How to enlarge penis without surgery

The size of the penis - one of the most important issues that troubled the people since ancient times. Dimensions state play a role and women, the majority of them choose lovers with a powerful dignity. The sizes are important, and for men who are more confident they feel, if you can boast a big cock. You can as far as to say that size doesn't matter, however, the fact remains that men and women, if not obsessed with the size, remove them in your sexual life extremely important position.

the growth of the penis

Therefore, many men are looking for ways to increase the penis. even more so, that the choice of modes as it really is wide and varied. It is worth only to decide exactly what you want, in what time interval do you want to see the result, and the amount they are willing to spend, and you can easily find the one that suits you in all features.

For surgical interventions, such as fashion penis

Men unhappy with the size of the value of the lot. However, not all of them are willing to go under the scalpel. Even if in the beginning the prospect to get away from the narcosis with guaranteed increased state gets, with the sound of the collection, many refuse so tempting at first glance solutions.

If there are traps? Of course. The surgery for increasing the penis include cut links, introduction to the fabric state of the adipose tissue, which is alien to authority, and so on. All of these processes in conditions of modern medicine is unpredictable. It is likely that in the future the doctors can guarantee the end of time, but even today, there is the risk that the most impressive penis size stop to thank you and the partner erection.

Another point - the surgery is very expensive, and unpredictable, we can talk not just about the money in the air, but for more serious issues. To agree to pay the money for health problems in the future may not any sane person. Even more, that penis enlargement methods that are presented are not only surgery.

So, how to increase penis without surgery? Ways for many. You can, for example, to trust the manufacturers of medicinal products, which promise a result in the shortest possible time. The result will be, but it is unlikely to be like this, what you want. None of the submitted in the today's market of medicines will not increase your penis. Various herbs, herbal teas, can contribute to the development of cavernous - but the result will only be able to improve the overall health of the body. And then, only in this case, if you choose the right drug, which will not harm your health.

You can communicate in basic chinese, and tibetan medicine. In this case herbs and fees should be combined with breathing exercises with a special technique, with meditation. However, again, the result is not guaranteed. In addition, not every partner will be able to treat with understanding to the new way of life, the more that the result (if such will be), it would be perceived. within a few years.

If there are other ways for penis enlargement, in addition to dubious tablets and less drastic types of breathing exercises? It can be used for massage. Just a few years the daily massage, and you will notice that your penis will grow to a couple inches. It's not impressive?

Then, you need to pay attention to another way of non-surgical penis - mechanical units. In fact, when replying to a question, how to increase penis without surgery, the use of mechanical units is the best choice. For the sake of justice, it is worth noting that not all of the mechanical devices, designed to increase the size of the penis, boasts of security and ease of use, therefore, for the selection of similar units need to be very carefully. One of the most popular, sought-after products of today's modern models solvents.

penis enlargement methods

The advantages of solvent can be attributed to:

  1. low cost?
  2. relatively quick result?
  3. high efficiency (you can increase the size of the penis in 2-5 cm)?
  4. the ability to increase the volume of penis?
  5. irrevocable results?
  6. absolute security applications.

Only a few hours of easy wear and tear of the device in a day, and already after two weeks you and your partner are able to rate impressive results. How to enlarge penis without surgery? It's very simple, you just have to buy dilution, which, being a perfectly safe device, it will increase the penis, releasing the man from complexes, feelings of uncertainty in the bed, making the sexual life and sexual partner's life more vibrant, colorful, happy.

Way for the temporary enlargement of the penis

Another way to increase the penis ( not temporary! ) is a application vacuum pumps, which have been developed as a therapeutic agent for the treatment of blood stagnation in the pelvis. The device causes the blood flow and stimulate the acceleration of metabolism in the tissues. According to the survey, using a vacuum pump helps to restore potency in 90% of cases, while in 80% – increased natural erection. All water pump vacuum are divided into two categories: manual and mechanical. Manual pumps represent a roller with sealer and manual pump, through which a vacuum is created in the volume of the cylinder. In mechanical models the bottle has a special vibrator that is powered by batteries.

The action of the device lies in the stimulation of blood flow to the genitals, to create an account with the pump depletion of the vacuum. This helps in increasing the size and sensitivity of the penis. Cloth saturated with oxygen, improves blood circulation throughout the body, which is favourable reflected on the health of men. Many use vacuum water pump for committing some sexual acts in succession. To do this after the first ejaculation need to spread state of a lubricant and place it in a water pump vacuum. Wearing the special ring, evacuate the air, after a few minutes the man was ready for the re sex.

Indications for use vacuum pump:

  • The weakening of an erection?
  • Psychological impotence?
  • Impotence develops due to various diseases.
how to enlarge penis

Especially, the demand is such a way to increase the penis in men over 40 years of age or those who are engaged in heavy physical work. During operation of the device should not be felt discomfort. Effect of vacuum must be proportional, as recommended in the technical duration of the effects of the vacuum can cause swelling of the tissues of the penis, and small hemorrhages. For effective use of your device, and may periodically reduce or increase the gap. To create as big as the gap may be only at the end of the process. As a precautionary device is recommended for use in men of any age category, not living a regular sexual life. The choice of the optimal method of decompression in the treatment of sexual disorders should be agreed with your doctor. Contraindications to the use of vacuum pumps is unknown.