How much is the operation to increase the penis

The process, which aims to increase sexual organ can compete with the most popular types of plastic. The tabloid press regularly writes about the many times increased state of well-known and very sexy actress or television personality, and fans wanting to take example images.

An experienced doctor knows that the penis has no generally accepted standard length, in this the right way to implement such an idea, like a small, medium or large. However, many men still aspire to similar surgery.

For them is not big enough the size of the penis is a problem, for the solution of which is ready to use and even painful surgical way, without thinking how much does it cost to increase penis.

the cost of operation to increase the penis

However, the money you need to pay serious and go for these measures should be only in extreme cases, when you have an urgent need. How much is the operation, which increases the bird? This depends on the used fashion. There are several, but in any case, the money, the patient will need a lot of. The following are considered varieties of such act, referred to the main characteristics and the estimated value.

How much is the operation to increase the penis?

The surgery lasts from 30 to 60 minutes and is strictly performed under general anesthesia. The cost of the correction is from 200 to 1100 euro.

The association of the penis during the intervention in question cut and more anatomically does not hold in the male body. This means, that the sizes increase due to the release of latent phase of the flesh.

The detoxification lasts up to three weeks. After you seam to be resolved and become completely invisible. After the exit, the patient should regularly come in sauces. In addition, it is recommended to wear dilution. Usually after the surgery, I experience physical discomfort. Does not affect responsible for the erection of vessels and muscles. As a whole remains potency.

Characteristics of implant and how much does it cost to increase penis with the help of

Installation of artificial denture is recommended as the representatives of the strong sex, which has serious problems, not only with the sizes of a penis, but with the power of. Many are reluctant intentions, but it seems the artificial part of the penis just like a real. The women usually even do not notice such a trick. Intervention in the body is quite important. Recover is long.

The price depends on the qualifications that make this job a surgeon and a lot of cost of the implant. How much does an increase of your penis so unusual method? About two thousand dollars for a implant and up to 5 thousand dollars for installation.

How much is the operation to increase the penis thickness?

Genitals, can become not only bigger but also thicker. Lipofilling increases the quantity of weight the same the fat cells. Will not have to wait long and very remarkable result, because fattening happen a maximum of 1 cm and after a while again it will disappear.

How much does it cost to increase penis, uploading in this part of the fat? About 80 thousand rubles. In some clinics, this number may be more. Pre-must necessarily consult with experts.

How much does the penis enlargement with the muscle of a transplant?

Surgical way to resolve the issue at hand, provides and winding penis part of the tissue, gently taken from the abdominal wall. Under general anesthesia will need to be up to three hours, and then the output from this should be big enough to abstain from sex.

How effective will be the result? Usually happens elongation in 3-5cm. How much does it cost to enlarge your penis in length? From 2000 to 4000 euro. This method is more expensive, but after you apply before you will not stand past difficulties.

the growth of the penis

Regardless of the selected type of intervention you will first need to find out how much it costs the surgery to increase the penis, it wasn't a serious blow for your financial situation.

If you see hosted on specialized video sites, then the above information will become clearer and clearer. Knowing how much it's worth to increase state surgical, everyone can choose the optimal way and to achieve the desired.