Penis enlargement methods

No matter how many times men will say that "I don't need it, I'm just wondering", I still want to know ways for penis enlargement. In fact, there are two ways : the increase in the length or/and thickness. If and this is why you don't need to go under the knife, many men who want to gain the irreversible and permanent effect, choose the surgery.

Surgical penis

Is done through two processes, known under the general name of plastic. The functions include the removal of links, that connects him with the body. These strings are located in the interior of the body at the base of the abdomen. The partially-removed, to enable a member to tilt downward at the exit of the body stretching. For the prevention of the reduction of fasteners (and a reduction in the length of the penis after surgery) between the edges in places cutting is implanted soft cloth. The whole procedure lasts no more than two hours. If the operation is correct, the nerves have not been destroyed and the normal functioning of the penis will recover, although relations are prohibited during the twelve weeks after surgery.

how to enlarge penis

Enlarge penis in thickness requires the surgery in the torso, and it is achieved by transplantation of subcutaneous fat. The penis remove from the outer shell of the skin with the help of a notch in the base. The fat taken from the buttocks, inserted at intervals of tissue erectile tissue around the trunk, then the outer skin is worn, and is inserted into the fat. For this you need a man to be circumcised. Lasts three hours, and doctors recommend at some point to rule out the possibility of an erection, because it can dissolve the seams. After the surgery, the penis looks like a beating hammer, but for six months, you will get the normal appearance. A lot of men and their partner like the new. Great , although, as with any cosmetic surgery, in some cases of deformity and disappointment.

Non-surgical penis

Not every man will go under the knife to increase the size of the penis. However, there are non-surgical procedures and devices. Many of these used suction, stretching and even loads. Usually, this device does not allow you to achieve long-term change, but it can give the male a chance to make a good impression and to improve the appearance of genitalia, if you're worried about the size of their penis.