The growth of the penis

Despite the lack of medical indications, some of these men want to increase the size of the penis, others are unhappy with volumes of authority, and still others believe that the correction is needed and this and other. In modern plastic surgery, there are several methods to resolve this issue.

That can of plastic?

the growth of the penis

Some people don't believe in the reality of penis surgery. This is due to a dominant position a different kind of "vacuum cheats" and sales of miraculous pills. As you can see, these tools are a pleasure to operate only in your imagination. Then, as you established yourself for a decade, working all over the world and plastic surgery can present the actual results.

How many inches can add the state of plastic surgery

Alone the surgery for the lengthening of the penis – it's simple. The point is that the penis initially 4-5 inches longer than what we see. This hidden part is located below the pubic bone. Keep the penis in a state of high suspensory one. The structure is such that, to stretch out, for the parcel for long time, hence, remains. Down. The duty of the physician is to loosen the bale, so as to release a hidden part of the penis. This is achieved by cutting the ligaments, which is then stretched. In this new situation, this "releases" the 3-5 inches of the penis.

How went the surgery

Heals chords quickly, painlessly, and if you keep them in the ' big ' situation for long enough, month two-three, then it is always insured in this position.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and takes less than 1 hour. Postoperative impressions about the same as if you sewed a big cut – some burns, and itching. Subject to all of the defined hygiene procedures healing process goes by quickly – within two or three weeks, no trace will be left.

After surgery the penis is worn a special device – dilution, in the postoperative plus 1-2,5 cm in length of the penis add even one and a half-two.

Dilution should not be worn all the time, and for a particular system, and you yourself can adjust the traction force. The main thing that it was very comfortable and felt easy pulling.

We're getting ready

If you are for the first time by the plastic surgeon, then, of course, you will need in advance to know how is the preparation for surgery and the same general process.

For a start it deals with the possibilities for the growth or thickening member. Then comes the delivery of exams: it is important to know, there are no in the body hidden inflammation, how high hemoglobin, can succeed if the heart with anesthesia and so on. List of tests include biochemical and clinical analysis of blood tests for AIDS, hepatitis b and c, the analysis of blood group and rh factor inspection, a qualified urologist, and other tests.

It is important to know under what diseases the surgery is not performed:

  • chronic infections?
  • cardiovascular diseases, diseases of the lungs, the kidneys, the liver;
  • diabetes mellitus.

If the results are consistent with the rule, is hereby appointed as the date of the transaction. As usual, there are christmas eve that is forbidden – in surgery you have to go with an empty stomach. In the postoperative period is not recommended reception alcohol, which is a bad influence on the restoration.

The surgery is performed under general anesthesia and lasts on average 1 hour. In this space is the intersection of the surface maintenance strings. The second, more powerful, and deep in the back of a package – slingshot – in the future, you will be responsible for maintaining state.

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Dissection maintenance strings. Lateral view.

  1. The head of the penis
  2. The supportive beam (lig.suspensorium penis)
  3. Interrupt vector strings
  4. The pubic symphysis
  5. Bladder
  6. The prostate gland
  7. Deep sling bundle (lig.fundiforme penis)

Thickening of the penis with natural volume

If you want to increase the volume of the penis will not draw cm for the account of the association. But there is another invasive procedure, which uses only the tissue of the body. The function is called "lipofilling of the penis".

Lipofilling penis ( penis widening)

Lipofilling state is the process of thickening of the penis, in which the fat with the help of the syringe and upper and lower hollow needle – cannulas – first pumped from a phase and then is pumped to another, forming extra volume. The adipose tissue is taken from those parts, where, as a rule, the excess: belly, hips, loins. Neat fence of adipose tissue painless and harmless, because the cannula has a special design with a round toe.

With the introduction in place of accumulation of adipose tissue, it pushes the blood vessels and nerves without hurting them. Under the influence of vacuum syringe fat cells to escape and is sucked into the syringe.

You will then be transferred to the right place and they are under the skin, forming new solid tumors of the penis.

Because adipose tissue belongs to the patient, rejection is not the case – it's a perfect give pleasure, does not cause unpleasant feelings.

There are several techniques thickening of the penis. For example, injection, introduction of a filler (gel), on the basis of which is hyaluronic acid. However, the result of these procedures is short-lived, lasts about 1 year. After which required repeated injections.

Lipofilling of the penis – it is absolutely natural method, the effect of which, in contrast to filling, is maintained throughout life.

How many inches can enlarge the penis in degree?

The penis after surgery you will become more thick 0.5-1.5 cm, because enough is enough. Fine holes sticking in the surgical bandage and heal quickly, so that there remains no trace.

The framework for censorship do not allow you to show photos before and after the change of the penis. However, comments of satisfied patients speak for themselves – you can read the relevant section on the website.

How long can you have sex after you change the penis?

After surgery, it is important to follow the advice of your doctor. After the change of the mission erection will remain the same, and in some cases even to improve. But it remains one of the main issues: how long is the abstinence after the surgery?

The body needs time for healing of post-surgical scars and the wounds, therefore, it is recommended to abstain from sex for 3 weeks with extension penis 4 weeks, when fattening, and within 1.5 months – when combining the two functions.

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During the first few weeks, you'll need to keep track of scars, change of bandage, in time to take antibiotics, if it is written to your doctor. Then, when the sex life will go down to normal, all restrictions can be removed.