The current situation of the problem with the growth of the penis

The dimensions of the external genitalia all men are different. Some men are satisfied with the sizes, a lot of people, others are unhappy. The lack of reliable professional medical information creates wrong decisions male part of the population on standards in this area.

the growth of the penis

Currently, in relation to the sizes of the penis there are such concepts:

  1. Micropenis – if the length of the stretched penis is not more than 2 cm
  2. Small penis – penis with a length of less than 9.5 cm
  3. Normal penis – statistically the average size of 9.5 cm and more.

The length of the penis is closely co-exist with anthropometric characteristics of the men – a positive correlation was found with growth and a negative – weight men.

During the many global research in this field by the scientists, there was no relationship between the size of the penis in a flaccid state and in erection.

The dimensions of the penis it is necessary to measure 3-m options:

  • in a quiet
  • the maximum strength
  • during erection

The measurement is performed with the dorsal surface, from spuma pubis angle (angle formed by the base of the penis, and anterior abdominal wall) up to the edge of the head. Spuma pubis angle should be equal to 90 degrees.

Cosmetic surgery penis

The reasons for men who wish to enlarge penis:

  • increase self-esteem
  • increase of sexual attraction
  • improvement of sexual life
  • removal of the "complex locker room", reducing the sensation of tightness in the male companies

The main indication for growth of the penis or change its appearance is the desire of the patient. And the main goal urologists-surgeons who deal with this difficult jewelry work – to improve the quality of life of the patient.

However, patients should remember that all existing surgical techniques lead to a significant lengthening of the penis only in the quiescent state. The length of the penis in erection increases much less.

methods of increase of members

Penis enlargement method

All of the methods can be divided into vacuum, traction and surgical.

1. Vacuum method of penis enlargement – non-surgical method, consists in long-term gradual stretching authority. This method is still called method vacuum pump, giperestesia.

Vacuum pumps are manual and automated. In the latter case, the penis is placed in the tube, and around it is created negative pressure. The program for the elongation of the penis using a vacuum pump designed for 1 year. The first 16 weeks of sessions are carried out daily. Then – 1 3 times a day. The session lasts an average of 30 minutes.

The results showed, that patients, fully comply with the instructions and recommendations, have achieved the elongation of the penis by an average of 3 cm per year. The quality of erection, when this has not changed.

Today there is only one vacuum system, which is easy to use and does not gives side effects. In quality it is superior to all others, presented and advertised in the market. Items have been tested and approved by medical experts.

2. Tractu method method of penis enlargement – non-invasive, based on the principle of "stretching" of the tissues.

If certain parts of the body (fingers and toes, ear lobes, lips, neck, etc.) cnc continuous stretching, cells in the region begin to share, thereby increasing the volume of this fabric.

There are special devices – Extensions, which are made of plastic and silicone, which allow you to maintain cravings from 900-1800 g. It is easy to apply, is not visible under the clothes. To achieve the maximum effect, you should exercise traction daily, 8 hours a day for 12-20 weeks.

Negative points of penis:

  • you may experience pain at the beginning of the use of extender
  • application extender is limited in patients with diabetes mellitus, diseases of the liver and the blood.

Maximum elongation, which managed to reach patients, adhere to all the rules, is 2.5-3 inches you Have to remember that the greatest and lasting effect solvents have after surgery penis lengthening, if it is applied in the postoperative period.

3. Surgical methods of penis enlargement


  • medical (Peyronie's disease, epispadia, hypospadias, the impact of injuries)
  • operating (penis aging men, webbed, hidden or buried penis)
  • aesthetic indications (desire of the patient)
how to enlarge penis

"Traps" enlarge penis or what to be aware of the patient who wants to increase the penis:

  • you need to quit smoking, because the negative results are more commonly seen among the smokers – impaired wound healing, etc.?
  • no standard surgical techniques with guaranteed high efficiency
  • possibility of inconsistencies desired results valid?
  • the failure to increase glans of the penis, therefore, it is not excluded that the violation ratios of heads and the stem parts of the penis?
  • mandatory application of traction in the postoperative period?
  • the business for the growth of the penis leads to an improvement of sexual function and sexual opportunities?
  • the surgery for increasing the penis is not a cure of organic impotence?
  • as with any surgery, there are various kinds of complications. The risk in capable hands is kept to a minimum, which allows to recommend to perform these functions only in specialized centers, where there is sufficient experience, accumulated knowledge and developed technical trading.

Requirements for patient:

  • discipline – strict compliance with all recommendations of the doctor?
  • compliance with the hygiene?
  • continuation of active physical exercise should be prior discussed with your doctor and to allow the last?
  • continuation of sexual contacts will also need to be prior discussed with your doctor and to allow the last?
  • to completely eliminate the smoking.

Evaluation of the results of surgery is done on the basis of the following criteria:

  • the degree of elongation (maximum of 2.5-3 cm)?
  • uniform thickening of the penis?
  • in the absence of disorders of urination;
  • the lack of erectile dysfunction (if they were not there before the surgery);
  • the satisfaction of the patient.

Currently, it has designed the next concept, of the penis, who took the name "triple":

the growth of the penis surgery
  1. Surgery – the period of convalescence 2-5 weeks
  2. Attraction with the help of extender – for 3-6 months
  3. Use giperestezii (vacuum system) – for 6-12 months.

Exactly, when you use this technique of penis enlargement results more indicative.

The article brings an informative character. For any health problem – don't make sui diagnosis and consult your doctor!