Instructions for the growth of the penis with baking soda

It just so happened that most of the men strengthens the sizes of the penis. How many times, in spite of the penis has given you the desire for it was even a few inches longer? On the internet you can indefinitely watch different videos, in which he explains that the increase of the reproductive organ supposedly you can, using different special ointments, gels and creams. However, similar tools rarely help in fact, and they cost quite expensive. Therefore, more and more men are turning to this ancient method of the national, such as the growth of the penis soda.

how to increase the state food

The average dimensions

Medical statistics shows that vulgaris Russian has male working tool to a length of from 12 to 16 inches, that is the most normal, is not remarkable member here will body length of 14 cm and a diameter of 2.5-3 cm. With the help of this penis may well satisfy a woman and to conceive a child. However, a lot of men it seems that the penis is still very small, so it can propose an increase of the penis with baking soda.

It is scientifically proven that the size of the penis in men directly affects the mental state representative of the strong gender and self-esteem. Men who have a small dick, behave very aggressively, often a necessary property are very large cars or large aggressive dogs. A kind of a kind of payment.

Advance warning: before to increase your state of soda, prepare yourself mentally in what the girls, as often turns out in practice, I don't like it when men have a big penis. In bed the man, whose huge sex organ, you will probably cause the girl discomfort or pain, not to mention the absence of pleasure and comfort.

A big penis is good for lifting self-esteem, and is preferred when anal sex. If you decide for yourself, that the increase of the penis with the help of soda is crucial, and below you will find instructions on how to do this process in-depth.

We are increasing the state's right

The growth of the penis soda — thing is not new, it was a creature obviously not yesterday. Your father and your grandfather, you probably knew about this secret, and baking soda will always be there in every home in a box. Of course, I usually use it at all for penis enlargement, as well as for the work: cleaning of dishes, in baking, etc.

There are two common options apps soda, with the aim of increasing penis. You can try both, or the way you like more.

how to increase the member with baking soda
  1. Take a warm bath, to relax the penis and a little to the play, right? Take a teaspoon of baking soda, mix it with a teaspoon of olive oil or honey. The resulting mass should be applied at the state and massage in for five minutes. Then stop fouling and to rub genitals, give cream, just to be absorbed and to push directly for the increase. Rinse well with water all soda, cream of a member and prepare for the fact that his penis will start to grow. Also, this method helps you to extend the duration of the sexual act for 10-15 minutes.
  2. If you are not a very suitable provision, according to which we need to rub the penis soda cream, or, you may not have this conditions, there could always be different. The second method is easier to use than the first, and is also actually increases state. Take baking soda — a tablespoon in a glass of water. Must be fully dissolved in water. In the resulting liquid has to manhood in 10 minutes, but not more, and you will immediately see, such as soda affects the sizes of the penis. This method is easier and less costly by the year.

Whichever way you choose, do not forget that the soda only gives temporary effect. We recommend you to use soda for an hour or two before sexual intercourse, and then the penis, swollen and elongated, will delight you and the lady. With the help of a soda can to achieve an increase in the diameter, in average by 1 cm, and a length of the body is increased by 1-2 cm.

Pay special attention to machine glans of the penis: to a large extent, this depends on how much it changes the size of the penis.

You can check two ways, as it is really been tested for decades. See how that suits you the most, and make sure that it is true. Now you know how you can use baking soda to enlarge the penis.

Be careful and don't overdo it this way in any case! Frequent soda will lead to unpleasant consequences, and, probably, it will be very disappointing.

Even in spite of the potential harm, many men misuse the information. This may cause the following negative phenomena:

  • will be displayed wounds and abrasions, you'll get sick?
  • may develop an allergic reaction?
  • not excluded burning sensation and itching;
  • the abuse can even cause serious diseases such as cancer of the penis.

Doctors recommend to use this way no more often than once in six months, in exceptional cases, once in four months. A lot of men, literally crazy about the theme, how to enlarge penis, make a baking soda poultice much more often. It is the abuse make stable patients a qualified urologist, and because of that they are forced to spend money for expensive treatment.

Who don't you use soda?

Better to refrain from the use of this method following persons:

  1. Diabetics. Soda, even in small quantity, it is dangerous to affect the blood sugar.
  2. People with prostate problems and prostatitis, here and so it seems to be all right.
  3. Suffering from urethritis and cystitis. Soda — a powerful stimulus, that benefit certainly will not go.
  4. For those who have chewing gum or allergic dermatitis. Chewing gum generally quite a difficult disease, and soda will only aggravate the situation.

There are a lot of online reviews, dedicated to this subject as a whole and, in particular, what is the best soda don't use it. Also, there are many tips that says about who and how he uses the baking soda in the state, and, also, that the authority is going on.

A lot of reviews is dedicated cylinder in which a man directly in the camera, plaster the penis is in an excited state, a usual drinking soda, and reproductive organ growing before our eyes. Probably uses the video processing, because neither of which soda is the effect can't happen. State really in a short time will increase, if the anoint soda, but definitely not 5 cm and more.

how to increase the state food contraindications

Other good ways

Sometimes, you sleep and you see that a small penis is growing, and will satisfacere the girls, one after the other, like you're a hero, excellent porn, and she does it. After you wake up and realize that this is not over wet dreams. You can find the recipe, it really affects the growth of the penis? If we apply the soda, we understand that the effect is temporary, and unreliable. But if you use other, more effective ways, which would not increase only the state, but also prolong sex time, to especially not to worry.

Well, the following effective medicines, with stimulating inside, sold in shops, and can be purchased at a fairly reasonable price. With the market, you can buy yourself a big penis and the quality of the sex.

If you use these gels and solutions, it will automatically be after the question about how to excite the girl before sex. At a glance the immense dignity will be enough for you to the girl came to the enjoyment!

To sum up the above

Everyone for himself solves the issue, make the dimensions of the penis or not, and if there is a need to take any measures to enlarge the penis. Someone once drank means for the erection and increase the size of it, someone is thinking to start taking the drugs right now, but some people don't want to spend money on expensive medications and prefer the good old recipe — the baking soda, which, however, can and hurt. Now you know how to enlarge the penis and that to do this we need to do. Good luck and success in the world of sex!