How to increase the state soda: if it works this way

If you want to learn how to increase a member of soda, then probably you are experiencing discontent with the options of the sexual organ. If you are not ready to take drastic measures and to attend a plastic surgeon, pay attention to the conventional pop techniques that will help to make your penis somewhat longer and thicker, to get rid of psychological inhibitions and become more confident in yourself.

how to increase the member with baking soda

If it works this method

It is true that soda increases the bird? It's amazing, but it is really so. The substance is sodium bicarbonate, which dilutes the blood. This phenomenon has been a good help during the gym for the enlargement of the penis.

Fluid the blood in sufficient quantity is distributed in organs of the genitourinary system. When this substance does not allow to form dangerous clots – one of the complications that occur during the execution of the exercise.

It is very likely to increase state soda, however, you must have the correct use of this product, regularity in the application of and compliance with the safety instructions. When this method is different low cost and availability, because the products can be purchased at any store.

Useful properties of baking soda

Before you learn how to increase a member of soda, read useful properties of the substance.

Below are the basic useful properties of soda:

  1. Local irritation of the skin, which leads to activation of blood circulation and, consequently, in a temporary inflated state.
  2. Thanks to local improves erection of the penis, what is important for those who have a problem with the power.
  3. Interesting fact: some experts argue that mild irritation of the penis is an excellent prevention of diseases in the pelvic area.
  4. A rapid onset of effect. It is the appropriate option, if the appointment will take place in a few hours, and in the future – to enlarge your penis and to pleasantly surprise the partner.
  5. You can really increase the member of soda, and not resort to download is not very useful for tablets and radical surgery. Soda acts locally in the body, so it does not hurt the liver and other organs.
  6. Available price – another advantage soda, which helps to increase a member. The purchase can be any person, regardless of their economic capabilities.

Preparation for the process of increasing

Before proceeding to the growth of the state, you will need to advanced training.

how to increase the state baking soda ways

Here are some important tips:

  • Buy soda. It is good to do not saving, and to choose the most expensive option, without impurities.
  • Make sure that you do not have allergic reactions to soda before, how to put it in such a sensitive area, to increase a member. To do this wet phase at the bend of the elbow water and lay in it a small quantity of soda. In an hour's time, you can check the skin: if there is redness, itching and irritation, you can safely proceed to the experiment.
  • The genitals should be ready for treatment increase, i.e., it is recommended to steam in hot water. Make a compress of cloth or just under the shower.
  • Prepare additional items for the massage, with the aim of increasing (if required by the selected method for the growth of the penis).
  • For maximum comfort when growing stock up for the dry and wet sanitary napkins, which quickly remove the excess soda.

Instructions for increasing the penis soda

Here are some ways to increase a member:

  • Apply a state oil (better to use olive oil for a complete relaxation of the skin). After that, soda is applied to the surface of the reproductive principle to gently massage. The process to increase should be continued for a few minutes, after which the remains of the makeup, carefully washed with water, and in the area concerned shall apply moisturizing cream to prevent irritation.
  • In the vapor state in the bathroom – another effective way that helps immediately to enlarge the penis. Dissolve the baking soda (a tablespoon) in a litre of hot water. Place the bird in a container with the solution for about 15 minutes. After downloading this compact basin remnants of makeup rinse with water, after which, also, use a cream with moisturizing effect.
  • It is no less effective prescription penis soda – a mixture of powder with honey in equal proportions (also allows you to quickly increase genitals). Apply the resulting consistency on the surface of the penis, hold it for a few minutes and scrub with your hands. Interesting fact: the recipe can not only increase size, but also to increase the sensitivity of the head, therefore, apply before a romantic evening for better feeling during sexual intimacy. Useful tip: to achieve the effect of take natural honey in liquid form. Synthetic product with flavors will bring more harm than good.
how to increase a member of the baking soda techniques

There is another method: the soda is applied to the member, after which the genitals associated pump. The device is used in accordance with instructions (air is blown on the pump, left for a few minutes, after which it descends). Thanks to this advanced method, it is possible many times to improve the circulation of the blood in vessels, which means that the result will be even more intense.

If you want to achieve maximum comfort and increased, try to use the baking soda in hot water, taking a bath.

In this scenario, the soda will enhance the sensitivity of the head, and you can save time at the same time taking the treatment of water. In the bathroom, carefully pull the penis in the length, holding it with two fingers and moving towards the head. When you do this, you don't need to feel burning or pain, when discomfort, stop this process. Spa in the bathroom with the application of this food – a great way to ensure the good work of the blood vessels in the pelvic area.

A poultice of baking soda – another proven effective option for the growth of the penis. Prepare a solution (in a glass of warm water, a large spoon product). Dive into a gauze cloth to wet and wrap the penis, hold it for five minutes. So there you have it guaranteed will enlarge your penis!

Any results can be achieved

Now you know how to increase the male member with baking soda. With the regular use of one or more of the methods you can achieve the following:

  • Immediate increase in volume by 1-2 cm.
  • Increased sensitivity heads, which contributes to the satisfactory erection and intense orgasm.
  • Changing the settings, both in length and in thickness.
  • Regular vigorous movement of the blood in the urinary tract, which is the prevention of many inflammatory diseases.
You can use a favorite method of penis enlargement and soda, and you can alternate different approaches.

In order to achieve real growth of the penis, necessary to carry out the process on a daily basis. After exposure, the soda have to apply the skin softening tool with a relaxing effect. In two weeks, and similar operations to increase the state allowed to take a break.

The use of soda in

For the enhancement of the penis is allowed to take the baking soda in combination with other ways. In moderate quantities soda positive effect on the internal systems of the body. In some cases, insufficient dimensions of the genital organs and slow erection arise due to illnesses, occur without symptoms.

The regular consumption of soda to increase your gives you the opportunity to cleanse the body of toxins that cause inflammatory and infectious diseases.

Download soda must be in minimum amounts of: a quarter teaspoon twice a day between meals (recommended for the substance in liquid). If the body tolerate the baking soda, the amount can be increased to a small spoon.

Will affect whether the measure for the settings state, and will help you to grow up? Not directly. However, the use of soda in it will positively affect your health and your well-being, will help you to avoid inflammatory and infectious processes.

Note: if you have already there are bacterial or other diseases of the genitourinary system, the treatment should be similar medical medications and folk remedies for increase of a member, may only be used in accordance with the instructions of your doctor. In addition, soda is prohibited in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, digestive disorders and allergic reactions. When the pain in the abdomen, nausea, and heartburn, frequent seats you need as quickly as possible to stop the treatment and consult a specialist.

Precautions when using soda

How to enlarge penis with the help of soda? Acting is not only regularly, but also attention! In this case, you will achieve the desired sizes and to avoid complications. Follow the instructions, it requires to be observed in any representative of strong sex, my mind in a similar experiment:

how to increase the state baking soda gadgets
  • The sense of proportion – above all. It should not be abused soda for the member and rub it several times a day, otherwise you will get redness and severe burn.
  • If you have allergic reactions to it, or the other component, proceed very gently and for a start, apply the tool to a small area of the skin.
  • Do not use soda for damaged skin with cuts, abrasions, and inritant. In the opposite case of a failure in a state worse, and you will need the help of a doctor.
  • Don't rub the baking soda to increase too aggressive, try not to touch the heads and of the mucous membranes of the penis.
  • Do not use the expired product. Apart from futility, can cause adverse effects on skin and allergies. Do not use the tool suspect color with unpleasant odor.
  • If you have pathological abnormalities of the penis, such as techniques which are also prohibited.
  • Before we proceed to the act, to investigate the theory. In this help video, which described in detail the proportions, the process and other nuances.

Side effects

The most common side effects the following is applicable:

  • Allergic reactions (in rare cases in the application of the within occur severe forms of the serious swelling and inhibition of respiratory function, when it is the situation immediately called the immediate medical assistance).
  • A slight redness and swelling of the genital organs (the phenomenon is completely normal and subsides within half an hour).
  • Ingestion – emptying disorder, heartburn, flatulence and bloating area of the peritoneum.
  • Pain, burning of the penis (most often – mucosa).
  • Disorder of erection, problems with potency.
  • The pain during sexual intercourse.
  • In rare cases, the appearance of spider veins in the groin.
  • Damage can join a secondary infection, which is accompanied by rashes, purulent secretions and unpleasant sensations during urination.
how to increase the state of baking soda contraindications

Thus, the increase of the penis with the use of sodium bicarbonate is adjuvant and simple measure, however, this is only a temporary solution to the problem.

Even the most high-quality soda will not help to relatives pathologies in the area concerned, distortion or unusually small sizes of reproductive authority. In this scenario, it is recommended to pay attention to surgery with the professional plasticity.