Massage for the growth of the penis

This massage technique, a lot of advantages. The first is the most important – consideration should be given to the state just 5 minutes a day. Second plus – it is even more effective than the rest of the exercises, which take an hour or more per day. And the third is the exercise can be done from once a day, and two-three. However, this type of massage state, I can't do it right. During the performance of this technique increases the amount entering the blood, because of what and increases the mass of the penis. Exactly this technique is more positive comments from customers who have used this system. Also, personal and from me. For 6 weeks increased their sexual organ about 2 cm

The preparatory phase

how to enlarge penis

Yes, indeed, conduct a massage, with the aim of increasing the penis, can give good results when you perform all the requirements and conditions. During the exercise, with due regularity, the reproductive authority of men, will become not only the biggest and longest, but also loses the normal sensitivity, which will help to further control ejaculation and prolong the act of intimacy.

The preparatory phase for carrying out the massage will need to be assigned:

  • A positive attitude, targeted for the result?
  • The fulfillment of water procedures, that is, the acceptance of a hot bath or shower, followed by rubbing the groin with a towel?
  • Comfortable accommodation, you can fill it in gentle, relaxing music.

And then to go directly to a massage.

Methodology of conducting massage

Massage can have a stimulating effect on the skin, as well as in all the internal tissue of the penis. Due, which will become more elastic, capable of stretching, thereby increasing the male reproductive organ.

During the first month massage for the growth of the penis visual changes can and should not be kept. But for 2-3 months with the help of massage can actually increase the dimensions of your penis by a few inches.

Technique no. 1

Massage for the growth of the penis in the technique is carried out 5 times a week for about 3 months.

The technique described methods of penis enlargement are the following:

  • You will need to bring the penis to erection, to further kneading and preparing for your massage?
  • Then, the entire length of the penis you need to smear the lube?
  • After you need to the male reproductive authority with some fidelity to embrace the basis of two small fingers, and proceed to moves down and by yourself?
  • You can then change the hand and continue the massage for the growth of the penis is another piece of track?
  • The first 7 days, you have to massage for penis enlargement about 10 minutes, and each following week extend the run time described technology up to 5 minutes.

Important! In the process of the exercise should be male reproductive authority was in an excited state, but without the erection. And when things happen, you need to the moment to discontinue the implementation of the technology, until the consequent stimulation of the penis. And then to continue the lesson.

The effectiveness of the massage:

  • Observed effect in 3 months. Growth of the penis in length and 7 cm, and volume for 2-3 centimeters?
  • Full control of the of an erection?
  • The increase of the duration of the sexual act.

Technique no. 2

Exercises for how it has to be repeated daily, for more than 90 days.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • The first thing you need to stimulate the penis?
  • You need to embrace the little fingers of the base of the reproductive of the male organ and not to rush to pass this hand down, pulling back the penis to the bottom and from himself. To perform such a lesson should be about 5 minutes?
  • Then you will need to bring the penis to erection and to take a break?
  • Then you have to genitals, and back again to excite you?
  • To distribute the lubricant with the base of the penis?
  • Then you need to embrace the penis, stolen base, squeeze it and 2-3 seconds to wait?
  • In the sense of the wave must loosen the hand grip, pull the penis, and to continue the movement of the limb towards the head and down from it?
  • The authority of the head of the penis will have to fix the stopper by your finger for a few seconds?

The effectiveness of the massage:

massage for the growth of the penis
  • For 3 months similar massage to increase of the penis it increases the male reproductive organ for 5-7 cm in length and 2-3 cm in volume?
  • The head of the penis increases also.

Important! A similar methodology should be no more than 15 minutes. Increase of time is not recommended.

Technique no. 3

Massage with the so-called technique of taoism – "clean energy" should be no more than 3 times a week for over 90 days.

Step-by-step instructions:

  • For heat therapy of the penis should I start?
  • Then, on the basis of the two sides of the reproductive organ, you need to embrace with the hands, so that the big fingers it was, and evidence in the lower part of the penis?
  • Relaxed movements you will need to start to massage penis, gradually moving towards the head, to dissolve the blood?
  • The courses should be 10 times?
  • You will then need to fasten genitalia, between the two fingers, a few inches from the head?
  • Leaning forward you need to hit a bridle of a penis, for the thigh?
  • Then to produce the hit in the thigh by the other side.

The effectiveness of the massage:

  • The penis to grow to a length of 5 cm and a volume of about 2-3 cm in 3 months?
  • You will become increasing the head of the penis?
  • The prostate gland is alert.

After you complete these lessons should be easy moves to once again massage the penis, using for this purpose any herbal creams for moisturizing. This will improve the circulation of blood to the penis and will restore it after the massage.

If they can upload it?

Phallus – it's not muscles! Logically now, you can understand that to pump up the penis to the gym is not possible. To tone and strengthen that may only the muscles of the pelvic floor, which play an important role in erection, but also in the configuration of sizes is not involved. The body of the penis consists of two cavernous bodies and one spongy, which goes to the head of the penis, and the cavernous body are on the sides. For a greater understanding can be compared to the penis with the sausage in the dough, where sausage – sponge-like body, and the dough – the cavernous. The cavernous body, so called because they contain gaps or "cave", where when it is in erection it reaches the blood. Works: blood enters the vacuum, fills them, in that time the muscles of the pelvic floor as will cover the outflow of blood from the penis – to do more than what is leaving. So there comes an erection. With the relaxation of the muscle venous blood leaves, vacuum exempt. As a result, a large phallus gradually and again accepts usual dimensions. All the bad-you shouldn't apply the techniques based on the increase in the number and size of gaps in the body of the penis, as well as for the stretching of the skin of the penis and psychological injury to tissues of erectile and spongy body with a view to give impetus to the development. All this leads to an increase in the length and thickness of the organ. So, massage – what to look for when you want to increase his manhood.

Manual ways

Often, for the increase of the phallus, the people use different types of solvents. But it is costly, can lead to damage of the penis. And it's not a foreign body, which should not be less than 6 hours per day worn on the penis. Is a number of disadvantages of these methods. For anyone who does not have the ability to buy dilution or just don't want to, there are many types of massage and exercises, through which you can just as effectively increase the size of the penis at home. Many believe that these techniques are less traumatic.

the growth of the penis

The advantages of exercise and massage:

  1. You can do this in your home at any time in the house.
  2. It doesn't take much time (except for certain techniques).
  3. You don't need advanced consult a doctor.


  1. Need to learn the technique of execution.
  2. The result is different and very different.
  3. You can injure the penis.

Let us consider in detail the technique of execution of massage, exercises for penis enlargement. By doing it regularly, you will be able to increase not only the length of the phallus, but also the thickness. You will also notice that your erection will become more prolonged and the sensation during sexual intercourse – more luminous.

Before any massage, and exercises to increase the penis should be wrapped up in 10 minutes the penis with a towel soaked with hot water. This is done with the aim to reduce the psychological injury of the penis. It should be abundantly lubricate the penis lubricant or petroleum jelly (in some techniques, the process is "dry", so it will be referred to). We clearly need to keep the level of recommended erection for the execution of the exercises, otherwise it can damage the penis.

What should you know?

Even the representatives of the strong sex, who does not suffer from the lack of the length of his dignity, they want you to do even more. Video massage to increase penis can help them to understand how to carry out a process, some say, also, that for this you need to prepare. Through this kind of effects can be achieved stretch cavities, of which consists the penis, and add to the development. This is due to the fact that the cavernous body will be filled with blood, to become wider and stretched. Gradually the stretch you will need to form a new fabrics and the past to become more elastic.

The positive effects of the massage you can achieve even if given only 5 minutes a day. If you arm yourself with perseverance and patience, in a few weeks it will be visible on the first results.

Favorably massage effects not only on the size of the penis, but also in the work of the internal systems:

  • Improves local blood circulation
  • Avoid the possibility of premature ejaculation
  • Increases the potency
  • It increases stamina in bed
  • Leaving stagnation of the blood and the seminal fluid

Erection in the massage will become more stable and fixed, and the sensation of the orgasm will become more luminous. This technique is safe and has no risks only in case of compliance with the recommendations, such as:

  1. Pre-heat the fabric, taking a hot shower or wet from the beginning with a cloth dipped in warm water
  2. Heat needs not only the penis, but the area of the scrotum and groin
  3. Your hands must be warm, therefore, scrape them for each other
  4. Prepare the butter, cream, or lubricant, which will help massage

Massage brought the best result, do a little preparation. Workouts there are several options. So, you can relax and with circular movements lubricate the penis lubricant, from the base to the head within 3 minutes. Can embrace in reproductive principle with both hands and start roll from side to side. You don't have to do too much, before the pain, because it is so far, only the warm-up. The third option is a stirring, when the state required blast yourself from the hips.

Massage technique

Now we will learn how to do massage for enlarge penis and what is the circuit procedures. The key to success is the right technique and regularity. The first coming in a different degree of difficulty, so you need to start with the easiest. When the muscles and tissues gradually adapt to the loads will increase.

I don't go for your massage, stress corrosion cracking, or during stress, a man must be relaxed and develop a positive mood. You can even turn on relaxing music.

A normal massage. The recommended duration of event – 3 months, repeat 5 consecutive days, then 2 days – a break. During the execution state must be in an excited state (but in full erection), fully greased with oil or lubricant. What you need to do:

  • You have to keep the body at the base of the thumb and index finger (as a sign of Ok), then gently swipe down, directing the penis of himself and a little pulling. Until the head touched the fingers must not dissolve them before
  • Now do the same with the other hand
  • Session duration – 10 minutes. If you have reached an erection, take a little break
penis enlargement methods

With each successive week, extend the duration of the massage, until it reaches 30 minutes. Thanks to him, you can learn to control ejaculation and prolong the duration of intimacy. To increase the size of the head, give pour into her blood, and then, press your hand for a few seconds. After that, slowly release allow to "rest" and repeat, holding already for a few seconds more. During the massage too 10 minutes, performing when conquered with the first.

Uli. The technique is designed specifically to increase the thickness of the penis. For the performance, you need to lubricate the beginning of baby cream or oil after a hug with one hand as close to the ground. Now press your hand, and hold this position for 30-60 seconds. The penis for this massage should be only slightly excited. Each piece is required to make 10 arrests. Make The best when the ordinary massage you can do so here and a couple of months, because untrained body can suffer.

In no way tug a member and don't make any sudden moves, while tightly hold your hand you have the floor. When you have learned the basic technique, you can add it to the existing bastion of dignity at the edge and at the same booking for 10 seconds. Deputising for the execution of works with the planet, to restore the circulation of blood.

Just for this technology has no contraindications as cardiovascular diseases, various infections of the genitourinary system and malfunctions, associated with them. Start the massage Uli should carefully, without haste, because this can lead to injury. Another variation would be considered double Uli, when, with one hand to hold the base, and the second is not idle, and keeps state for the head. Also, during make this work, you can repeat it a few Kegel exercises, which we will explain later.