consult your doctor for the possible consequences, and only after the decision for such a move.