The surgery to increase the male dignity

Hot topic between men and women – the length and thickness of the penis. Almost all the representatives of the strong sex sure that the giant bird is causing the admiration of the girls, the envy of his friends. But it's not all nature has endowed the sizes, that want to show off.

the growth of the penis

Plastic surgery is able to realize the dream in her life and "to give" reproductive organ the size required. But, the surgery involves certain risks, may lead to complications – are rare, they are relatively expensive – not every man can afford to be "fun".

With surgery can increase the length of the reproductive principle, to change the thickness of the in a big way. And, in severe cases, surgery helps in restoring the sexual beginning from the zero – placement of the prosthesis. The last option is more expensive.

How much is the operation to increase the penis, which costs will be prior to the surgery – examine on.

Surgery to increase penis

Before you sanctify the costs of the procedures for increasing the penis, to examine what kind of intervention is, what doctor should address and what are the indications for conducting a medical procedure.

The surgery increase virility is done for medical reasons, or according to most men. The testimony concerning innate/acquired the curvature of the phallus, disorders of the cardiovascular activity that has lead to impotence, micro penis – the size of the penis up to four inches in erection or maximum strength.

The intervention carried out in urban hospitals or private medical institutions. In hospitals one wishes of the patient is not enough, you need absolute evidence of the manipulation. Therefore, for men who wish to "break up" with a small penis, the only way a private clinic.

In modern medical institutions offer this kind of surgery:

  • Lipofilling for?
  • Muscle a transplant?
  • Denture.

Each clinic has the price for the services. Before surgery, the patient should be subjected to examination, to a plastic surgeon and rule out contraindications.

In the first visit, the doctor may direct the patient, how much does it cost the company – the price depends on how to participate in this.

Also the cost must activate the advice of a doctor – from the above qualifications, the more expensive download.

Lipofilling: features, processes and cost

In this process, resorting in these cases, when a man is not satisfied with the thickness of the reproductive principle. This method helps to "build up" the diameter of the penis. The essence of the process – port, lipid cells from one part of the body to the phallus. In some cases, the alternative fatty cells act in muscle tissue. But this option is fraught with complications – evolve into 80% clinical images.

In a negative ram manipulation involving a temporary result. The practice shows that for many years the cells are absorbed, with the result that the organ becomes the same thickness. So, the male must again refer the case either to live again with a thin penis.

Muscle transplantation provides the result for the rest of his life. But, as mentioned above, often leads to the development of complications. There is a certain risk that the graft won't work, then the steps are in vain.

For the cost of the procedure affected by the following factors:

the surgery for increasing the penis
  1. Type of health care.
  2. Pricing policy of the clinic.
  3. The geographic location.
  4. Qualifications operating dr.

How much is the operation to increase the penis? After the analysis of price lists for multiple clinics, we can say that the price varies from 1000 to 3500 thousands of dollars. This does not include the cost of printing, consult a doctor, the tests.

Cheaper to do surgery in small cities, the cost ranges from 500 to 900 dollars.

Surgeries and price penis

The essence of the process is – the doctor takes in support of the ligaments of the reproductive principle, removes them, directing a few more. Thanks to these actions it is possible to release the inner part of his manhood, with the result that it becomes more than a few inches.

A very imposing effect you don't have to wait. Many men have this wrong, that the surgery is a panacea to their cases. They believe that with the function, you can increase a member for five, maybe ten centimeters. But it is not so. In addition, the plastic surgeon nothing depends on it.

The result of the surgery depends on the how many centimeters it was hidden in men. With this success are the interventions, when the doctor increased the penis in the 2.5-3 cm. Therefore, the operation is performed in the access in these cases, when the male member is really small – 10 to 11 inches.

How much does it cost to increase penis? The price is determined by the following:

  • The cost of direct intervention in the selected clinic. Ranges from 300 to 1000 bucks?
  • Consultation with the doctor. The price ranges from 50 to 100 dollars?
  • Tests. The cost depends on the number, of the policy of price lab.

After the surgery the patient must wear extender – special device, which pulls the rug body. In some cases, this device is already included in the price of energy, and sometimes not. So, you need to spend money on advanced.

The price for the machine ranges from 100 to 400 dollars.

The cost of microsurgical muscle transplantation

Every modern clinic has a good reputation, offers an increase in the reproductive authority through microsurgical muscle transplantation. This operation is considered to be the most difficult of all, often leads to the development of negative consequences.

You should first consult your doctor. It is recommended to select carefully the clinic, to carefully study the existing testimonials on the Internet not only for her, but also specialists working in a medical institution. After surgery does not clinic, and directly the doctor.

Muscle graft can not be installed, which results in a need to remove it, you should carefully choose your doctor. Degraded operation can lead to the fact that the state ceases to stand or tissue necrosis.

Muscle organ transplant allows you to increase the length and thickness of the penis. Thanks to this process can be extended to genitals, 3-4 cm, and this is the best result, if you compare it with the surgery. The cost of the process of 1500-2500$.

Also the patient will have to pay for:

  1. Advanced tips by dr.
  2. The tests urine, blood.
  3. Research for venereal infections.

Before the surgery the patient needs to communicate with the anesthesiologist. As the rules, the opinion is included in the price the surgery. But in some clinics it can go to a private cheque.

Installation of the prosthesis, and the price of intervention

Denture they made in these cases, when the business does not make sense, since the function will not save the situation. Also the manipulation resort, when the man has total inability.

During the installation of the prosthesis of large expenditure. In the first place – the cost for the surgery. The process is complicated, it costs 4000 thousand dollars. Also, you will have to pay for the implants. There are different kinds. The most simple, cost about $ 1000. The most expensive of about 4000-5000$.

the cost of the penis

Definitely better than the ones that are more expensive, however, not every person can spend this amount of money to the clinic. Even the costs associated with the doctor's advice – your first appointment, secondary, reception etc.

Read more about the payment and the nuances you have to learn in clinic, which will be held surgery. The main thing – to ask the doctor theme. If there is any doubt about a medical institution, it is recommended to switch to another clinic.